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      Let’s get 2019 rolling:

      Applied to kindergarten, neighborhood school is Nettelhorst which we’re happy about but would’ve loved to get into Hawthorne.

      Hawthorne – proximity – waitlist 49 (any chance?)

      LaSalle – tier 4 – waitlist 63

      Agassiz – general – waitlist 218

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      Oh, yelp, we didn’t get any offers.  I’m not sure what the chances are, getting into a Magnet vs. Magnet Cluster vs. Open Enrollment School off the waitlist…  I’m not listing anything where we were over 200 on the waitlist!!


      Alcott  (OE) 39

      Audubon (Magnet Cluster) 95

      Brentano  (OE) 24

      Burr  (Magnet Cluster) 40

      Disney II (Magnet Tier 3)  133

      Hamilton (Magnet Cluster) 93

      Hawthorne (Magnet) 135

      LaSalle II (Magnet Tier 3) 24   [… will that get us in??]

      Pulaski (Magnet Cluster) 108


      Any thoughts are welcome.  Thanks!


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        My daughter was #14 for Kindergarten several years ago (she’s going into 5th now at a private school) and got an offer a few days after school began. We were tier 3 then.

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          Sorry – for LII!

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        Update:  We’ve gotten two offers, out of the 18 waitlists:  Burr and Alcott.  We accepted at Alcott.

        The only other school that we might be in range of is LaSalle II, where we are at #8, and we intend to stay on that waitlist and see what happens.  My family really liked Prescott despite their having no foreign language offering, but looking at the waitlist there’s no chance of that happening.

        By the way — surprisingly, there seems to have been no movement at all on the Brentano waitlist, where we’ve stayed at #24 this whole time.

        Good luck to all.

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          Molly Tebbe

          Good Morning!

          We accepted a spot to Algott as well, but we are in wicker (damen/potomac) and it would be very inconvenient. I noticed you had some of the same schools on your list as me and didn’t know if you knew of any bus service offered from wicker to Lincoln Park. Our son will start kindergarten in the fall.



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            Hi Molly, it’s funny but the day we were accepted I zipped over to Alcott after work because it was their “Fine Arts Night,” and I happened to talk to a family who brings their kids over to Alcott from Humboldt Park.  That’s a little farther than where we live (Logan/Hermosa).  I felt really uplifted by their encouragement — first, their enthusiasm and love for the school, and second, the way they downplayed the commute.  For them, the commute was typically 20 – 25 minutes, and I’m sure they meant by car.

            For our family, my husband would be driving to drop off our son or pick him up, and I really feel like the driving trip is okay.

            However, when I would be going to Alcott or when my mom will be (she’s in Avondale) we’d need to take public transport.  I’ve already done a trial run on the bus from our home to Alcott and then to work in the morning, and back up to Alcott on the train in the evening and home from there.  I don’t think the morning commute will be bad by public transport — it seems like traffic is such I can get there walking and taking the bus in less than a half hour.  The tough part would be if I were taking the bus home with our son during rush hour, same route as the morning, but in evening traffic it could take closer to an hour!  Of course, if you don’t have to travel during rush hour — if you can travel between when school lets out at 2:30 or so and 4:30, let’s say — taking the bus wouldn’t be bad at all.

            I’d map it on Google and see what you come up with.  I’d be mostly taking the Fullerton bus to and from our house with some walking.  You’d have to do a combination of an east/west bus and a north/south bus… It looks like the North Ave bus and Halsted bus would do it.

            For us, the bottom line is, it’s a great school.  I loved the tour, love the academic programs and rigor (science! geometry! Mandarin!), strong approach to social/emotional learning, such pretty grounds, really articulate Vice Principal, lots of student and parent input.  We’re going to go for it.  Of course, we don’t want to spend too much quality time commuting and if this is just too onerous, we may need to reevaluate next year.  And, if we get into LaSalle II yet during this lottery process, we may have to make a tough decision — but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



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      Tier 2, PK-3, WL #7 at Drummond 🙏🏼 Any anectdotal hopeful stories out there?

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        we’re #11 on the drummond pk3 wait list (proximity)… the messages from last year on this thread don’t seem optimistic about drummond, but I was told someone who was #9 on the Suder pk3 list last year got in just before the school year started.

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          Gah. I’d bet that Drummond moves less than Suder. This is almost worst than being #999 because then we could just forget about it and move on.

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          We’re #12 on the Suder pk3 wait list. kmf’s post gives me a little hope. Sigh.

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      Was he originally WL’d at Drummond? How do you like it? My son is #7 so I’m not too hopeful, but trying to keep the faith!

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        He was accepted from the beginning. Last year, I believe something around 22 spots (I can’t recall exactly) out of the available 36 PreK3 spots (at Drummond) were given to siblings which means they only accepted around 14 non-sibling kids total. I doubt the waitlist moved, if, at all.

        Suder seemed to move much more.

        I wonder how many siblings spots were used this year.

        Sorry, wish I had better odds to tell you.


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      These are my guesses…For fun

      Alcott  (OE) 39 – Maybe/Yes

      Audubon (Magnet Cluster) 95

      Brentano  (OE) 24- Yes

      Burr  (Magnet Cluster) 40- Yes

      Disney II (Magnet Tier 3)  133- not sure

      Hamilton (Magnet Cluster) 93- No

      Hawthorne (Magnet) 135- No

      LaSalle II (Magnet Tier 3) 24  [… will that get us in??]- Yes

      Pulaski (Magnet Cluster) 108- probably

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        Thanks, 3X and Yesto.  It’s hard to knuckle down and wait.  We would love to get in to LII, it sounds like maybe we’re a little high, but I will have my fingers crossed.

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      Applied for Kindergarten.

      Goethe – offered and accepted

      Talcott – offered and declined

      Waitlists at other schools we like:

      LaSalle II – 41

      Pritzker – 194

      Pulaski – 24

      Columbus – 101

      Mitchell – 20

      Jackson – 25

      Also got decent waitlist positions at Ogden (#9) and Coonley (#20) but those would be tough logistically.

      Any Goethe parents out there?? Would you recommend?


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      SL Mom

      For 5th Grade, waitlisted:

      Hawthorn 35

      Ogden 43

      Galileo 52

      Do we have a chance?


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      Mom of two

      For selective enrollment, is there any way to find out where we stand once we decline our seat? My son was accepted at Bronzeville classical but wished he was accepted at our first choice. Any thoughts?

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        NTA Mom

        Unfortunately, there’s no way. Logistically, after kids accept or decline first round, everyone gets reshuffled depending on people’s scores and second choices, so any “waitlist number” given now would be completely irrelevant after the first round offers close.

        If you tell us your kid’s scores and the other schools at your list, we can guess at his/her chances solely based on previous years’ numbers.

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      New K Dad

      DRUMMOND – Magnet: Waitlist General 28

      Any idea what the chances are my 5 year old will get an offer for kindergarten at Drummond from number 28, General? Thanks!

