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      Hi All,

      No offers for K. Didn’t include WL #s over 100.

      Disney II 41

      Galileo 25

      Hamilton 34

      Jackson A 15

      Lasalle II 86

      Stem 55

      Hawthorne 82

      Agassiz 5

      Quite disappointment that we didn’t get a single offer.




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      I turned down down an offer for Disney 2, as we accepted an offer for Bell RGC. So that will open a spot up for someone!

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        Sorry… Disney not Disney 2

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        Can ask how you came to the decision to turn down Disney for the RGC school? I’m struggling with making that decision. Disney has so much to offer as far as a rounded education but I also get the benefit of the RGC. thanks for your insights

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          Largest factor is distance. Bell is very close to us and Disney is far. I will not do a long commute.

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            But that’s the biggest? I mean we definitely are not close to Disney but I’m more about the roundness for the programs. Carnegie gifted I hear is great but I would like more offered outside of just academics. And from what I read rigor is the same.

            I just don’t know anyone who can truly give me more insights to Disney

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              I would check to see if there is an open house or tour for Disney. For me personally, a tour is the only way to get a good idea if you would like the school.

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      Facebook mom’s group

      pre k 3

      Tier 2
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Drummond 2</p>
      Suder 10

      I want to believe there is a chance for Drummond, but I’ve heard there is usually 0 movement. Suder might be a real possibility though.


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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>We are waitlisted #2 for Drummond Pre-K 3 – proximity.  I’m hoping for the best.  Do they clear the sibling and proximity waitlists first?   Maybe that is why the tiers never see any movement.  I’m just trying to figure it all out.</p>

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          I would like to know more about this as well. I didn’t realize the tiers don’t see much movement.

          wondering if it’s best to just make the move to a neighborhood of a decent school

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            Facebook mom’s group

            I believe there’s a certain percentage of the student body given to proximity and siblings are guaranteed. Then the four tiers are equally offered (25% each). When they offer through the wait list it starts at tier one then two then 3 ect ect. So if you are wait listed number two tier four eight families need to decline for you to be offered.

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        Any movement on the Drummond waitlist for you?  Nothing for me.  Just curious.

        Hoping you have some luck with one or the other!

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          My Pre-K3 kid is #1 on the Tier 3 waitlist for Drummond, and there’s been no movement (I called the school and confirmed).

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Tier 4 for us</p>

      maybe you’ll get some movement. Fingers crossed

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      S’s mom

      My daughter got offered Disney and a low waitlist at Lasalle  . How would you compare both . And The reviews I have  been reading about Disney have  been very mixed . Im wondering if I should just give up the spot and send her to Ogden but she has started reading on her own and I want her to be a little challenged but not overwhelmed . Please share your thoughts or inputs on Disney .

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        Ogden is out neighborhood school as well but we didn’t like the lack of before and after school hours programs.

        ive heard mixed reviews about Disney as well but not enough to turn down an offer. Are you low enough to receive a waitlist offer for lasalle?


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      S’s mom

      Yes I am 4 and 9 on lasalle and lasalle 2  . If I accept one choice can I accept the other offer after I get it .  My daughter is also ready and writing a little bit I want her to not be bored at school which  is why although Ogden is closer I’m not very keen . Some

      aprents who sent their kids to Ogden this year are quite happy . I know nothing much about the magnet schools . I just started my research . Your inputs will guide us to make a decision . Thank you

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      S’s mom

      Waitlist is 4 on lasalle 2 and 9 on lasalle magnet

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        Yes, if you accept one offer you will still be on the waitlist for the other schools. So even if she starts the first couple of weeks of school, you may still get a call with an offer from the waist listed schools.

        we have been looking Into the magnet schools and are trying to get Agassiz to be honest.


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      Southside Dad

      My child was offered a spot at Beasley, Carnegie, and Murray (Tier 4), but we are declining all 3 because we’re accepting our fourth offer of Poe. I hope this helps those looking to move up the waitlist.

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      We got an offer at Lasalle Language Academy. Got an email from the principal the next day with details of tour and school info. Seem to be a very organized school. Most likely accept.  But hoping to get a spot at Hawthorne. Waitlist #15

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      S’s mom

      Thank you so much for your inputs . Looks like you are speaking out of experience. Does lasalle compare better than Disney .

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      S’s mom

      Looks like there is Lasalle magnet and lasalle  2 magnet program . My child is low on the waitlist , need to figure out which is better suited for her .

