2022-2022 SEES Exam Dates


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      hi there, does anyone know when those will be available? thanks!

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      Do you mean test dates for academic centers or for the gifted/classical test? Based on what I’ve heard about the process, I think time slots for the latter will become available when the application opens on October 13. I don’t think anything has been posted about academic centers.

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      Hello, I would like to find out the Elementary schools selective enrollment testing date. And which grade is open for application?



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      Mina Dalal


      Where do we register for the kindergarten entrance exam?

      Thank you!

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      When I tried applying for schools, last step it does is show dates to schedule exams. I see date as early as first week of Dec and late as last week of dec.

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      Hi friends,

      When we applied for Elementary Schools, we did not get an option to choose any dates for the test. Any guidance??

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      @Rucci, did you create a new account?  They switched the GoCPS website and now everyone has to create a new account even if you’ve had one previously.  It goes through several steps of selecting schools and also selecting dates if you picked one of the Selective Enrollment schools.

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      Thanks Himama.

      We did create a new account and selected the schools, but did not get any option on dates or any guidance on scheduling the test.
      Not sure if anyone else had the same issue.

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      Oh strange!  When did you sign up?  Maybe they need to add more dates.  I would call the Office of Access and Enrollment – I’ve found them to be super helpful and patient.  Good luck!

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