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        jen W

        @New K Dad — Just my experience. ..Drummond  in 2017 for PK-3 we were 22..proximity. No call.  Last we tried again for 2018.. PK-4 We were +100 waitlist general. Again no call

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          New K Dad

          Thanks so much for the info 🙂

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      our results for 1st grade:

      suder- offered


      drummond general waitlist- 6

      agassiz general waitlist- 8

      hamilton general waitlist- 12

      waters general waitlist- 18

      blaine general waitlist- 67

      mayer general waitlist- 90

      ravenswood general waitlist- 94


      we’re going to accept at suder, but hoping for an offer anywhere else. we liked suder a lot, but were hoping to live closer to school and have more of a neighborhood community.

      i feel like agassiz is probably our best shot based on the numbers and what i’ve heard about waitlist movement in the past.



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      jen W






      Burley 34-General-. Odds?

      Franklin -9 Tier 4

      Lincoln – 1 General

      Alcott – 50***

      Anyone with stories about waitlist odds for Burley or Alcott?

      Also thoughts on Agassiz  or Goethe?

      Or insights on any of these schools?

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        Hi Jen W — I don’t have experience, but have thoughts on Alcott…

        First:  It seems like a wonderful school.  I was very impressed with their Mandarin program which seems much more focused on real fluency than some other school’s language programs.  And I was deeply impressed by the Assistant Principal we heard speak, and the classrooms we saw.  I saw signs of consistent organization, student work, lots of color, student involvement, community and parental investment, rigor in curriculum — including a dedicated science class starting in kindergarten.  Well, overall, top notch.

        Second:  When we toured the school earlier in April, I wandered into a room with two other families from the tour.  Both families weren’t in the boundary, but planned to move in.

        My guess is —

        1.  There won’t be a lot of waitlist movement, because most folks will accept Alcott’s initial offer, unless they prefer a school on a SEES track.

        2.  There won’t be a lot of waitlist movement, because Alcott will fill up from families within its boundaries, especially because some people will move into the boundary just to get into Alcott.

        These thoughts make me sad, but with a flicker of unquenchable hope, because we too hope to get into Alcott off the waitlist.

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      For 1st Grade…

      Disney – 56

      Disney II – 6

      Galileo – 30

      Newberry – 47

      Curious if any of you know if the Disney II waiting list has historically moved for 1st Grade?

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      I received a robo-message from CPS today saying that we are no longer eligible to apply for Oscar Mayer (prek) due to restructuring.  I assume it had to do with that article posted last year about how they were only accepting the neighborhood rich kids.  I couldn’t find any recent news on this.  Does anyone have any information?



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      Lots of good information here: http://mayermagnet.org/lsc/inspector-general-report/

      There is a Community Forum with CPS Leadership
      Thursday, April 25th, 2019 at 6:30pm @ Mayer Gymnasium

      “Please join us for a Community Forum with CPS Chief of Education LaTanya McDade to discuss the Chicago Board of Education’s Inspector General report regarding Mayer’s programming.  We will have a brief presentation followed by a Q&A session.”

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      We got an offer from Decatur, but also two #1 spots on the general waitlist (for first grade) from schools that were very interested in

      Ravenswood #1 General

      Lincoln #1 General

      My kiddo went to preschool at Ravenswood and I know they had huge kindergarten classes this year so I’m not optimistic.

      Any way to see if there’s been movement on waitlists for either of these schools in the last few years? We enrolled my kiddo in a private school for Kindergarten but I really don’t think it’s a long term option for us, so I’m looking to transition him to a CPS school. My partner works in Lincoln Park so that school is particularly convenient, but I’m thinking they don’t have many, if any, spots for children outside their boundaries.

      Thanks in advance for any insight!

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        jen W


        Wait my listing states waitlist for lincoln as 1 General. Are there multiple #1?  on the waitlist?



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          jen W

          Sorry.. we are kindergarten.

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            yeah, I saw your post and I got confused too and then realized it was another grade. Lol.

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          Has there been any movement at Lincoln, for any grades?

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        Hi Kelly,

        I saw you mentioned you got an offer from Decatur. May I ask your scores? Our twins also for 1st grade – one got an offer from Decatur and one not. My daughter’s scores are 98 in reading and 94 in math. We are desperately seeking information if there is any possibility that she can get an offer in later rounds. Otherwise the commute would kill us with two kids going to schools in two directions. We may have to turn down Decatur for my son. Thank you so much!

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          Certainly. My son got a 99 in reading and a 98 in math.

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      Jamie C Tapia

      Greeley and Jahn – offered

      Blaine – 30

      Newberry – 9

      Agassiz – 6

      Lasalle II – 33

      Results for my soon to be kindergartener – I’m not from this state so no idea how/whys of this system.  Applied for schools nearby as I’ve witnessed violence at our neighborhood school.  When do we hear about waitlisted schools? Anyone with a kid at Jahn or Greeley?


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        My daughter is #9 at Newberry too! lol

        What the …..

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          different grade?

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            Newberry is a magnet school and for the K entry year, there can be up to 6 waitlists: Sibling, Proximity, Tiers 1-4 (each).  Then for upper attrition years they only have Sibling & General waitlists.

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            Different grade. Just realized. 🙂

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              Jamie C Tapia

              Just got offered Agassiz and Newberry as well.  They seem like way different schools… my kids’ preschool teach said he is gifted mathematically for his age… so Newberry would be a better choice, right?  Any Newberry parents out there?

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      My kids are presently at a rapidly declining charter school, and I am jumping ship.

      My son was offered a spot in NTA’s gifted program, so thank goodness, that is a go!

      My daughter has no offers, but her waitlist numbers are pretty good (I hope). I went to LaSalle so I’m really biased, but they both started in montessori for PK and K, so I would be great with Drummond too.

      Any feedback/experience would be greatly appreciated! (Tier 3/outside neighborhood of all of these schools)

      * Drummond: #4  <— Will this happen???

      * Newberry: #9

      * Ogden: #28

      * Pritzker: #30

      * LaSalle: #32  <—- Could this possibly happen?

      * LaSalle II: #44


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        My daughter is going into 2nd grade.

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      Hi, based on what I’ve heard from other parents at that school – I have a 3rd grader there, a 49th at Hawthorne is unlikely. 🙁

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      Disney – offered

      Lasalle – 12 (Tier 4)

      Ogden – 13  (General)

      Disney II – 11 (Tier 4)

      Jackson A – 83 (Tier 4)

      we live far from Disney but may accept there. What are our chances for LaSalle or Ogden though?

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      My son is going into K

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      Currently have my kindergartener at LaSalle 2. We LOVE it. Amazing school. Lmk if anyone has any questions on LaSalle 2. We were number 70/80ish last year, and didn’t get moved up until about a week or two before school started.

      pre-k 4 results are:

      Drummond-356 general

      inter-American-5 tiene 2E

      suder-137 general

      would have preferred Suder or Drummond because they’re closer to LaSalle 2. Will be withdrawing from inter-American waitlist. Logistically it doesn’t work.

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        Hi Mamade2!  Thanks for the information about the LaSalle II waitlist.  You said you were at 70/80… What Tier was that?

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          I can’t remember which tier this was. We were living super far south at the time. So definitely not proximity.

