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      Figured I would start a new thread for those of us that are testing for next year!!

      If you child mentioned anything about what was on the test, I would refrain from mentioning it, as they would give the later testers an advantage.

      My child took the test today, and was with the tester 45 minutes. 5 years 0 months. How long was your child in exam room for?

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      My daughter is taking the test next week. I will definitely update everyone.

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      I missed the new years eve email letting me know that test dates had opened up (it went to my promotions mailbox!).  Trying to find out when the new dates will be released.

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      My daughter took the test today. Curious why sharing anything would give an advantage, though? It was my impression that the questions are changed and the test is adjusted for age.

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      My daughter took the exam Tuesday as well. She was with the proctor for about an hour. She’ll be 5 in March. I pried, but was not able to get much information from her anyway regarding the test 😉 Good luck to all!

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      @eastvillagemom. I don’t believe that each individual kid gets a different test but could be wrong.  I have heard that the test questions get more difficult as the test progresses (for classical test anyway) and older kids are expected to get farther though the questions the older they are. I’m unsure if they all start at the same test questions though. Or if the older kids start with harder questions.  But in any event, if someone on here had a same age child as yours and you provided test questions it would give them an advantage. Just trying to promote fairness!

      @choosymommy keep us updated! So you know when the current last test date is scheduled for?

      @LSQMom an hour is great!! I have heard both that time matters and time doesn’t matter. In theory, if they get to progress until the test is too difficult, time would matter of course. But I’m sure some kids have a quick answer and some don’t. So many factors at play here! Also see above comment about unsure if younger kids start with easier questions then older. Possibly last years testers might chime in? What schools are you shooting for?


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      @bpmommy: Makes sense. I’d be nervous to post anything my daughter told me about the test regardless, only because the information she tells us changes every five minutes and I don’t want to mislead anyone based on shaky reporting from a 5 year old! I definitely wish there was more that was public about it, though!

      My daughter (turning 5 this month) was gone about an hour and fifteen minutes. She definitely did note that the beginning questions were really easy. She (like all the other kids that came back into the waiting room while I was there) was most excited about getting a sticker…

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      @eastvillagemom Ha, yes same one the sticker!!  How were they running yesterday? Did you daughter get to start close to her scheduled time? First day was running pretty behind. But our tester walked my daughter themselves to/from the room. From a friend I spoke to today, seems like they were running on schedule (tested today) But they had a different person that picked up their child and returned them. So wondering if they added a walker to the testing room to speed things up!!

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        They were running pretty much on schedule, which was awesome! My daughter only waited 10 minutes past her appointment time, which I consider “on time.”

        Interesting about the runner vs. teacher taking the kids. We had people bringing the kids to and from the testing rooms, and they weren’t the testers. I had assumed this was SOP so parents can’t heckle and/or bribe the testers 🙂

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          I’m guessing that is why they were running so behind on day one!  Pretty inefficient. They mentioned something about wanting to expose the kids to as little people as possible. But maybe it was scraped after day one. My daughter confirmed that the walker was the tester. Did you daughter get taken directly to the room? Or did she have to wait a bit before she got to the test room?

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            She said the runner took her straight to the tester, so it didn’t sound like she waited long if at all.

            I don’t know that testing time correlates at all whatsoever to performance, but will note for additional anecdotal evidence that there was a massive range of times from what I saw. Some kids were back in 20 minutes and some were back in 50+. I can’t really tell their ages well so can’t say if there was a relationship between age and test time.

            I am kind of kicking myself for asking what questions she was asked because now it just makes me MORE curious as to what was actually on the exam! One question she relayed seems to have no right answer (of course, this assumes she retold it correctly!).

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      Hi, our daughter was away for 80 minutes on Wednesday (she is 4 years 6 months). To me it seemed that a walker took her to the tester, and that is what my daughter told me too. They were running a little behind on that day.

      My impression was that most of the kids around us stayed for at least an hour. I believe due to the protocols in place this year the average time per kid is going to be longer. I am also unsure that the length they are there means anything.

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        Actually it seems the more people I talk to, the younger kids had longer test times which is super interesting! All 4 year olds had times over 1 hour so far!

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      Tuesday testing schedule ran very late. I was worried it might negatively affect her, but I actually think it dissolved any nerves she had about the situation. She was excited when her name was called and bubbly when she came back, as were most kids I saw.

      @Bpmommy, we are applying to Edison, Decatur, Bell and Mcpherson.

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        My kid was so over waiting that she almost sprinted across the room when they called her name! She didn’t even wait for the person to grab her! She kept asking when it was going to be her turn, appearing very annoyed. 😂

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        Also, I have heard great things about Edison! Too far for us. Good luck!

