Correlation – Testing time & Outcome

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      Hi all,

      Can someone please share their experience on if and what is the correlation between time spent during testing and final outcome (score or school offered)? My son appeared for kindergarten this academic year. Some responses from the past years will be truly appreciated.

      my son was 4 years and 5 months on the day of testing. he was with the examiner for 49 minutes (from the time he left to when i saw him coming out).


      Anxious mom

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      This is very good considering him being on the younger side. Likely 99 on the classical part.


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      Unless you have enough sample points, I don’t think it would draw you any conclusion.

      My DD was there for less than 15 mins, but still admitted to one of these Skinners

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      @outlier – that is what i am trying to do here… some concrete data…

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      When both my girls tested they were both gone about 20 mins. One was not offered a seat (got in for first though). My other was offered a RGC seat.

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      @2down2togo  Interesting.  Were both girls tested the same year for K?  Glad the other got in for 1st, that is excellent!

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      When you talk about getting in or not, tiers play a big role. Someone with a score of 80 could have been admitted to “one of these Skinners” from tier 1. I think not knowing the OP’s tier, providing scores would be more helpful than just saying whether you got a seat or not.

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      tier definitely plays a huge role, but time spent has to have some significance

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      The point I was trying to make is it would be more helpful to respond “my child spent 30 minutes and got 98” than “my child spent 30 minutes and got into Skinner”. Got in with what score?

      For a tier 4 parent, the second response is not helpful at all and gives false hope because 30minutes may correltate to a score of 80 and getting in from tier 1.


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      Completely agree with what you say. But my perspective if with scenario where we do not have results on our hand. Trying to put my anxiety at rest and see if time spent is in anyway related to final outcome.

      I wish there were more active participants on these forums to weigh in their experiences and opinions.

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      my kid was in for like 10 minutes and failed terribly last year.

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      Yes, time does correlate with the results. The test starts with easier questions and if the childs keeps answering correctly they keep moving to harder questions. After they miss a certain number of questions they are let go. Now, another factor that comes into play is the child’s age. Two kids may get to the same stage in the test before being let go, but the younger will get a higher score as less is expected from let’ s say a 4.2 y.o. vs. 5.1 y.o.

      So, you could have 4.2 y.o. who lasted 30 minutes with a score of 99.9 and a 5 y.o. who gets only 85 after 30 minutes.

      There are just so many combinations of age and time testing variables plus individual traits, like some kids answer quickly, others may be more thoughtful, it’s hard to tell how well they did just based on time although if it is less than 20 minutes, it is probably not good.



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      Thank you @hopefulmom and ES…

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      Chicago Born

      I agree with ES. So much comes into play.  Age, tier, number of questions asked,  number of questions answered correctly…. and so much more.

      Time spent is important but it’s not apples to apples. Some kids talk more with one answer or answer faster  or slowly. Some proctors may go slower or could be using time to warm the child up and get acquainted. Who knows?

      Time spent could have a good correlation but it is difficult to calculate as from I have read on old post various times,  tiers, etc. And saw both 15min to over 45min with high and low scores on either RGC or Classical.  That’s what the parents post keep in mind.

      @Lincolnparkmom I understand the anxiety.  Let your thought intake be filled with positive thoughts.

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      1,00% Given all these factors (controllable and uncontrollable) in play, the whatever conclusion that you draw may just not be applicable to your child. Relax and get plan B..

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      dont know why it takes so long for CPS to declare the results

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      We just took the early entrance to k Test. Between when we filled out the application in Dec and now, we have decided against starting my child early and will most likely be testing for SEES in the fall.  Not because I don’t think my child is ready, but for other personal reasons entirely. But going though with the process out of curiosity and as a back up in case we flip flop again.

      According to OAE we will be getting scores back with percentages for cognitive, math, and reading. Sniffing a lot like the SEES/classical exam so I’m wondering if that is what was administered. The kids taking it this month would be between 4 years 2 months to 4 years 5 months.

      I came across this wondering if test time had anything to do with scores. They said it could take up to 2 hours (not sure if it’s test time plus wait time). My child was with the tester for 45 minutes on the dot. My child is 4 years, 2 months. Now I’m overthinking this… and the outcome of this test might not even make a difference for us! Except of course I’m guessing there would be correlation to the testing scores we will getting in the fall.