          After the waitlist opened up we were moved to 16. Then got a call about 2 weeks before the new school year started. Immediately jumped at the opportunity. We were going to do Galileo, but Lasalle just seemed to offer more.

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        I love BOTH LaSalle and LaSalle II.

        This gives me great hope!

        #80ish and still got a call! Wow!

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        Hi Mamade2 ,we are currently in PreK  at La SalleII and loving it too.It is our parameters school , but waitlisted to 194 place…Im only hoping for a miracle.

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      I am doing lots of back and forth over our options for 1st grade next year.

      We were offered Nettelhorst

      Wait list:

      Andrew Jackson #10

      Skinner #12


      Burr #51

      Disney #30

      South loop #1

      Inter- American #42

      Pritzker# 15

      I listed these in order of preference as well, since were #1 for south loop I would probably choose them over Nettelhorst just because of logistics, but does anyone have any insight on how the top three list are moving? Why is this such a pain in the butt?

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        Hi there! Have you seen much movement on your schools? We have a similar list for first grade.  We are currently #8 at Nettlehorst so we toured today.  They said they won’t be taking wait list for first grade because they are merging 4 current kindergarten classes into 3.  That was odd to me because we started out at #16 and are now #8.  So perhaps those 8 declined and that’s why we are now 8.   Ugh. So confusing!  No other offers for us…(#5 for Burt, however).

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          Our son did K at Nettelhorst and will be in the 1st grade class next year… happy to chat if you have any questions!  (We also have one starting fourth grade there)

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      We applied for Kindergarten and did not receive any offer. The two single-digit waitlist positions are:

      Mark Sheridan – Tier 4 #6

      Suder – #9

      Are either of these likely to materialize? Sheridan looks great from the web. Any parent with first hand experience?


      thank you!

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        Proud Dad

        We applied to Sheridan for Kindergarten last year and were waitlisted at #3 on the Tier 4 list. We ended up getting an offer during Round 2. I think its possible you get an offer for Sheridan being #6 on the list. Good luck!

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          thank you!

          If you don’t mind sharing, Do you recall approximately when you received the offer? Was it in May or June?

          How do you and your child like Sheridan so far?

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            Proud Dad

            We declined the offer because my child got another offer from a SEES that we felt was a better fit. We got the offer about a week after they started offering seats to students on the waitlist. I’m not sure exactly when it was, but it had to be sometime around the middle of May last year.

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              Thank you! This is super helpful

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        Re: Suder. We declined kindergarten spots for our twins because logistically Suder would be very hard for us.  So, if you were #9 – now you are #7!

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      Entering K, offers or decent waitlist positions (less than 15) at the following schools and interested in thoughts/experiences/recommendations about any of them:



      LaSalle II

      Von Linne


      please offer any advice. We’re all ears.

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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Currently have a kindergartener at Lasalle II. It’s great. He’s learning Mandurin, kindness is emphasized, already reading too.</p>
        I can’t wait for him to go to China in 8th grade (might be 7th grade, can’t quite remember).

        8th Graders got into a lot of really good high schools this year too.


        They have 4 languages to choose from, and the kids stick to that language throughout elementary. The parents are VERY involved. I’m super happy with the school.


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          Thanks mamade2!  We are planning to attend an open house for them since it sounds like a great option 🙂

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        Have you toured Linne?  We were impressed with its Spanish “immersion” program — not bilingual, but actually dual, where classes are taught in Spanish, while Spanish and English language are taught.

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          Hi Vmom,

          Yes, we did do a tour at Linne as well. There’s so much to consider!


          Thanks for your input!

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      Hello! My daughter is entering first grade in the Fall.

      We were offered a spot at Pritzker (accepted for now) and are waitlisted elsewhere:

      South Loop General #63

      Drummond General #23

      Suder General #10

      Mayer General #6

      In short, We’re going to move closer to whichever school we choose/get into.

      I understand no one has gotten into Mayer from outside its boundaries in a long time. But DANG, the condos around Mayer are insanely expensive.

      Our preferences: She went to Montessori pre-school and it was awesome for her. We also want to reduce our commutes, even if it means living in a small place. We might just move to South Loop elementary because of our jobs (I work in Hyde Park and my husband works in River North).

      Anyone have any thoughts about Pritzker vs. Mayer vs. South Loop?

      Many thanks!

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        we are Suder General #9 and just received the call. Just wanted to let you know since you are next in line.


        best of luck!

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      Can anyone speak to Suder and it’s low ratings on GreatSchools? Why has it not improved it’s scores as Drummond and Mayer have? Is there an explanation?


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      Hi!  I noticed you posted in this 2018 forum.  I think try posting here instead:  https://chicagoschooloptions.com/forums/topic/spring-2019-es-lottery-results/

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      Would love your opinions on

      STEM magnet vs Mark Sheridan

      STEM seems to have better facilities and better scores and is situated in a (for a lack of a better word) safer area. However, reviews of STEM seems really down on its leadership.

      The opposite is true for Sheridan: older main building, slightly worse scores (niche and great school) . However, students and parents seem to love the school and its staff, especially its principal.

      Between the two, which would you recommends?

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      I’m not sure if anyone has any insight on these possibilities, as none of the schools I selected for my soon-to-be kindergartner are among the general lists of inquiry seen on this comment board. He got waitlisted for everything but the schools I’m curious about are:

      Ray (41)

      South Loop Academy (34)

      Haines (34)

      We’re in Tier 3. I guess I’m trying to figure out if it’s pointless to even think that anything will open up for those schools at that level on the waitlist. I had really hoped to do CPS but he didn’t get any offers for the selective enrollment schools, so of the schools that remain, the three above are the only ones where his waitlist number isn’t too horrible and that wouldn’t totally wreck our lives in terms of a commute (traveling past Roosevelt Road for school just isn’t practical for our family).

      Any thoughts on those numbers (or programs if anyone has any up-to-date information)? Thanks in advance. This system is so overwhelming.

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      SchoolMint is saying that “Application Results are not Currently Ready for Review.”  It’s not just me, right?  Is this because they’re shuffling after May 6th decisions were due?


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        Not just you. I believe so, it should be back up with updated wait list numbers today.

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      Application Results are already available. No movement for us at all 🙁

      For Kindergarten

      STEM – Magnet  Tier 4  #4

      JACKSON A – Magnet Tier 4  #14

      LASALLE – Magnet Tier 4  #14

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        No movement for us either, not a budge.  But this is the long game, right?  There won’t be movement at some places until the fall.

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        Has anyone seen movement?  None of the ones on our list of 18 moved even one place.  Seems unlikely.

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      Also no movement for us, out of 19 schools, this is so unlikely, but this is for 2nd grade.

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      It’s more likely that CPS is just being CPS, and we will get an update days after the update had happened.

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      We went through the CPS lottery process last year for KG, and the waitlist numbers do not get updated online regularly. I think they were updated in the gocps website maybe 2 times between when initial results came out and August. Maybe they’ll do more updates this year, but it doesn’t sound like it so far. If you are really curious about where you stand with a particular school, you might try calling and asking where they are on their waitlist for your tier. You may get more “real time” results that way.

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        Very helpful information. Thank you!