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      Hi everyone, thought I would share my CPS results for Kindergarten. We’re waitlisted everywhere, which is a bit of a bummer. I don’t know much about our neighborhood school as we only moved to this neighborhood a year ago but all of our neighbors suggest we don’t send our child there. Anyway, here are the results (not listing anything over 100):

      Stone – 4 (proximity)

      Boone – 43

      Armstrong – 36

      Jamieson – 76

      Chappell – 3

      Budlong – 8

      Waters – 5

      Solomon – 2

      Sauganash – 7

      Bateman – 12

      Inter-American – 85

      Blaine – 5

      Hawthorne – 37 (tier 2)

      If anyone has any insight into where we might get in based on our waitlist placement, would love to hear it. Also, if anyone has insight into any of the schools, please share. Lastly, does anyone know if open enrollment schools offer sibling preference? Just trying to think of when I have to apply for Kindergarten for my younger one.

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        Christen Fox

        I’ve heard great things about Waters, Budlong & Blaine! I think your chances are good in the single digits.  You’ve got a lot of great options there if the lists move!

        CPS choice/magnet schools do allow sibling preference.  Typically, the siblings are on a separate waitlist and are prioritized over everyone else.  Only gifted/classical schools do not have sibling preference.

        I just called Hawthorne and they said that the waitlists will not open until 7/11.  I REALLY hope that isn’t true cause I am so anxious about it!


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          7/11?? Really?! But then why does the CPS site say the Round 1 waitlist process opens 6/16? So weird. And yes, I’m anxious too

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            Christen Fox

            I have a feeling that was a mistake.  I know that JUNE 11 is the last day to accept an offer.  Maybe she meant 6/11? 7/11 is a Sunday.

            I’ve read that many times waitlist number won’t get called until after school starts.

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              Do you know if they update the gocps site when the waitlist moves?  Or do you have to call to find out where they are on the waitlist?

              Also, does proximity & tier waitlist move separately?  or is it one long waitlist?

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                I called CPS Enrollment office and they indicated that after 6/11, the schools will have access and control of  their own waitlist and the site should be updated daily.  Not sure how accurate that is agreeing seeing in past forums that there were no updates for weeks at a time and people would receive a call with an offer when their “spot” hadn’t moved.  Guess we will see !

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      Nelly Hernandez

      Got two offers



      Lasalle ll


      We went with Lasalle ll


      We are excited !!! We do not know much about the school but have read good things.


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      Waitlist results….Im not sure if these are low enough numbers……I do not know anything at all about the waitlist.


      Offered a spot at Lasalle ll, Accepted for now


      Drummond         5

      Hawthorne         30

      Mayer                   4

      Disney ll               37

      Hamilton              6

      Ravenswood      7

      Lasalle                   21

      Peirce                   6

      Burley                   1

      Burr                       8

      Ebinger                 6

      Lincoln                  4

      Norwood Park   2

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        Rejected a spot at Sabin.

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      We got an offer at Burr for Kindergarten and Accepted (our eldest got into Burr last year for 1st Grade).

      We were waitlisted at Prescott (217 – withdrawn) but we ended up moving to the Prescott neighborhood so we would have gotten in regardless but we’ve been very happy at Burr especially with how they’ve handled our 1st Grader’s IEP.

      We were waitlisted at Burley (392 – wtihdrawn) too.

      Best of luck to all of you and your families!


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      My daughter got offered Disney . But the timings and distance seem a little inconvenient. Below are her waitlist offers
      <div>Lasalle magnet -9</div>
      <div>Mayer -39</div>
      <div>what are her chances</div>

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        LaSalle is very possible.

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      Anyone getting any waitlist updates? Or offers now that the accept/decline deadline has passed?

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        Apparently updates won’t post until the 16th.

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      ok its the 16th.. Where are the waitlist updates?? anyone have any insight???

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        I’m still waiting for an update too. I’m hoping we get an update by end of day

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        I just called the CPS admissions and enrollment office because when I tried to look at my go.cps account, it wasn’t working. They said the site is down in preparation for the waitlist update and round 2 application process and it won’t be back up and running until Friday.

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          Chicago Born

          @WRPparent  Thanks for confirming the site will be back up on Friday.

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          Thanks! I did not see your message before my post!

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          1st round offer begins today and they allow 24 hours to accept or decline. If the site is back up on Friday, the 48 hours accept/decline selection will be expired.

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            Chicago Born

            Heard it will be back up on Thursday

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      Is anyone else getting an error when trying to view Application Results on the go.cps site today?

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        Yes, not sure what’s going on. Are we supposed to see the 1st round offer results today?

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      CPS site is back up!

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        Christen Fox

        Thank you! Just checked! My heart stopped after seeing we got in our school, we were #4 on the waitlist!

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          Yay! Glad you got an offer! I got 2 offers as well, which I’m so relieved about considering we had zero before this.

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            Do you mind sharing what your waitlist #s were WRPParent…

            • #12494 Reply

              …on the schools you ultimately got offers from. Was able to scroll up in the thread and see your overall waitlist numbers 🙂

              • #12500 Reply

                solomon and waters

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      Can anyone offer insight, I am bit confused.

