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      Does anyone have a child that took this test? How did it go? Did anyone get results back? How long was your child in the exam room?

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      Chicago Born

      My child took the regular entrance to kindergarten. January birthday.  Waiting on results coming end of April.  Test time was 33 minutes.

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      Just want to clarify.   You child tested for SEES/classical and is 5 on Sept 1st?

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      Sorry learning how to use this site…
      above comment was for @chicago born

      Just want to clarify.   You child tested for SEES/classical and is 5 on Sept 1st?

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      Chicago Born

      Yes. My child will be 5 by Sept 1st.  Turned 5 in January.  Did not take early entrance,  took regular.

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      Chicago Born

      When did your child test? They will not be 5 on Sept 1st. They have to take 2 test correct?

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      My child tested today. Will not be 5 on Sept 1st. It’s for entry to k in 2020 for kids turning 5 between Sept 1-Dec 31st. I believe the testing was in Feb and March.

      We are testing for two different things.



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      Sorry, should have also mentioned (as you asked) there were two rounds of tests. Passed first round, so on to round 2. There might have been additional tests if we also wanted to apply for SEES. However we are getting a percentage for cognitive, reading, and math. So I am very suspicious that the test that they are administering is actually the SEES/classical test. Kids testing would be between 4 years 2 months and 4 years 6 months.

      my child is 4 years 2 months and was with tester for 45 minutes. Not sure when we will get scores back!

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      Chicago Born

      Another parent posted here about not selecting SEES for early entry and was wondering if they could now since their child’s score met the requirements.  See link.  This parent could probably answer some of your questions.  Good luck!

      Didn’t select sees or classical . Can I add schools now

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      Chicago Born
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      Got our scores back and they were 99.9 cognitive, 99.9 reading, and 99.7 math. We did not add selective enrollment to the application. We had made a decision prior to this testing on sat, that we were not going to though with the early enrollment. With these scores, I’m hoping we are making the right decision!!  We didn’t test prep or anything like that. I’m really kicking myself that we didn’t add selective enrollment to the application, as I found out today that my child would have had to do another round of tests after getting above 91st percentile on this round.

      Really looking forward to feedback from anyone that is doing the selective enrollment testing as part of the early k process. Looking forward to seeing if early enrollment scores and early k scores correlate. I’m dying to know what her scores would have been, as that would be super helpful for fall testing!! Ugggg!

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      Chicago Born

      Those are very high scores. Congratulations!  Im confused why would your child need to do another round of test?  Did your child take the selective enrollment test and these are their scores or are these scores from a different test type? What did they mean by another round?

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      Chicago Born

      Reading your previous comments seems like it was not SEES. Wow! So early entrance children have to take up to 3 tests?

      So do you think your scores are for kindergarten readiness and not regional gifted centers/classical schools?

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      Chicago Born

      Do you think these are scores from the academic and cognitive evaluation? Then your child still needs to be given the SEES test for the RGC and Classical kindergarten programs?  Did they tell you your child can take that test still for this coming school year?

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      Correct, these scores are for Early entry to k, not for selective enrollment. They are cognitive, reading, and math skills in percentiles compared to other children my child’s same age in months. Test was administered by psychologist. 45 minutes.

      I don’t know what is on it, and how it compares to selective enrollment exams. I wish I knew!! I know there were some cognitive style questions and visual spatial activities, based on the limited information I was able to get from my child.

      Yes, if we had selected gifted or classical programs on our kindergarten application my child would go for another set of tests. First round was parent developmental survey, second round was a test with a psychologist (Scores I provided above were for this round) Third round would have been another test with a psychologist.

      No, we can not modify our application at this point to include selective enrollment schools. I’m kicking myself that we didn’t, so I would have a glimpse into our future in the fall if my child takes the selective enrollment test with same age peers.  I didn’t add them because I didn’t want my child going into a selective enrollment school at 4 years old doing 1st/2nd grade work. Would I at 5? Probably! But I just want to let my child be a kid and have fun. I like, and dislike the idea of early enrollment period. We will not be pushing my child now, or ever. We didn’t prep for this test at all. My child does some light academics at preschool. Mostly stuff my child knew before enrollment. My child has been very precocious since birth, and has learned concepts easily. So even though we have reviewed some math (based on interest) and my child is reading, we don’t drill and teach.  We really just play And have fun!! I’m not surprised by the scores, but also because in the last year we mostly refined prior skills I wasn’t quite expecting such high scores!My child has mostly been interested in pretend play in the last year.  I’m glad we didn’t because the results are not skewed from hot housing! I do believe that my child will need some kind of acceleration or above grade level work when it’s time to start school. I had that feeling prior to this test.

      I’m looking forward to hearing from other parents on how their child scored on early k relative to selective enrollment testing.

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      Ok, understood.  So it sounds like the parents had a survey and then your child has taken only one test so far.  And if applied to SEES they take another test. For a second, I thought your child had to take three test.  But the first was a parent survey.


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