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      got our first waitlist call this morning.

      we are going into 1st grade….accepted an initial offer to suder, but was offered agassiz just now. we were general waitlist #8. not sure what we’re going to do, but we have 48 hours to decide.

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        (at the moment we are leaning towards sticking with suder)

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      What number does the caller ID show when they call?

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      When we got calls off a waitlist last year, it usually showed that school’s phone #, and a live person (i.e. school clerk) made the call. The waitlist offer would post the next business day at 8AM in gocps, and we’d have 48 business hours from then to accept or decline in gocps. Soon after the waitlist offer posted online, we’d also get a robocall (# is something like 773-553-5700) and email saying to check gocps because there was a change in our waitlist status at a school we had listed. If you know for sure that you don’t want an offer, I would suggest declining it without waiting the full 48 hours so that the school can move down its waitlist to someone else. It’s the nice thing to do.

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      it was a robo-call from a CPS number (i googled it as it was ringing. i have a NY based phone #)


      there was no talking to a human involved, it was a pre-recorded message saying the waitlist status of one of the schools on my list had changed and that i needed to log in to the website to check it and that i had 48 hours to accept or decline.

      while the call was happening, i got an email that basically said the same exact thing. i had to check the website to see what school it was. none of the waitlist numbers (including the school i got the new offer from) had changed from what they were originally.

      hope that helps!

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      I have twins daughters.  Both we offered Mitchell and one of them just got offered LaSalle Language.  Our other daughter is next on the wait list for Tier 4 for LaSalle and I am so conflicted about what to do!  Do we decline LaSalle or accept and hope for the best?

      1 MITCHELL – Open Enrollment Offered n/a n/a Accepted
      1 LASALLE – Magnet Offered Tier 4

      SKINNER – Magnet Cluster General 69

      LINCOLN – Open Enrollment General 136

      ALCOTT ES – Open Enrollment General 307

      PRESCOTT – Open Enrollment General 321

      OGDEN ES – Open Enrollment General 213

      BURR – Magnet Cluster General 395

      STEM – Magnet Tier 4 123

      DRUMMOND – Magnet General 451

      LASALLE II – Magnet Proximity 58

      NEWBERRY – Magnet Proximity 27

      NATIONAL TEACHERS – Open Enrollment General 195

      MAYER – Magnet with Boundary General 409

      BURLEY – Magnet Cluster General 285

      COLUMBUS – Open Enrollment General 8

      GOETHE – Open Enrollment General 57

      PULASKI – Magnet Cluster General 70

      NETTELHORST – Magnet Cluster General 208

      PRITZKER – Magnet Cluster General 57

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        Mitchell is a very good school and it sounds like it’s your neighborhood school. Small school with a more intimate, neighborhood feel. Why not just send your kids to the amazing school that’s close and decline all other offers?

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          @FatherOfDragons It’s not our neighborhood school.  Our neighborhood school is Lozano.  We are going to go with LaSalle and open up those two spots at Mitchell for people on the wait list.

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            @Jeanine… wow! I’m pretty shocked (and hopeful) that you were able to get into Mitchell. On our tour we were told that no one got in from the general waitlist last year. I assumed that meant no one from outside the neighborhood was accepted last year (could be a poor assumption). I feel like I’ve seen a unicorn!

            Congrats on your decision!

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      Called South loop earlier because my son was number 1 on the general wait list for 1ST grade, and we hadn’t heard anything. The clerk said that they aren’t pulling any kids from the wait list this year per their assistant principal, but would call if anything changes.

      • #9767 Reply


    • #9770 Reply

      Anyone get a call from Brentano? What was your waitlist number?

      • #9845 Reply

        EBrown, any change for you on the Brentano list?  We were at #24, and still are at #24.

    • #9771 Reply

      Posting for those interested in progress on waitlists….

      Was 11 on Proximity waitlist at Sabin. Received an offer today.

      Anyone else have waitlist offer updates? In the absence of CPS updating their site, I believe this blog may be the best source for how waitlists are progressing…

      • #9772 Reply

        Was 3rd on Tier 3, Kindergarten, at Franklin and received a call from the school yesterday, and then the CPS notifications via email and two phone messages to check GoCPS. Other waitlists seemed unchanged. Declined the offer, as we’ll stick with our original choice.

        • #9773 Reply

          Thanks for the feedback, Drida!

          Anyone else?

    • #9774 Reply

      I just got an email from CPS and it says every Monday waitlist offers will be updated. That is a major improvement over last years experience.

    • #9775 Reply

      Hello!  We are waitlisted for every every school we applied for my rising first grader.  Our lowest numbers are 6, 16 and 23.  From what I understand, for first grade and beyond the waitlists are separated by tiers.  Is that correct? So, after any sibling preference, if we are #6, we are truly #6? Or are we really #18 or beyond if we are #6.


      • #9776 Reply

        For Non-entry years, it should be listed as a “general” waitlist so your waitlist number is for any opening in that grade. Tiers are only applicable to entry years of magnet or selective enrollment (citywide) programs.  Tiers do not come in to play for neighborhood, magnet cluster or open enrollment spots, just a general waitlist (but siblings and sometimes staff do have their own lists).

        • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by chicagoschooloptions.
        • #9780 Reply

          Thank you!


      • #9777 Reply

        I believe it depends on the type of school. I believe Open Enrollment and Magnet Cluster schools only have a general list, and Magnet schools have siblings, proximity and tiers 1-4 lists. At least for Kindergarten, GoCPS clearly labels which list you’re in under the Category column. If you see General, that would mean a single list for all, I imagine. I have General, Tier 3 and Proximity under Category, depending on the school.

        • #9779 Reply

          Thank you!!

    • #9783 Reply

      We were just offered a spot at Drummond for Kindergarten.  We were #2 on the general waitlist.  So the waitlists ARE moving.

      • #9795 Reply

        Aaron… this is the best news I’ve heard all week. Congrats! We are #10 on the Drummond general waitlist and really hoping it gets to us.

        Thanks for the update!

    • #9784 Reply

      We accepted at LaSalle Language Academy and released our two spots at Mitchell.  We were 5 and 6 on the waiting list for LaSalle.  Good luck everyone!

      • #9787 Reply

        That’s awesome, Jeanine. We are #22 on the waitlist for LaSalle. I didn’t see any movement on the GoCPS website but I heard that they don’t update it online very frequently – I hope that’s true.

        I’m crossing our fingers we get in LaSalle, too 🙂


        • #9789 Reply

          Thank you, Jennifer! Crossing my fingers for you!  If you get in, let’s connect!

          • #9802 Reply

            @Jeanine, we moved up to #14 from #22 – I hope to connect soon if we get an offer 🙂

      • #9799 Reply

        Thanks Jeanine for the info. Was Mitchell your neighborhood school?

        • #9828 Reply

          @AustralisMum No.  Lozano is our neighborhood school.

    • #9785 Reply

      This morning we were  offered a spot at STEM – Magnet for Kindergarten via email. My son was #4 on the waiting list Tier 4. No phone call yet, no changes on the GoCPC website yet.

    • #9800 Reply

      Seems like the waitlist numbers have been updated. Might as well check GoCPS.

