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      Applications are soon to be open for 2021-2022. I spent some time checking into fall virtual tours this morning. Seems that only 2 of the 4 schools I was interested in adding to our application, have a set virtual tour date. I will keep checking regrading the second 2. But one of the schools that I called said they were “on hold”.  So I am not confident I will get a tour of all the schools I would like to before applications are due.

      So can we all discuss what your rankings were when you went though this process in years past? What did you like about the schools that your toured and disliked?

      The 4 I was interested in are Bell, Pritzger,  Skinner N, and Skinner W.  I was thinking of putting Edison on the list too, but it’s very far from where we live and proximity is playing a large factor into the list.

      Thank you!

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      I had the same question.

      Could anyone please help?

      Thank you!

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      We toured all of these schools years back when considering placement for our older son.  We ranked Skinner North as first choice for better fit with Classical and ranked Coonley, Pritzker, and Edison as upper choices for gifted. Our son got into Skinner North and that has been a good fit for him.  The school has rigor but the amount of home work and projects has reduced for incoming families since my son was admitted 5 years ago.  Skinner West, Coonley and Pritzker have neighborhood and gifted programs versus Skinner North and Edison being solely selective which is a coniderion one way or another for some families.  I also absolutely love the diversity and the smaller school feeling Skinner North offers where other schools with good neighborhood programs as well can be more crowded.


      Hope this helps

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      CPS mommy


      Nice information though but i still have few queries if someone can help-

      1) On what basis do you rank schools while filling the application?

      2)I am new to the process my kid is currently in 5th grade and i have selected schools -Skinner North, Skinner West, Edison, Pritzker, Bell, Decatur.


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      Rank schools in the order that you desire them. If you really need an SEES, put one or two within your child’s reach – in terms of likely test scores – at the end.

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      Our son got acceptance from Edison. From Selective enrollment schools we only toured Decatur and Edison. We were amazed by both of them.

      Yet, Edison became the best option for us because I found the kids that took us tour of the school more like my kid.

      I dont want to be misunderstood but the kids that showed the school to us were the main reason that we chose Edison. They were very confident and bright!

      Kids at Decatur were a little less confident more quite than the kids at Edison.

      Knowing your kid is the key for selective enrollment test.

      I hope this helps.

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