      No offer in initially

      No offers today

      even waitlist number didn’t change, is that possible?

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        Same here, Mombie. No movement on the waitlists at all.

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        Christen Fox

        We were offered a spot – waitlist number still appears as 4.  In fact, all waitlist numbers are the same.

        I work with a few CPS parents that have said they’ve never seen the number move until the week before school starts.

        any changes today??

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          Same here. Have an offer in my account this morning but still says waitlist #9.  Didn’t get an email or call from the school yet. ChristenFox, what school did you get an offer from that you wanted?

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            Christen Fox


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              Out of curiosity, are you proximity or general lottery?  Wondering what my child chance of getting off the waitlist is…

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                Christen Fox

                General.  I believe that general has priority over proximity, could be wrong though! What # are you?

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                  Unfortunately 29 on Proximity. Congrats for your family!

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      We were offered a spot this morning still having  #50 waitlist. But did not get offered from the Disney at #38 or Coonley at #26 waiting list

      Thinking of how this lottery/waitlist work

      Any chances to get into Disney with 38 waitlist?

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        What grade they said on the open house for those with offers that they won’t be making offers for anyone beyond 2nd grade

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          Betty, we applied for Kindergarten. Called Disney twice – one person said you have good chance, another said you have less change.

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            143.  Seems based on the discussion in the selective enrollment thread, scores went as low as 142.

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            Oh okay yeah. Same with my son. I’m not sure how many accepted but it doesn’t seem unreasonable that there could be an offer where you sit. There’s 200 in the class and 50 percent to to lottery but Siblings get first dibs even before neighborhood

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      Got another neighborhood/magnet offer this morning at Greeley. We won’t be taking any new offers that come our way, because the one we accepted was our first choice. It still says we are number 55 on wait list, but status changed to “offered”.  Hope this helps someone waiting for an offer.

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        Thank you. Scrolled above and looks like you went for Bell RGC congrats! Do you mind sharing scores?

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          Accidentally posted to wrong thread.

          Here it is again. 143.  Seems based on the discussion in the selective enrollment thread, scores went as low as 142.

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      Got an offer for Agassiz. We were #5 on the WL

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      We still have no offer from Skinner West 1st grade even on the wait list #1. What are the chance being offered? Anyone knows.

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      We just got a Kindergarten open enrollment offer from Linne and we were #43 on the list.

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        I emailed the VP at Von Linne about enrolling an english only speaking child into the dual language programs. He said they hope to have 3 dual language K classes this year so anyone who applies (as an English speaker and offered Open Enrollment) will probably get a place.

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      We just got an offer for K at Lasalle II (Tier 4, WL 9).

      For those wondering–b/c I was!–we got an email from the school offering the spot, then a robocall/email from CPS (773 number) telling us to check gocps.  On gocps it showed up among the green “offered” options, waitlist number unchanged. Also, it is 48 *business hours* you have to accept/decline (so on a Thursday morning we had until Monday morning).

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        Thanks for the update!  We are #24 on the Tier 3 waitlist for LaSalle II — really hoping for an offer.  So, helpful to know where another tier is at for some estimate of where we might be in line…

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      Has anyone seen any movement on their waitlist number for (specifically) Hamilton Elementary? We are #2 on the waitlist for 1st grade at Hamilton and I’d love to know if/when we can expect to see any movement.

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      Late to the game, but our numbers —


      Brentano – 68 / offer accepted

      Goethe – offer declined

      Columbus – 8 / offer declined

      Pulaski – 182 general

      Drummond – 530 general

      Hawthorne – 154 Tier 3

      LaSalle II – 24 Tier 3

      Mayer – 404 / now 387 general

      Burr – 14 general

      Disney II – 87 Tier 3

      Pritzker – 61 general

      Mitchell – 76 general

      Prescott – 15 general

      Burley – 78 general

      Audubon – 234 general

      LaSalle I – 67 Tier 3

      Of these, I think LaSalle II is our top choice. But, we are really having the debate about Brentano and the benefits of a neighborhood school.

      Also, I have a Pre-K3 kiddo who is #1 Tier 3 for Drummond. That was a surprise!  But so far, no movement so it may well not happen.


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        Prescott went past #15 on the wait list last year. You have a good shot there, if you were not made an offer already. Have you received an offer there yet?

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          No offer from Prescott.  We moved up a few spots to 10 as of 7/14. I also thought we’d see an offer there, from the feedback on the virtual tour we did in the fall.

          We were offered Burr last week and accepted.  I think we’ll stay there, unless LaSalle II comes through (fingers crossed!).

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      East Garfield Park Mom


      I’m new here. I would like some help on deciding between Suder and Galileo 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • #12550 Reply
      Menna Moussa

      Hello Everyone

      My family and I will be moving to Chicago from Egypt.