      Drummond general list has moved 4 spots.

      Mitchell general has moved 12 or so.

      Pulaski general has moved 29.

      LaSalle II proximity has moved 28.

      Burr general has moved 30.

      I’m assuming these are the biggest one time moves we’ll see and from here it’ll be a slow trickle till August.

      Good luck everyone.

    • #9801 Reply

      our waitlist movement (for 1st grade):


      drummond general waitlist- was 6, still 6

      agassiz general waitlist- was 8, got an offer right away but passed.

      hamilton general waitlist- was 12, now 10

      waters general waitlist- was 18, still 18

      blaine general waitlist- was 67, now 63

      mayer general waitlist- was 90, now 85

      ravenswood general waitlist- was 94, now 84


    • #9803 Reply

      We accepted Pritzker!

    • #9804 Reply

      Our waitlist movement:

      Alcott – general – was 95, now 57

      Burley – general – was 24, now 20

      Drummond – general – was 178, now 154

      Hawthorne – tier 4 – was 233, now 209

      Lasalle – tier 4 – was 87, now 73

      Lincoln – general – was 472, now 396

      Skinner – general – was 309, now 275

      • #9812 Reply

        Lyte1, what grade was this for?

        • #9813 Reply


          • #9815 Reply

            FYI.. we are number 1 at Lincoln for kindergarten. We have not received our call yet. So the movement is only people taking themselves off the waitlist.

            Also we moved from 50 to 22 for Alcott. I heard that they didn’t make any initial offers on round 1, but then they open up 15 spots to people during  1st round of waitlist offers.

            • #9816 Reply

              <p style=”text-align: left;”>Great point! I was surprised by the drop in the Hawthorne list. I know the tier lists typically barely move.</p>

              • #9842 Reply

                Just a guess, but is it possible the tier movement occurred because people with lower-but-still-high waitlist numbers accepted offers at other Choice schools?

                That is, if 24 students in the 150-200 waitlist range accepted offers at another magnet school, and there was 0 movement in the 0-10 waitlist range, would the 233 waitlist number still drop to 209?  That would explain it.



                • #9843 Reply

                  I need to work on my reading comprehension, I now see that your parent posts are agreeing with me.

    • #9805 Reply

      Anyone get offered first grade at Nettlehorst and accepted or declined?  We went from 16 to 8, which seems like great hope, but curious (of course!) if all of those 8 accepted.  No other school we likely have a chance with moved that much this first update.



    • #9818 Reply

      We have offers for both Chappell and Budlong for grade 5, but lottery numbers in the high 20s for lower grades. Any thoughts on one school over the other and likelihood of getting into kinder with those numbers?

    • #9829 Reply

      Our neighborhood school is Lozano.

      NATIONAL TEACHERS – Selective Enrollment Offered – Declined

      MITCHELL – Open Enrollment Offered – Declined

      LASALLE – Magnet Offered Tier 4 – Accepted

      COLUMBUS – Open Enrollment General 8 Offered – Declined

      SKINNER – Magnet Cluster General 69

      LINCOLN – Open Enrollment General 136

      ALCOTT ES – Open Enrollment General 307

      PRESCOTT – Open Enrollment General 321

      OGDEN ES – Open Enrollment General 213

      BURR – Magnet Cluster General 395

      STEM – Magnet Tier 4 123

      DRUMMOND – Magnet General 451

      LASALLE II – Magnet Proximity 58

      NEWBERRY – Magnet Proximity 27

      NATIONAL TEACHERS – Open Enrollment General 195

      MAYER – Magnet with Boundary General 409

      BURLEY – Magnet Cluster General 285

      COLUMBUS – Open Enrollment General 8

      GOETHE – Open Enrollment General 57

      PULASKI – Magnet Cluster General 70

      NETTELHORST – Magnet Cluster General 208

      PRITZKER – Magnet Cluster General 57

    • #9833 Reply

      When I got to “View 2019-2020 Application Results” I no longer see the Choice schools my child is wait listed for. Is anyone else having this problem?

      • #9844 Reply

        I just checked and ours is still the same from yesterday’s. I hope yours is back on 🙂

        • #9846 Reply

          Yes, thankfully. I called the OAE in a panic, the individual who answered didn’t seem to know what was going on either but I am assuming they took care of it because everything came back up at the same numbers as yesterday. I think maybe there was a glitch since I applied for the second round.

          • #9852 Reply

            Can you tell me about Round 2? Do you re-apply to the current schools you’re already wait-listed on? Or do you apply for new schools you didn’t pick in Round 1? Or both?





            • #9855 Reply

              According to the pop up, you are supposed to be able to remain on the round 1 wait lists and are supposed to apply to different schools in round 2. I would keep an eye on what happens to your round 1 wait list numbers after your round 2 application is submitted, so you don’t have the same thing happen to you that happened to me.

              • #9862 Reply

                Thanks Hopefulmom!

                I just checked and we moved up a few spots in our waitlist. We are now #10 (Tier 4) with LaSalle, originally #22 then #14 so we’re moving.

                I read up on Round 2 and you’re right – it’s only for schools you haven’t applied to and also it’s also for schools that have openings on that specific grade you’re applying to. Our neighborhood school (Jahn) still has spots so I’m going to skip Round 2 and just apply for K in August just in case we don’t get in LaSalle or the other schools we’re currently wait-listed on.

                Thanks again for your help and good luck!


    • #9840 Reply

      Skinner West 5th grade #23. Do we have a chance?

    • #9868 Reply

      Hi all, we’ve been offered a place at Burr, which seems like a great school — but one of the view we hadn’t visited!  We have a contact at the school to answer questions, etc., but also looking for any insights abut the school you parents might have?  Thanks!

      • #9870 Reply

        If there is school shaded out on the Round 2 application does that mean they do not have spots for that grade? A school I was going to apply to for my 3 kids is showing as shaded out for one grade, not allowing me to apply, while it is available to apply to at the other grade level.

        • #9876 Reply

          Hi 3xtimescpsmom

          If it’s shaded that means they are full and are not taking any Round 2 Applications for that specific grade. I’m sure this is a pain as most parents want their kids to go to the same school. You could always try to contact the principal directly to see if they can make a “principal discretion” if 2/3 of your kids will attend that school.

          Best of luck to your family!



      • #9875 Reply

        Hello!  What grade is your child going into/what number did you start at? We are #5 for the waitlist with Burr for 1st.  I have friends who have two children at Burr and they very much like the school!

        • #9881 Reply

          Hi Jelap!  Our son is going to be a kindergartener, and we started at #40 on the waitlist.  Actually, it stills lists us as #6 on the waitlist, but we got the offer on Tuesday.  It’s not the most convenient commute for us, but worthwhile for the school.  Our neighborhood school is Funston.  Good luck for your first grader!  I would think if you’re at #5 now you might even hear next week, right?…  Or in the next couple.

          • #9895 Reply

            Here’s hoping!  Good luck to you! I have friends at Burr who lottery’d  in and they really love the school and community!

      • #9891 Reply

        Hi there!

