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      CPS dad

      Hi All,

      We are considering an offer from Bronzeville.  We were hoping to get into skinner north for logistical reasons, but no luck so far.  Bronzeville sounds great but unproven.  Also slightly concerning to us was I had heard they had a whopping 8 seats available in 1st grade this year.  Families just hesitant because it’s a new school perhaps?  Everything we’ve read about this school and its principal seems wonderful so the open seats just seemed like a disconnect.  Why the relatively low popularity?  Any insights, opinions?

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      I have been having some concerns about that as well, although we have already accepted our offer. Bronzeville was actually our number one choice. I attended their online tour and was very pleased by their presentation and by what all the parents had to say about the school. I also work for CPS, so I know many people who are familiar with the school and who know the principal personally. I have only heard great things. I think many parents are hesitant about the school because it just opened in 2018, so there is not a lot of data available, but really all great schools were new at some point. The parents seem very involved, both the ones in the online tour and new parents. Many of our little ones who have already accepted an offer from Bronzeville have met on playdates already. I promise we are a welcoming group!

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      I will only comments on the OP’s question about open seats. It is likely related to teacher strikes and remote learning. After last year, we had 7 open seats at Skinner North in the 1st grade.


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