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This forum is for parents to login and post questions of other parents regarding public and private Chicago area schools and admissions. Feel free to ask your questions of preschool through high school options and feel free to answer questions of others if you have information to share.  The forum is only as useful as the community makes it.  Thanks for your support!

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      Welcome to the ChicagoSchoolOptions school forum.  This is an entirely new endeavor and one that will evolve over time.  Please bear with us as we are learning along with the community how to make this most efficient and useful to all.
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    • Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
      Chicago Public Schools (CPS) launched a new website with helpful tools and resources for parents.  Check out GoCPS . Their old website at CPSOAE also has a lot of residual information that is still very useful. Some interesting Stats & Facts can be found HERE including number of schools, students, budget, etc.
      • CPS Elementary Schools
        Post info/questions regarding CPS Elementary schools below or check out the helpful elementary school information at the GoCPS site.
      • CPS High Schools
        Post info/questions regarding CPS high schools below or check out the helpful high school information at the GoCPS site.
      • CPS Preschools
        CPS has preschool options that may or may not be free but do start at 3 years old (and potty trained).  Post info here regarding preschools.
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    • Charter Schools
      Public schools open to all Chicago children. Charters are approved by the Board of Education but operate independently from the Board and each other. Each charter school has a curriculum, schedule, calendar and admissions procedures that may differ from other public schools. There are charter schools operated by community organizations, universities, foundations, and teachers—all are held accountable for high student academic achievement by the Board of Education. Generally, charter schools admit students based on lottery. No attendance boundary for most Charter schools. Students across the city can apply and are accepted by random lottery if more applications than available spaces.
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