        We visited Burr and had a really negative experience.  The main teacher (at least for preschool) seems exceedingly preachy and essentially tried to “diagnose” our children’s separation anxiety in the 4 minutes she spent with them.  I really encourage you to visit with your child(ren) before making the call.

        Best of luck and I really hope you find a great fit!

        • #9894 Reply

          Ugh – sorry to hear this! Burr is currently our best option. We visited and weren’t blown away (but we aren’t blown away by many public schools as we’re a little more non-traditional for early ed). We do have friends who have two kids at Burr and I very much respect her parenting style, so I’m hoping if it’s good for her it’ll be good for us!  Nettlehorst is our next best option in terms of numbers on the waitlist. Both schools have told us they aren’t even likely to pull from their waitlists for first grade.  SAD FACE.

    • #9871 Reply

      For 1st grade, we received an offer from Newberry today and declining. We started at 47. Hope this helps!

    • #9872 Reply

      Kindergarten – Offered Disney and Peirce but declined. Recently declined an offer from Agassiz (original waitlist number 41). Was 25 on the waitlist for Hawthorne (Tier 4) and now 21. I doubt my son will get in to Hawthorne but the waitlists are definitely moving.

    • #9884 Reply

      Received an offer from Prescott today. Pretty sure we were high double digits when the waitlist started. Any insight into this school?

      • #9889 Reply

        We applied for kindergarten at Prescott, out of the neighborhood boundary, and we’re still at 144 on the waitlist.  Truly, it seems like an exceptional school — I wish we could get in.  They do not offer a foreign language, which was disappointing, but in other respects academically we were extremely impressed on our visit.  They have a reading/literacy focus, and reading forms the basis of their age-appropriate homework assignments.  The current principal really seems to have spear-headed a revolution in hiring and curriculum.  Take a look at the 45 degree angle to the rise in test scores over the last so many years, on Schooldigger; test scores aren’t everything, but they aren’t nothing either, though the principal himself treated scores as of little importance — and we liked that attitude.  The principal himself came across as informed/articulate/committed, and our overall impressions of the facility were that it was colorful and organized.  It’s a typical older school building, and there wasn’t an auditorium I think, and they were so pressed for space they’ve farmed the library collection out to different classrooms to use the library for a classroom, if I recall correctly.  I don’t have my notes on the school with me.  At any rate, we’ve considered (and are still considering) moving to the neighborhood in order to go to Prescott, that’s how favorably it struck us.

        • #9892 Reply

          Thanks, VMom, for the great response! It helped us considerably.

    • #9888 Reply

      We just declined a 3rd grade spot at Nettelhorst and were #1 on the WL.  Good luck to those on the wait list.

    • #9898 Reply

      Does any one have experience with Agassiz? I’m low on the waitlist and think an offer may be coming 🤞🏽

    • #9900 Reply

      Did GoCPS update waitlist numbers this week? I can’t tell if none of ours moved or if it just hasn’t updated. Thanks!

      • #9901 Reply

        The waitlist is updated, we only had 2 schools that our spot moved. The other ones are still the same.

        • #9902 Reply

          thanks Lin

    • #9948 Reply

      Co CPS Site down today?  I get a message that says “application results are not currently ready for review”.

      • #9949 Reply

        It was like that all weekend… we were not able to accept or reject any offers that we got on Friday. I hope they fix it and provide an appropriate extension.

      • #9950 Reply

        It sounds like the site is being updated for Round 2 results (which post on Wednesday), and if you received any offers since last week, they will be extending the deadline to Friday 6/14/19.

    • #9951 Reply

      Hi, all!

      We had our Kindergarten registration meeting at LaSalle Language Academy last Wednesday and the Principle said that they have only filled 54 of 62 available spots.  I’ve seen a lot of people on this thread mention that they were interested in LaSalle so maybe if you call they could do something?  I am new to this process so maybe that’s not possible but thought I would share.

      • #9959 Reply

        Thanks for this helpful info!

      • #9969 Reply

        Jeanine, that was LaSalle and not LaSalle II, right?  Thx!


        • #9970 Reply

          @Vmom – Correct.  LaSalle Language Academy, not LaSalle II.

    • #9963 Reply

      Did Skinner West open up additional classes where they are accepting large numbers to fill the new expansion? If so, would they be filled by round 1 process?

      • #9971 Reply

        I’m curious to know if they opened up seats too.

    • #9964 Reply

      Oh wow. We received a robo-call offer last Saturday when the system was down. System came back up today and when I checked to see who it was from, it said the Offer Expired!?!?!?!?!? WTF CPS! The office said deadlines would be extended until Friday, but I guess no one told SchoolMint.

      • #9965 Reply

        Looks like I spoke too soon. I just checked again and they extended the deadline. Excellent. Crisis averted.

        • #9966 Reply

          Which school did you receive an offer from? What was your original waitlist number?

    • #9972 Reply

      Hello! Can anyone confirm if waitlists have been updated this week? I’m not seeing any movement. I called the office and they said they have been updated, but I’m still suspicious as I’ve seen no movement for any of the 20 schools on the list.  Thanks!


      • #9973 Reply

        Yes, they were updated. We moved a couple of spots on some lists.

        • #9974 Reply

          Blurg! No movement at all for us! We’re trying for first grade – I knew the competition would be tougher than K, but no movement for 20 schools.  Yikes!  Good luck to you!


          • #9975 Reply

            Thank you, we need it. Good luck to you as well.

    • #9979 Reply
      JEN W

      Just some updates for those of you tracking waitlist movement:


      Initial offers

      AGASSIZ Offered General -Accepted then declined for Alcott

      TALCOTT Offered General-Declined

      GOETHE Offered General Declined


      <u>Wait list calls: </u>

      ALCOTT ES Wait list General 50 -Received offer 6/14-ACCEPTED YAY!!


      <u>No calls yet:</u>

      PULASKI Waitlist General 295 – now 203

      LASALLE II Waitlist Proximity 87—now 65

      FRANKLIN Waitlist Tier 4 #9 – now 2

      HAWTHORNE Waitlist Tier 4 #92 – now 84

      BURLEY Waitlist General 34- now 28

      LINCOLN Waitlist General 1- Still #1- I don’t know if they are going to take anyone off waitlist due to new high rises in district


      <u>Withdrew on 6-14-2019</u>

      BURR Waitlist General 272- now 163-Withdrawn

      JACKSON A Waitlist Tier 4 #52 – now 39 -Withdrawn

      MAYER Waitlist General 165 – now 142–Withdrawn

      MITCHELL Waitlist General 42 – now 30–Withdrawn

      NEWBERRY Waitlist Tier 4 87 – now 50- -Withdrawn

      PRESCOTT Waitlist General 93- now 24-Withdrawn

      PRITZKER Waitlist General 461 – now 303-Withdrawn

      SKINNER Waitlist General 333 – now 290 -Withdrawn

      STEM Waitlist Tier 4 76- now 67- -Withdrawn

      LASALLE Waitlist Tier 4 #41 – now 25-Withdrawn

    • #9981 Reply

      People still seeing movement and getting offers?

    • #9983 Reply

      I’ve seen some movement, typically one spot a week though. Still holding out hope.