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      Chicago Born

      Wow if test can take up to 2 hours,  sounds like it is a different test administered.  I know someone whose child took it last year and was placed in an SEES. They applied for early entrance and SEES.  Not sure how long they tested but i know they took two separate test on two separate dates. One for social/emotional  and one for SEES.

      I believe I heard parents had an interview also. Did you experience any of these things this year? I know last year was their first year allowing early entrance.

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      We had some back and forth on the other thread, but just going to add the data here in case it comes up in someone search.

      My child ended up getting a 99.9 in cognitive 99.9 in reading and 99.7 with the 45 minutes. So I don’t see how the test could have possibly taken up to two hours. Unless they were considering waiting time!

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      Sorry 99.7 was in math.

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      And also just adding notes that not sure the social and emotional testing was done.. they never mentioned that as part of it. But this year is the first year that the policy was formalized, so last year could have been different.

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      @ bpmommy – thats great. congratulations. which school did he match in to?

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      We didn’t apply for any selective enrollment schools. We put 11 neighborhood/magnet schools on our application in Dec. I thought it would be too much to put a 4 year old into 1st/2nd grade work. My child could handle it I’m sure. But I don’t want to push too hard, and let my child just be a kid!! So now we get put into the general wait list for those schools, and will find out in April with the rest of you if we are given a spot. Or we have the option to get a certificate from OAE and enroll in our neighborhood school. But we are not actually planning on going forward with the early enrollment. If we decide to decline, we will have the ability to re apply for 2021 K in October.

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      got it. that is very sensible and reasonable. let kids be kids. does not look like you have to worry anyways with the academic future of your kid.

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      My kid was there for the early enrollment test in dec for about 1 hr 10 mins.

      Scored 99 percentile in congnitive and reading. Was 92% on math. She was 4 years 2 months on the day of testing .

      we were not aware of selective enrollment test then; so now are flip flopping between dropping out from this year for SEES on Kindergarten next year or go ahead with a neighbourhood/magnet school if her name is picked in the latter.

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      Chicago Born

      Ok, last year it was the cognitive,  math and reading not social/emotional.   And then their child took SEES.  I know definitely it was 2 test on 2 different dates. Plus the parent survey

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      Thanks for feedback! Do you know if there was correlation between the early entry test scores and SEES test scores in your friends case? They both include aptitude and math/reading attainment with a weighted score based on child’s year and month.

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      Ying Gao

      Hi lincolnparkmom,

      My older daughter was offered a seat in K at SN 3 years ago. She was in the room for 50 minutes and got score of 99 reading and 96 math.

      My younger daughter got in K at SN last year. She was in the room for 30 minutes and got score of 99 reading and 98 math.

      We are in tier 3.

      Hope this helps you and good luck!

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      Hi Ying Gao,

      Did both of your daughters test for both RGC and Classical schools?  Or only Classical Schools.  Did you select RGC schools on the application also?

      It may not matter but was curious.  I have heard that K applicants will be given both test for RGC and Classical schools even if they do not select both.  I assume this is to avoid clerical error or mishap by the OAE or the test proctor by accidentally not testing a child for one of the test.  Anyone heard of this?

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      Great scores by your daughters!

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      Hi ChicagoBorn,

      They both tested for RGC too.

      My older one got score close to 150 but my younger one got only a little over 100.

      We did list RGC schools in our applications as options but both times we listed SN as our first choice.



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      That is amazing Ying Gao. Thanks for sharing info. Appreciate it.

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      Thanks Ying Gao

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      Here for my upcoming Kindergartener (4yr 7mo) who tested for less than 20 min (from pt of separation to when she was returned to me in the waiting rm). Not very optimistic, but still holding onto a thread of hope.

      Her brother is in 2nd grade now. He was 5yr 1mo when he tested for about 90 min and scored 99/99 for classical, 145 for gifted. Tier 4 and was admitted to our 1st choice classical school.

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      90 minutes is the longest I have ever heard for a child testing for kindergarten.  That’s an hour and a half.  Did your child ever come out during the test or was your child literally gone for 90 minutes?  Those were very high scores too 99/99 for classical and 145 for gifted.

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