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      We got second round offers recently for Pritzker, Beaubien, and Decatur (we declined our first round RGC choice which was actually our first rank after we toured the school).

      We love the look and feel of Decatur (love it seems to value the whole child and not pressure cooker) but we are just outside the bussing zone.  Does anyone know if car pooling is common there?

      Any thoughts on these options? (We think Pritzker RGC>> Beaubien since bus time would be shorter and we value the arts at Pritzker).

      Thanks for any thoughts [and I realize we are extremely privileged to have these options.]



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      I believe offers are given one at a time. If you got 3 offers that you listed, 2 of them must have already expired. What do you see as an active offer in your CPS Schoolmint account?


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      cps thoughts

      No, this year there can be multiple simultaneous or overlapping SEES offers in Round 2.

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      I see all three and CPS called for two within minutes of each other. Definitely overlapping for round 2 this year!!

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        Wow, who knew! Between the three, I would go with Decatur first, then Pritzker, then Beaubien.


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      Just got a 2nd active offer ourselves, so no more doubts about multiple sees offers issues, lol


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