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      Soooo I called and confirmed the lottery results will not be posted till “late April”!!! No date they could give but there you have it.

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      My child was scheduled to take an elementary selective enrollment test when the snow storm hit in February. That test was rescheduled. The make up test is tomorrow. They usually release the neighborhood, magnet, classical & gifted seats on the same day. It’s usually late in the afternoon on the 3rd Friday in April or about a month after they release the high school SEES info. I wouldn’t be surprised if the change in test date pushes back the release of seats.

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      Momof2incps, thanks for your insight. When I look at cpsobsessed from spring 2017, it appears that parents received notice for lottery and sees results on the first Monday in April (4/3/2017). Was that just an unusual year?

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      Notification letters were mailed the last week of March in previous years except last year!

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      Is it true that letters for elementary will be sent on April 30th?

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      I don’t want to wait until the end of April

      @confused Nothing has been posted about when elementary letters will be available.

      I believe the schools already have their lists. I got an email from a school at the end of January. It said, thanks for applying to Jahn. They have tours every Wednesday at 8:30am. That was followed by please let me know if you are accepting or declining the offer so I can save your spot or offer to another family. Thanks in advance and Welcome to the Jahn family.

      Does anyone know if they would have sibling lottery lists yet? I got a call from my child’s school saying they saw my younger child was going to be at the school next year.

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      S. R.

      Letters will be posted 4/27. They are usually posted right after high school notices go out, the following week.

      Info just went up on CPS website, shortly after high school letters were released.

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