      I have a 6 year old boy that I want to apply for him to attend grade 1 at elementary public school. I have no clue where to look  or apply!

      Any recommendations?

      Also, is there a deadline date to apply for fall of 2021?


      • #12551 Reply

        Your neighborhood school, to be decided by your Chicago address, doesn’t require application.  You can just need to register your child at the school anytime with proof of residency.  However, with few if any exceptions, you have missed the deadline for other types of schools, like selective enrollment schools (gifted or classical) that require testing and are often considered better, or magnet or choice schools that are based on lottery.  You can apply for second grade next autumn.  Check out gocps.edu for more answers.

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      Got an offer from Stone Academy for K this morning which we declined as we’ve accepted Decatur. We were #8/Tier 3 on Stone waitlist.

    • #12561 Reply

      We were just offered a place at Agassiz and accepted.  Nettelhorst is our neighborhood school.   Does anyone have any input on either school?  I liked that Agassiz is IB and offers languages at the K level.

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      We were just offered a spot at Columbus , but sticking with our Bell RGC offer. We were wait list number 38 when offers first went out. So if you are waiting for a spot there, that is where they are at on the list!

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      For my kindergartener we declined Franklin (#9 on WL) and Galileo (#17 on WL) accepted LaSalle.

      For my 2nd grader we declined Disney and Suder ( #2 on WL)  and accepted LaSalle.

      For my 5th grader we declined Suder (#6 on WL) and Hawthorne (were #25 on the waitlist).

      Called LaSalle to see what are the chances of all 3 of them going to the same school and they said they don’t open up any spots for 5th grade

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        That’s amazing that you got two kids into the same school!! What wait list number were you for kindergarten and when did you get your offer? I know someone with a low number that is hoping for an offer.

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          Thank you! I accepted Hawthorne for my 5th grader for now, we were #25 on WL!!! And today I see that the WL for LaSalle moved down by 4 spots to #15 from #20. I wonder if Hawthorne decided to make a whole new class of 5th graders? Because we were #25 that’s unbelievable in a good way!

          My kindergartener was #3 on WL tier 3 and we got the offer shortly after 1st rounds were announced. She got into Stone and Thorp today and we’re going to decline them. My 2nd grader got an offer to Lasalle II but we’re going to decline it. Maybe someone is hoping to get a seat there.

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      Are anyone’s wait list numbers adjusting as time goes on? I have exactly the same wait list numbers as when Round 1 results were released. The CPS website says they will be updated weekly, but I am not finding that is happening for me.

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        I thought someone here said that they don’t get updated until August (unclear on date).  Our numbers have not changed, even after we came off the waitlist, it shows accepted but still has our waitlist number.  It would be great to see it being updated so people know if they should hold out for a bit longer or go ahead and register at the school they think they will be in.

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        My numbers have also been static since 6/16.  I called our top choice — LaSalle II — and they acted as if I was crazy to ask where we were on the waitlist.  The lack of information and transparency is frustrating.  (And I welcome any intel on the LaSalle II waitlist, especially for Tier 3!)

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          Got an offer today at Lasalle II for 2nd grade at #30 on waitlist for 2nd grade, going to decline

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        Last year (2020), our waitlist numbers for kindergarten updated pretty frequently (I’d estimate at least once every two weeks). This year, our waitlist numbers for 1st grade have remained exactly the same since results were released. We did get one offer off the waitlist (we were #2 at Budlong), but our waitlist number on the portal never changed and it did not even show that we’d been offered a spot (it did show “Offer Expired” after we declined the offer, so not even an accurate update). It’s frustrating not to see any movement in the portal at all; every school appears to be approaching their waitlist process differently.

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        Update! I stand corrected: I just checked the portal and for the first time, it is showing updated waitlist numbers (for first grade).

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      Got an offer from Nettelhorst this morning. We were #5 on the waitlist. Trying to decide between Disney and Nettelhorst. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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        Disney is definitely more academic. Lots of kids go to top SEHS from Disney’s gifted program. There are multiple classes per grade (6 to 8 rooms) at Disney and they are all differentiated based on test scores. Disney is really strong on STEM and technology.

        Nettlehorst is more artsy.




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          Thanks for the feedback! I kept my offer at Disney and declined Nettelhorst.

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      FYI..Seems like all my wait lists moved today.

    • #12583 Reply

      All of my waitlist #s also updated today. I called CPS yesterday to let them know none of the waitlists had updated and they seemed surprised so maybe they fixed a glitch.

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      Does anyone have insight on Disney vs Ogden for K? Ogden is our neighborhood school so there’s the obvious convenience factor. I’m wondering if it’s worth commuting up to Disney?  Really appreciate any input!

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