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      The handbook is now online https://cps.edu/SiteCollectionDocuments/gocps/PrincipalDiscretionHandbook.pdf

      “The Principal Discretion process allows Selective Enrollment High School principals to fill a designated number of seats, outside of the regular selection process, and in strict compliance with established guidelines, based on information provided through application packets submitted by students. Principal Discretion applications will be accepted from April 8, 2019, through April 19, 2019. Guidelines and instructions are available in the Principal Discretion Handbook, located at go.cps.edu, under ‘High School’ and ‘Principal Discretion.’”

      Great FAQs Here: https://cps.edu/SiteCollectionDocuments/gocps/PrincipalDiscretionFAQs.pdf including how many spots at each school.

      “How many Principal Discretion seats does each school have? Below is the number of Principal Discretion seats that each Selective Enrollment High School will be able to fill for the 2019-2020 school year:

      Brooks: 11

      Northside: 14

      Hancock: 8

      Payton: 15

      Jones: 21

      South Shore: 3

      King: 6

      Westinghouse: 10

      Lane: 56

      Young: 24

      Lindblom: 12

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      Who are the geniuses at CPS who decided that the principal’s discretion period runs concurrently with spring break?? Are they kidding? We’re asking these kids to get letters written, write an essay, get all their info together, and the application isn’t even AVAILABLE until Monday?? And then no school the week the thing is due (when the kids would likely need to get their letters back from teachers, etc.)

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        8th grade mom

        Well, all the kids are in the same boat.

        So get on it!

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      I have a couple of questions about PD –

      1) I think we can all agree that the timing is odd, particularly given that they are not releasing decisions until the week of June 3rd.

      2) How many students actually apply for PD for any given school?


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      Any word on Principal Discretion decisions yet?

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      talked to CPS. PD would be updated on the CPS website Thursday 5:00 PM. Not Offered would change to Offered if a spot was offered. If a spot was not offered there would be no change.

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        So do student who applied still get a letter. Will it say round 2 or something. or is does it just stay normal “not offered” if not offered for principal discretion.

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      Will everyone that applied get a letter?

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        <h4 class=”date past uk-text-uppercase”>Yes, per goCPS: </h4>
        <h4 class=”date past uk-text-uppercase”>WEEK OF JUNE 3, 2019</h4>
        <h4 class=”date past uk-text-uppercase”>Notification letters mailed to all applicants via U.S. mail</h4>

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      Josephine DeFries

      Wondering if all available slots (at each school) are filled. Does anyone know ?

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      Are the results out?

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      Hopeful mom

      No clue

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      Well, I’m afraid if there is no notification on the site yet, most likely none is forthcoming. My daughter’s status is unchanged as of 7:15. Guess I’ll wait for the letter. This is such a messed up system.

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        So does that mean your daughter has not been accepted?


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      Claudia M

      Same, no changes to my daughter’ Account yet. I think there should be a spot for this instead of guesswork.

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        Exactly right. I’m so sick of CPS yanking our chains every step of this process.

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      If it says no offer you did not get in.

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      Has anyone gotten results yet?  Either by mail or on your CPS account.  It’s now Friday morning …

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        Nothing yet….

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      Nothing, which is especially annoying because it is unclear if “Not Offered” is the original message or a new one.

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      And nothing showing up in my USPS “Informed Delivery” for today, so that’s unfortunate.

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      Recording to your commentaries/observations; Your students weren’t offered a seat at the selective enrollment high school they desired to be admitted into. My son was admitted into “Jones College Prep” through Principal Discretion.  If your student received an offer, your status will be switched from “Not Offered” to “Offered” in the school, your student desired to be admitted into. All PD applicants should be receiving a letter, whether or not, you received an offer, regarding your current status.

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        Random CPS mom

        Thank you for this very pompous response.

        We’re dealing with CPS here. So I think the issue for many was whether the site was actually updated as they said it would be.

        Everyone knows how it works.

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      Enthusiasm Curbed

      I spoke to Arlene in the OAE office a little after 8 a.m. today. Received confirmation that our student did not receive a seat via PD at Jones (Arlene shared that Jones received 212 PD applications this year for the 22 available seats). She confirmed PD letters were, in fact, mailed out yesterday. And, while that snail mail wait time is incredibly unhelpful to the students and families that logged in 10 times last night trying to ascertain what the results were (or if the website had even been updated) she also confirmed that if you see no change in data regarding “offered” or “not offered” seats via your GoCPS login, then your student did NOT receive a PD offer. Based upon this horribly-designed, unclear, and stressful feedback system for parents and students, I thought I’d take a minute to post and clarify for those in the same boat as us.

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        Random CPS mom

        This is the information we were all looking for. Thank you.

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      Thanks for the info, “Enthusiasm Curbed.”

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      Is there a waitlist for PD?

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      Each principal  has five alternates for PD which they select at the time they make the final decisions.

      if a student does not accept a PD position, they will go to the list of alternates. If your child is an alternate, it should be listed on the letter you get from CPS.

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      Question: How many of you here have 100% faith in the PD process?

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        Random CPS mom

        Nope. And I have inside info.

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          Noticing and hearing about some disturbing patterns behind the scenes in the PD process. Wondering what honest families should do!

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            Random CPS mom

            I am fine with my kid’s current plan, so I am going to do nothing. I expect nothing less from Chicago.

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      What are you guys hearing?

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      Look up Tribune article: “Thousands of students improperly won seats in CPS schools, a ‘pervasive problem,’ inspector general says”

      Similar pattern in SEHS PD process.

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      #9962, would you mind sharing some info? You don’t have to name anyone but please help us understand if there’s something happening behind the scenes. Really troubling if we can’t trust the PD process.

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