2nd round and tier system

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      We are moving into the city from suburbs. My kid is going into 5th grade. Currently we have a suburb address. Will have a Chicago address next week.

      we applied for classical with SN and SW as our choice. Her scores 98-M,98-E

      1st round -no offer

      Q: 1)what are the chances in second round 2) is tier considered in 2nd round

      3) i am assuming 5th is an entry level grade?

      we are new to the system and it is really confusing

      Thanks in Advance



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      5th is not entry level, only kindergaryen for SN and SW, the spots become available only due to attrition if someone moves out of the city. With the new Ctu contract limiting class sizes, offers are not made because the class was already over the new limit of kids. Tiers in non-entry years do not matter.

      There are many kids with 99/99 scores who are not offered anything simply because there are no spots.



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        Thank you so much for the info!

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      Does any one know if for 7th grade there is a cut off score for SN? or do they continue going down the list for those people who listed it as first choice.

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        I don’t think there is a cutoff score for 7th grade if the school is not an academic center. If this is through the selective process, then the numbered choice does not matter anymore. It’s probably just who has the highest scores and then the person below them.

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