    • #9984 Reply

      We received offers today from GOETHE (we were 56 and 57 on the wait list).  We declined and are sticking with LaSalle.  Hope everyone is getting through this process well and Happy 4th to all!

    • #9987 Reply

      Hi Jennifer! Unfortunately we are in much the same boat, although it look like you are in a bit better position. Do you think we stand a chance? We keep hearing about people getting calls even though they were high on a list, but…nada (so far). I don’t have our original numbers handy but here’s where we’re at:

      Audubon – 331
      Bell – 520
      Blaine – 476
      Burley – 287
      Coonley – 389
      Disney II – 171
      Hamilton – 235
      Hawthorne – 51
      Mayer – 259
      Nettlehorst – 87
      Ravenswood – 44
      Lincoln – 135


      • #9989 Reply


        I really hope we have a chance. I’ve heard people get called up in the middle of the school year (people move to the burbs, get into a better school, etc.) so that gives me some optimism.

        Best of luck to our families 🙂



        • #9990 Reply

          Jennifer –

          You as well! We moved up a spot or two since I posted this so I’m also renewing the optimism. Best of luck!


    • #9988 Reply

      We received an offer for inter American last Thursday. We were #1 on the waitlist for pre-k 4. Turned it down, though. Logistically it wasn’t going to work out.

      Hope the next person got in!

    • #9992 Reply

      We just declined an offer to Hawthorne 2nd grade. We were number 3 in the waitlist. Hope this bring good news to a waiting family.

    • #9999 Reply

      My wait list numbers didn’t move at all this Monday, where they updated? Anyone else see movement?

      • #10000 Reply

        I looked at last year’s blog posts and I think the waitlist numbers didn’t move much until closer to the beginning of the school. Some people have already accepted offers but still hanging on other waitlists. There’s also waitlist movement throughout the school year. I’m still clinging to some hope that we get an offer 🙂

    • #10001 Reply

      I saw no movement this week as well. Hard to know if it was updated or not.

    • #10002 Reply

      Same, no movement this week. I know at least Ravenswood mentioned not opening their wait list til August. Others may similarly want to make sure they get all the neighborhood kids accounted for first.

    • #10004 Reply

      I didn’t see any movement this week at all either. I called admissions office and they assured me the system was updated.   I then called a school that we are low on the waitlist for (LaSalle Language). We are currently 15 online and they have us as 8 on their internal list. They also have two open spots as of yesterday.    FYI – Call your schools if you are low in numbers.  I called two of ours and they were both very nice and patient.  Also, if possible, withdraw from those schools you know you won’t be attending.  If we get an offer at LaSalle it could still be two or three weeks before we hear due to the 48 hour process (understandable).   I imagine if you are very low on lists we should all be getting some offers early to mid-August.  egads, but there is hope on the horizon.

      • #10007 Reply

        Hi JELAP,

        Thanks for the info! We are currently #10 at LaSalle. I hope we both can get in!





        • #10012 Reply

          Jennifer – are you trying for K or 1st?  Either way – shoot me a note if you get the call!  No movement again this week online so something is definitely up with how they are monitoring the numbers.  It’s very confusing because I don’t understand how you accept in the 48 hours online if the websites aren’t updated yet they are calling number #7 and 8 on the LaSalle list this week (or late last week) so could be doing 9 and 10 this week (for first).



          • #10047 Reply

            Hi JELAP,

            We are trying for K for my eldest. I am newbie on this process and I have 1 friend that has a kid in CPS and she got into the gifted program at Skinner so they didn’t have to deal with the waitlist.

            Good luck to all of us!




    • #10005 Reply

      Thanks for sharing, JELAP.

    • #10006 Reply

      We were originally 10th on the waitlist at Drummond for kindergarten. Most recently we moved to 2nd. We got the call this week and accepted! Kind of shocked that the waitlist moved this much considering there were only 4 offers originally given, but quite grateful for spot.

      Things are still moving.

      • #10013 Reply

        Congrats!  What a win!  So, did your online status change then? That’s what is confusing to me. Knowing that the numbers at the schools are different than what is online.  What does it look for you when you see drummond on your online account now?


    • #10009 Reply

      No movement from any school on the gocps site again for us.

      • #10010 Reply

        No movement for us either and the two schools we have our eye on haven’t answered the phone for confirmation. I called the OAE and they said the numbers are updated every Monday, but I find it hard to believe nothing has changed in two weeks.

        • #10011 Reply

          there must be some part of this process that is not automated – some part that requires the school or OAE to push an update to school mint – and now that school is officially out for summer, that manual part of the process has stopped. i believe things are still moving, just that the website may not be as accurate as we’d like.

          that said, we could also be at that time of the year already where everyone has accepted available spots and the only way things open up is if families move out of chicago and haven’t updated their status yet (as opposed to the shuffling from one CPS school to another). i’d imagine we’ll see huge movement in august as those families start updating and not much movement until then. even over 2 week periods of time.

    • #10014 Reply

      Waitlists updated!

    • #10015 Reply

      There are a few schools that I’ve noticed our waitlist numbers have gone up a few from week to week. Has anyone else seen this?

      • #10038 Reply

        Yes. One of the schools I swore I was 6 for, I am now 14. No idea how that happened.

    • #10039 Reply

      Yep, me too. Moved from #9 to #14 at Burr

    • #10040 Reply

      What in the world? Numbers went up.  We went from 5 to 12 for Nettlehorst.  From 19 to 23 for Pierce.  37 to 73 for Disney.  And some others.  Very weird!  Any insight?!

      • #10043 Reply

        The one that changed for me was a round 2 application, maybe they had forgotten to include the round 1 kids in the count. No idea, but completely expect CPS OAE to mess this all up, so I am not surprised.

    • #10041 Reply

      Perhaps more neighborhood kids signed up, thus bumping wait lists up. But Disney is not a neighborhood school, right? So that would not make sense.

      • #10042 Reply

        That was my hunch too, but that also implies that neighborhood kids would be on a waitlist, no?  The madness never ends.

    • #10044 Reply

      While this time around the schools where the numbers went up were neighborhood schools (Ray, Shoesmith) other weeks this has happened with magnet schools too (Jackson, Sheridan).

    • #10045 Reply

      Also, I only applied in round 1.

    • #10046 Reply

      My numbers went down except for LaSalle (#10) and Mayer (#121) which has been my waitlist numbers for the last couple of weeks.

      My biggest jump this week was Prescott from #31 to #24.

      I did move UP from #167 to #168 at Ravenswood.

      May the odds be ever in your favor 😉



    • #10050 Reply
      northside momma

      We are waiting list #1 at Suder Montesorri. Looking for some input on thier Pre-K3 programs. Any suggestions or advise is extremely helpful.

      Thanks in advance!!

    • #10051 Reply

      We saw some movement from last week to this week.

      Our biggest jump is Prescott from #24 to #20.

      Still #10 at LaSalle

      And the rest are long shots (100+) 🙂


    • #10053 Reply
      Mareen Malik

      Hello im stilling waiting my kids are still waiting list. Nothing had change number 5 other kid number is 9.

    • #10054 Reply

      Got into a school, submitted registration forms to the school…now what?  Will I receive anything else from CPS making it official?

