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      Ken Davenport

      We have this program as our first choice. Can someone confirm that they only use the MAP test scores and 7th grade’s grades to decide admissions?


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      Yes, IB programs only require MAP scores, final grades in 4 core subjects, and attendance at an info session.  If you live within the attendance area of IB schools, you also get a boost of 50 points. Here is the IB HS Rubric.

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      Can someone give some guidance, was the cut off scores for the Lincoln Park IB program 800 points for this current year?

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      We are looking at Choice options in addition to Selective enrollment – does any one have any input regarding Taft IB vs Lincoln Park HS IB?  Is one rated higher than the other, harder to get into, etc.?

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      Jennifer V

      Hello. Could someone please clarify the difference between the IB and Honors/Double Honors programs at LPHS–i.e., which one is considered more rigorous/the best choice for a student who wants the biggest challenge and wants to be grouped with the best students? I had assumed it would be IB, but I am confused by the fact that Honors/Double Honors has a higher cut-off score. Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!

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      I could use some clarification as well.  To further confuse matters, I believe the Honors/Double Honors track is now replaced by “Advanced College Prep”.  Cutoff scores seem to be higher for these over the standard “IB” offering, but not sure what is really the best route.  I think it seems to be a choice between IB Diploma track or more individualized college prep track w/ a mix of IB and AP level courses and ability to specialize more.

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      Hello: Same question, my son is applying to Lincoln Park IB and Double Honor programs but we need some help on how to rank those two? If we want more rigorous program, which is ranked first? Thanks for any advice! 🙂

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      IB Diploma is the real thing.  CPS makes IB courses widely available but the Diploma remains rigorous.

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      My daughter did IB diploma track at Trinity High School ( all girls) it was very rigorous but she received a outstanding education. She is in second year college and tutoring other students in writing and analyzing papers. With IB you have to do service hours and big extended research paper. She also took the HL math exams crazy hard but she learned alot. Your child will have to be highly motivated and they will quit about 100 times and blame you but its worth it.

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