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      All – just an fyi that at least some of the CPS tiers have changed as of 12/1.  We’ve been watching our tier since October, and checking it every week.  It changed as of 12/1.  I spoke to CPS OAE today, and they confirmed that they have been updating the tiers since October. So the fact that the website says the tiers are updated is not entirely accurate.  She also said something about tiers being updated through February. I’m not sure if that is entirely accurate, but I am only sharing this in case it is helpful information. But please check your tiers!

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      where can we check to see if our tier has changed?

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        Thanks for posting this

        announcement, hchicago2019 Participant. I had no idea that the Tiers could still change after 10/1.

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      You can look up you Tier at this CPS “school locator” website. Just plug in your address.  You’ll see your Tier number to the left of your neighborhood school list.



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