Skinner West Classical vs. Pritzker RGC

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      Need guidance –

      Going in 2nd grade.

      Skinner West Classical vs. Pritzker RGC?

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      Hi – My daughter is a rising 3rd grader in Pritzker’s gifted program, and she has been enrolled since kindergarten.  Overall, we like the program a lot and my daughter is very happy.  The LSC is strong, but in my opinion the principal leaves something to be desired.  I will also say that 2nd grade was less than ideal because it was the teacher’s first year teaching, so there were understandably some bumps along the way.  Hopefully things will be a bit more streamlined and organized for the future 2nd grade cohorts.  Happy to answer any other questions you may have about the program.

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      @RS which did you end up taking?  We are in Skinner West classical incoming 2nd grade. We moved to the program in fall ’19

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