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      Anyone have any insight on how much your child’s behaviour matters at a family interview? My son is only 2 1/2 and we had an hour long interview at a private school! I think that is a little much to ask of a child, but anyways he did well for about 20 min. and then began acting out to get more attention (breaking crayons and then crying when we wouldn’t let him jump on a couch) I think I handled it calmly but the only way we would go to this school for Pre-K is if they give us a scholarship (needs based) so do I need to just write off this school? or not worry about how he behaved? I wouldn’t worry so much but we would have to throw down some money to continue the application.
      Thanks Morgan

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      Private schools are used to seeing kids in all states of being (happy, nervous, excited, apprehensive, energetic, tired, shy, bored, etc) so you shouldn’t worry too much about how your (long) interview went. As long as no one came away with scars, chances are they have seen many kids react similarly.

      You can interview spectacularly and indicate you will pay full tuition but if they don’t have room for boys with your child’s birth month that year, then you still may not get a spot. Or, if they need your child to balance out the classroom dynamic and they have need based funds they are committed to using, then it could all be in your favor. Unfortunately private schools are not required to disclose why they denied (or accepted) someone’s enrollment so it’s speculation but it could just come down to the right mix coming together at the right time or the complete opposite.

      As for putting down more money to “continue” the application (which is odd), you may be able to request a fee waiver if you are applying for a need based scholarship anyway. Definitely talk to the admissions personnel and they are often very helpful in next steps.

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      So we did the whole Latin school process, they are so secretive- does anyone know the percent of acceptance for junior kindergarten? I do know that there are 63 spots, but how many kids apply?

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