      • #10055 Reply

        Congrats Brown! Do you mind sharing which school you got into and for what grade?


        Each school usually have a welcome picnic especially for Kindergarten families. I recommend checking out the school’s website and see if there is a Parents Group/Newsletter. I joined my child’s school when she got into CPS Pre-K program and it really helped me a lot. Other parents shared their experience with the school.

    • #10056 Reply
      LS Mom

      Hello! Future First Grader mom here. We are holding out hope for Pulaski (waitlist #12, moved up 1 since April) as it’s in our neighborhood, just outside automatic admission boundary (dannnnng).

      We are trying to get realistic about whether there will be any movement in the first grade classes at Pulaski. Also, if there is more attrition, will the school wait to fill those spots until first day of classes given the surge in elementary families in the n’hood “just in case” they need the room.

      Also, for sake of argument, if the school has to accept any n’hood kids that register, what do they do if those numbers fall short of what they anticipate?

      I really don’t want to even think about transferring schools 3 days into the school year.


    • #10059 Reply

      How’s everyone doing? This was a big week.  Got offered LaSalle Language Academy and Nettelhorst for first grade.  Thoughts on either one of those?  Nettelhorst told us there was no way we’d get an offer since we’re out of boundary…we were #12 on the list. I wonder if they had to add a third first grade class.  Does that ever happen?

    • #10060 Reply
      Kt Ken

      We started at #14 at Hawthorne for Kindergarten and we have slowly moved to #6.  Absolutely no movement in the last 3-4 weeks.  Anyone have any insight? Thoughts?

      • #10061 Reply

        Lists are being updated, we’ve moved a spot or two a week over the last month or so. But I doubt we will see anything more then that until school starts.

    • #10062 Reply
      Prescott School https://prescottparents.com/ has a few remaining spots available for students entering grades 2, 3, 5, and 7th on a first-come first serve basis.  For more information, please email Clerk Tiara Collum at tccollum@cps.edu or Asst Principal Amanda Malsch at ajmalsch@cps.edu.
      • #10063 Reply

        Thanks for the info. Too bad we’re on the waitlist for Kindergarten (#19) and we live 3 blocks away on Diversey.

    • #10066 Reply

      Anyone know if there has been movement for Lasalle II? Still holding out hope!

    • #10068 Reply

      we got offered waters today. am very surprised. we put it on the list because we live close (one block outside of the boundary), but never expected to get in.

      this is a pretty difficult choice for us. we are already accepted at suder.

      pros for suder: montessori based education. this is pretty important to us and honestly its really hard to imagine giving that up.

      cons for suder: far away, wouldn’t have any neighborhood friends. there is some drama/iffy-ness going on with the montessori program above the EC1 level (they don’t have teachers to sustain it. but…this would not effect my child for 3 more years and by then, it may very well be sorted).


      pros for waters: very close. couple minute drive or a nice walk (weather dependent obv). my best friend’s daughter is enrolled there (one grade above my son). would have a lot of social opportunities due to the proximity of our home.

      cons for waters: don’t really know much about it. never toured it because we never expected to get in (have been told the list NEVER moves and we were #18 on it). have read negative reports about the principal’s philosophies.  and..its just really difficult to give up on the idea of montessori. idk what to do.


      we have until tuesday to decide.

      • #10069 Reply

        You should check out it they have a parents group. A lot of them have a newsletter/facebook group. Maybe you can connect with a parent and get some of their perspective. Best of luck to your family!

    • #10088 Reply

      For historical value:  We started on the waitlist at LaSalle II in spot #24 (Tier 3).  We made it to waitlist spot #2, but did not make it in.

      • #10089 Reply

        We were #22 Tier 4 at LaSalle 2 and got as low as #7 and didn’t make it in either 🙁

    • #10090 Reply

      We applied for PK3. Waitlisted at #2 (Tier 3) for Drummond and have not moved at all. Started at #55 (Proximity) at Suder and are now at #42.

    • #10162 Reply
      Bridgeport Dad

      Also for historical value:

      Applying for K, Tier 4

      Applied to (in order of preference):

      • Sheridan (proximity)
      • J Ward
      • Holden
      • Healy

      Received zero offers in April.  Initial waitlist numbers:

      • Sheridan – 117
      • J Ward – 98
      • Holden – 3
      • Healy – 43

      Final waitlist numbers (as of the date of posting this):

      • Sheridan – 87
      • J Ward – 2
      • Holden – 4 (not sure how you move down a waitlist)
      • Healy – 39

      Ultimately, we received one offer, from J Ward, a week before school started.  I’m shocked that we somehow moved up from #98 to #2, especially considering how there was not much movement at the other schools (most of our movement up Sheridan’s list was after the school year started).  We kept consistently moving up the J Ward waitlist throughout the summer and eventually hit #2 a couple of days before the offer was received.

      Our neighborhood school is McClellan, and by the time August rolled around, we started to prepare ourselves for that being the school.  However, when we went there, they basically told us not to enroll until the first day of school, if we didn’t get offers anywhere else.

      I cannot believe how this system works, with parents not knowing where they need to send their kids for school right up until school is just about to start.  Early on, we assumed that Holden would end up being the final choice because of how high we started on the list.  I find it hard to believe that every single initial offer there was accepted and there was no movement on the waitlist.  I’m calling shenanigans on that one.

      We also applied to Bronzeville Classical (selective enrollment), but never received an offer.  After getting our child’s scores back, we more or less gave up all hope at getting into a classical school this year.  I still don’t understand how you can effectively evaluate a four-year-old and somehow assign them scores that demonstrate one child being more worthy than another at getting an education.  What a crock.

      Anyway, that’s our experience with the CPS elementary application process so far.  It pretty much mirrors most of what we’ve read.  The numbers seem meaningless, and there is zero transparency in the process.  Since J Ward is a pretty decent school, I think we’re only going to apply to a couple of schools for next year.

    • #10421 Reply

      Anyone know what the chances of getting into Oscar Meyer is if you don’t live within 1.5 miles? Thanks

    • #11145 Reply

      Hi, my son got an offer to Prescott this year. Have you accepted the offer last year. Can you tell me more about Prescott. Regards,

    • #11149 Reply


      My son is waitlisted for Pulaski- general – 24. Do you think he has any chance of getting in?

      Other numbers we have below 100 are

      Bell- 57

      Pritzker- 48

      Audobon- 90

      Did anyone see any movements with these schools last year?

    • #11455 Reply
      Kennedy’s Mom

      Hello. I received an offer for LaSalle II 3rd grade. Child is currently at Disney. Is it worth it to transfer?

    • #9986 Reply

      Oops, I guess this site doesn’t like excel sheets

      School Type Original-Current-Change
      Blaine General 244 188 56
      Burley General 145 120 25
      Coonley General 542 410 132
      Drummond General 806 597 209
      Hamilton General 260 202 58
      Hawthorne Proximity 221 196 25
      LaSalle Tier 4 22 10 12
      Lincoln General 109 95 14
      Mayer General 143 121 22
      Prescott General 123 36 87
      Ravenswood General 207 167 40

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