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      Also curios as to what schools you all applied for and how did you rank them?

      Our rankings were:

      1) Bell

      2) Skinner W

      3) Skinner N

      4) Pritzker

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      My daughter (4 years, 9 months) took the test last week. She was in there for just under an hour. Two years ago, my older daughter was in there for just under 20 minutes and is currently in an RGC.  We’ll see how it turns out!  Good luck to everyone. Hope to see us all sharing good news in a few looong months 🙂

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        Sorry I wrote this below under the wrong comment. Rushing though I guess.

        Thanks for sharing!   Anecdotal evidence that time does not matter. We’re her scores just as good for classical? How old was she when she took the test

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          When my older daughter took the test in 2018, she was 4 years, 6 months. I can’t remember the scores for the life of me, but I don’t think it was anything spectacular. At the time, I wasn’t aware of these forums and score ranges, so I never really made it a point to remember. 🙂

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      My son had a horrible time of it. He fought with his brother, barely ate breakfast.  And he got sent to the corner that morning. Said he was hungry, thirsty and was fidgety before the test. Got into the test and put his head done and just said he didn’t know the answer to any questions. Poor boy!

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        Thanks for sharing!   Anecdotal evidence that time does not matter. We’re her scores just as good for classical? How old was she when she took the test?

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          Sorry I wish I could delete that above comment!! That was intended for the comment above.

          Poor guy! How did the testers handle the situation?

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      My child took the test last week (4y 9m).  It look about 50 minutes and the only feedback I got was “The teacher was a boy!”.  Highlight of the test was receiving 2 stickers.  So, I can’t really provide much insight on the test.  They were running on time and said that the test taking time might take longer than normal.  Several of the parents had a blank look at that statement, so hopefully I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what “normal” timing is.  And now we wait…

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        Seems like a lot of people are reporting an hour plus, which seems long. I had my eye on it a bit last year because my daughter took the early entry to kindergarten test.

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          Is the early entry testing for K similar set up?  Any thoughts or expectations about it?  My 2nd’s birthday is a week after the cut off, so I was considering the early entry option.  I heard that they will almost never allow it.

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            It’s similar in that your child has to take a test with a phycologist and you get a percentage in cognitive/reading/math. If your child passes they can enroll in their neighborhood kindergarten and also partake in the lottery with the rest of the incoming kindergarteners. You can also apply for selective enrollment schools and take the selective enrollment tests. Is your child turning 5 in 2021? Did you submit your application already?

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            Sorry, I’m assuming that child #1 is going though testing this year so #2 can’t be turning 5 this year. Check this out for future reference

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              Child #1 will be 5 this year, Child #2 will not be 5 for a couple more years, but I wanted to get my head in the right space because I’m fairly new to the city and all of this has been mind-blowing!!

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      Can my child still apply to be tested or has the application deadline ended? I am having a tough time finding information.

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        Have you applied to any selective enrollment schools?

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      Hello everyone I am new here and my son took the test last week. I am extremely anxious for the results, he goes to school everyday, when I asked him what was on the test he immediately said “I dont know” when his teacher asked he spilled the beans, and basically told her everything. Is it common that they “dont know” when they come out?

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        I wish there were DMs on here because I’d love to chat with parents who also have kids that just took the test. I’m so curious what other kids have said about it!

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          Has your DS or DD taken the test already?

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            Yes, she took it the second week of January. She told us a couple different things – half the things she said have sort of changed over time and the other half have remained consistent. It’s honestly just made me more curious what happens in the testing room.

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              I would love to connect too

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                Same! We can definitely share more on here once the testing period is over. I wonder if they change it up every year?

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              Good point about being able to talk a bit more after the testing period is over!

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        I get “I don’t know” all the time as a response.  I’m incredibly curious to know what goes on during these exams too.

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      He also mentioned that the proctor said “i am so proud of you” and gave him a sticker.

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      Has anyone seen an explanation of how admission decisions are made for kindergarten SEES? Is it just based on test score and order in which parent ranked schools? Thanks!

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        Hi, it is based on that but also on Tier. There is a video on go.cps about how the decisions are made, but I cannot remember where I saw it. I think for classical, first 30 percent of spots are reserved for best scores, and then for the rest they look at Tiers as well.

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      Does anyone know how much longer testing goes?  Does it go to into March now? My daughter was already tested, so I can’t see the available test dates anymore. Ahhh!  This wait is sooo long.

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        I’m guessing that they continue to open spots as needed. I did email the office to find out when we will get results and they said late spring/early summer.

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      Daughter is 4y11m. Took about 65 minutes.

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      My daughter is 5Y3M. It took her about 45 min.

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