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      Internet Person

      hi we went to gocps to sign up for our choice of schools and exams. while we could choose our schools, it appears the RSVP link, which is how you choose the exam slot, isn’t working yet? Did anyone have a different experience?

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      I had the same experience. The pop-up notice and email confirmation once you submit says that test dates and times for SEES exam will be posted in December 2020. Once dates are posted, you can log-in to your account and schedule your child’s exam. CPS will reach out via email to notify parents when these sessions are available. CPS did not mention this would be the case in the webinar last week. It’s a bummer. I was hoping to get testing done and over.

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      same here as well

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      Southside Dad

      @LSQMom We were trying to do early testing too. Also for those interested, I sent OAE an email, and they mentioned that there won’t be early release of Kindergarten scores this year. Bummer, because I was hoping to have the option to change Classical/RGC rankings based on the scores my child received.

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      FYI, I received an email from CPS earlier this week saying that SEES exam dates are now available and was able to log in to my child’s account to schedule my child’s exam. Looked like earliest available test dates were first week of January.

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      mk mom

      Are Academic centers SEES? I just checked my child’s account. He is applying to the academic center. I clicked on the RSVP button but got a message saying “you may not rsvp for this even”

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      hi @LSQMom,  I still see a pop up when I log in that says “Test dates and times for the Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools admissions exams will be posted in December 2020. Once the dates are posted, you can log in to your account and schedule your child’s exam(s). We will reach out to you via email to notify you when these sessions are available.”

      But you were able to sign up for a SEES exam even a couple of weeks ago?
      Thank you!

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      hi there, the pop up notice said december, and when I went today to find exam dates, nothing has changed. Anyone been able to secure test dates? thank you!

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      Once in the dashboard there is a RSVP button next to the school of your choice.

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      My child took the Selective enrollment high school exam yesterday. He said you either received a booklet marked pink or gold. He received the gold. His friend received the pink. When they discussed what was on their tests, not only did they not get the same type of questions but according to my son the math questions he got sounded a lot harder.

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