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      For any parents whose kids are enrolled in a SEES right now. What level are they at? What books are they reading? Where are they at math? etc.

      Thank you all so much.


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      Generally speaking, SEES tries to shoot for about a year ahead of their peers; they also talk about going ‘deeper’ into topics, but I’m not sure what that means practically.  For a classical school, your kindergartner should be reading/math-ing by the time they’re taking the SEES test; for gifted programs kids don’t have to be reading by the time they’re enrolled, as those scores are based on an aptitude test, rather than the classic ‘three Rs.’

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      My daughter is currently in 1st grade, but entered in kindergarten.  Each child reads at their own pace.  She started at a “C” level book (pretty basic sounds/one syllable words) and ended the year at like an “L” or so (I think the last assessment was early March because of Covid).  For math, they began with number bonds to get acquainted with +/- from numbers 1-10.  By the end of the year, I think they were adding numbers up to 50. They were required to read one book at home everyday in addition to their homework. I couldn’t believe how much she grew in the shortened year (we had the strike and Covid last year).  I don’t think it was necessary for her to have read at a certain level before beginning, but more so her ability to learn and understand.

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