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      Did anyone receive second round offer yet?

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      cps thoughts

      Some offers should have gone live this morning, and others will tomorrow at 8 am. It is possible to receive more than one SEES offer in Round 2, so if you receive an offer from a school that is NOT your 1st choice, you should contact your preferred school to see if they have made offers yet (offers go live at 8am the day after schools actually hit the “make offer” button). For example, a student might receive an offer from Morton today, but Skinner North might be set to make an offer the next day. If you were to accept the Morton offer, you would be removed from SN’s waitlist, which would prevent you from receiving the offer you were due to receive. Also, note that Monday is a federal holiday, so that will extend your decision time within the 48 business hours deadline.

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        cps thoughts

        Also, note that Monday is a federal holiday, so that will extend your decision time within the 48 business hours deadline.

        Clarifying: If you received an offer today, the deadline is Wednesday at 8 am. If you receive an offer tomorrow, the accept/decline deadline is Thursday at 8 am.

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      Received an offer today for 2nd grade at Bell RGC. Already declined, someone else will get it soon.


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      Lakeview mom

      Received an offer for 2nd grade at Bell RGC today and happily accepted.

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      We got an offer as well but heard some controversial things about the principal and her aggressive pro-transgendered agenda. Not against equal rights or anything but wondering if it’s a bit much for k-2 kids…?

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        What school is this? And what sort of activities fall under the umbrella of “aggressive pro-transgendered [sic] agenda” in your view?

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      Bell. Maybe aggressive is not the right word but starting sex education too early, hiring a gender-neutral music teacher who shows 1st graders Lady Gaga music videos, etc.

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        Sex education is part of CPS curriculum from Kindergarten now, but parents are given a lesson by lesson syllabus and an option to opt out, if you do not like it. It is very age appropriate, but you can opt out your kid, if you do not like it.

        There are a lot of schools with gender non-conforming staff, which represents our society as a whole.  Additionally, it is a protected characteristic when hiring decisions are made.



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      Got offer from Decatur today! Any one going to Decatur kinder? We are still thinking if  we will accept it. Everything is good for us.Commute is only problem. Is that worth to take 40mins to school?

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        If there is bus, it’s not that bad of a commute.

        It’s a classic school where your child gets to learn some Latin, which I think is great.

        It’s a very good school with excellent faculties and many dedicated parents.

        Very little homework assignments. Not sure if it’s a good thing but doesn’t appear to have an ill effects to the graduates moving on to academic center and high school.

        Overall a very safe place, kinda like a large daycare.

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        Hi Vicky,

        Can I know your kid’s score by any chance? Want to know where do we stand in terms of the waitlist. Thanks.

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            Did you mean math 91?

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              No , 61. I am surprised too. Because her math was not good. And she got three classical offers.

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      Is this for kindergarten? What tier are you?

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        Yes . Kindergarten. Tier 2

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      Looking if others got second round offers from a SEES with the following scores:

      Reading: 96

      Math: 68

      RGC: 115

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        This is for first grade.

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      So does my kid have hope for any 2nd round offers:  Reading 91, Math 68, RG=123

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        This is for 5th grade

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      We got no offers round 1

      Reading 98, Math 66

      RGC 117

      kindergarten, tier 3

      received 2nd round offer Bronzeville Classical (accepted) Sat 6/18

      I thought once you accept a SEES, you are no longer on SEES waitlist?

      Just received call from NTA Regional Gifted today with offer, so I guess that’s not the case

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      I believe in the second round you can get more than one offer. Are you considering NTA?

      Does anyone know if you can decline an offer accepted in the first round to be put on the waitlist for the other SEES schools you selected? Or are you already removed from the list.

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      likely sticking with Bronzeville.  Really like the principal there & good current parent feedback.

      I never got a chance to tour NTA or get much parent feedback.  There is a little part of me that is questioning switching.  I wish I had a better grasp on the classical vs regional gifted.  Any insight / advice greatly appreciated.  I have until Tuesday am


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      We received a Round 2 offer on Saturday for Bell, kindergarten (Tier 4), RGC score 139 & are planning to accept.

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