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      Applied for Kindergarten

      OA Thorp: 34 for proximity
      (only applied to one)

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      S. R.

      Applied 5th grade waitlisted
      Norwood Park 4
      Blaine 9
      Wildwood 23
      Audubon 28
      LaSalle 62
      Hawthorne 70
      LaSalle II 80

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      Some helpful FAQs from CPSOAE regarding Magnet programs and waitlists: http://cps.edu/AccessAndEnrollment/Documents/FAQs_MagnetSchools_2018-2019.pdf

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      Applied for Pre-K – Tier 4

      Drummond – 183
      Mayer – 6
      Suder – 46

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      Applied for Kindergarten – Tier 4, Neighborhood school is Mitchell

      Waitlist for all – no offers

      Talcott – General – 9
      STEM – Tier 4 – 10
      Galileo – Tier 4 – 28
      Jackson A – Tier 4 – 79
      LaSalle II – proximity – 170
      Suder – General – 131

      We are a block away from Mitchell, and are very happy to send her there. Any feedback about Talcott, STEM or Galileo? We would consider sending her there if it will be a better fit.

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        You’ll likely have a chance at STEM off the T4 wait list. we go there and are happy. Great academics. Great diversity. Safe.

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      Applied: Kindergarten

      Disney I: 41 (Tier 3)
      LaSalle: 22 (Tier 3)

      Anyone have an idea if either of these waitlists move historically. Sibling preference is really important for us. Thanks!

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        Suresh Kandeeban

        Disney School: Curious on the waitlist movement at the school. Does anyone have any insights?

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      IrvingParkThree- You *might* have a chance to get in to LaSalle. Their has been a drop in scores over the past 3 years. They also lost their level 1+rating. The principal was forced out by the parents. With that trifecta there could be several families not returning with younger children.

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      Can someone explain the categories a bit?

      Galileo-3 (tier3)
      Southwest-4 (proximity)
      LaSalle 11-16 (tier 3)
      Skinner -861 :((

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      Applied: Kindergarten

      Hawthorne: Offered
      Disney II: Tier 2- 8
      Alcott: Sibling -5
      All other schools above 200

      I have heard years ago that Hawthorne is an excellent school and we are excited about having an offer, but their website isn’t very informative. The little that is there seems to be from summer of 2017 when the last principal left. Does anyone have any insights or knowledge about the school or it’s new principal/direction?

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        Hawthorne is a great school. I agree that our past year with an interim principal has left messaging unclear, but the quality of the school has not changed (the teachers are amazing!) and our incoming principal looks very good on paper, though I have not had the chance to interact with her beyond official communication yet.

        Hawthorne has a history of consistent excellence across the past 3 principals, so I wouldn’t be *too* concerned with the principal turnover.

        Feel free to ask any specific questions you have about the school and I will attempt to answer them.

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          This question is to MomofThree about Hawthorne.  Do you have any idea how many first grades are offered spots? We’re in Tier 1.  Also – what is the estimated date of the playground being renovated? Thank you for any insight

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            Hi JEL!  I am actually a dad!

            You can find more information about the playground at https://www.hawthorneplayground.org/ — I don’t have any insider insight beyond the publicly available materials, beyond knowing that some very dedicated parents and staff members are working on it.

            Anecdotally there is not a lot of movement in 1st grade, but more for this year than other years until you get to middle school.  This is just based on talking with other parents, I don’t have concrete numbers.  You can also look up some small statistics about this for yourself.  ISBE publishes a “student mobility” statistic at https://www.illinoisreportcard.com/School.aspx?source=studentcharacteristics&source2=mobility&Schoolid=150162990252249 that suggests that about 1-2% of Hawthorne students transfer in or out a year, vs.  7-19% in a typical school.  With roughly 60 kids per grade level, that leaves about 0-2 spots opening up in a typical non-entry year per grade level.  Adjusting for 1st grade being slightly more common to transfer, I would haphazardly guess maybe 1-5 openings?

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      Does anybody have any information about Disney gifted program? How is it compared to the classical schools? I know I shouldn’t even be doubting about accepting Decatur’s offer, but I want to have all the information before making a decision.

      I would appreciate any insight!

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      Would my child have a chance for Lincoln Elementary, 4th grade, being 20 on the waitlist? Or in the 30’s for 2nd grade?

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      Hi guys – anyone know how much Solomon Elementary moves on wait list. Wondering if anyone has heard or knew anything about how much the numbers shift. Looking for non-entry year options. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

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      Tier 3 Kindergarten

      STEM – offered [sibling]
      Jackson Language – offered [proximity]
      Lasalle – #12
      National Teachers Gifted – offered [by test]

      Leaning RGC but very on the fence. We love STEM too. It’s between those two.

      So we’ll be turning down some good ones – good luck those who are wait listed!

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        We just got an offer from STEM too! I don’t know much about the school. Can you tell me why you are choosing STEM over the other ones? Thank you!

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      I realize i’m looking at a small sample size on this forum re: waitlist numbers, but I can’t help but wonder how we ended up being way down the list (high waitlist no.) for almost all that we’ve applied to.

      It sounds like we have no chance to getting into any CPS schools at all this year and our neighborhood school is an absolute no.
      We are disappointed that we didn’t get any offers for SEEs we tested and to be waitlisted with such low chances to getting in is beyond frustrating. We are forced to move either in the next 4 months into burbs or continue to pay for private.

      This is what we have:
      ALCOTT ES Waitlist General 226
      JACKSON A Waitlist Proximity 46
      LASALLE Waitlist Tier 3 187
      LASALLE II Waitlist Proximity 125
      LINCOLN Waitlist General 135
      OGDEN ES Waitlist General 219
      SKINNER Waitlist General 772

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      Oh wow Sara! You struck gold! Congrats on all the great options.

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      I have a question for all those that received offers at Skinner North or West classical. Did your kids attend a daycare or stay at home and if daycare which one? Just curious on how you were able to prep your child to score in the high 90’s for these tests.

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      We applied to a bunch and these are the ones with the shortest waitlists.

      Hawthorne Tier 4 – 6
      Andrew Jackson Tier 4 – 50
      STEM Tier 4 – 16
      Sheridan Tier 4 – 31
      Bell Tier 4 – 19

      Looks like we might have a chance to get into Hawthorne and I heard it’s a pretty great school but it’s over 20 minute drive. Not sure if it’s worth the drive or if we should stick to something closer. Our other option is South Loop Elementary, which is our neighborhood school. Anyone have thoughts on any of these schools?

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        Can’t speak to other schools you listed, but I’ve heard Andrew Jackson is great. We have family’s kids (siblings and cousins) who’s attended the school and have done really well and all got into Whitney Young or Walter Payton. Fairly diverse both race and socio-economically. Although, that was at least 3 years ago, so i’m not sure what it’s like today.

        May i ask why you’re uncertain of attending South Loop?

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          Hi WorryMuch! Thank you for your reply! Honestly, I just googled “best CPS elementary schools” and applied to those. South Loop may very well be where we’ll end up and I’m perfectly fine with that! The one thing that I wasn’t crazy about is the class size seems overcrowded. Over 30+ kids and 1 teacher for Kindergarten. But I suppose most CPS are like that? This whole process is overwhelming and I just wanted to make sure I do my homework and see if there is a reason some of these other schools I keep hearing about (Hawthorne, Andrew Jackson, etc) are better than South Loop — or not!

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        The class sizes will be similar at Hawthorne. One difference is that Hawthorne, as a magnet school that can control its entering population a little better, will have very consistent class sizes and staffing, whereas you will see more fluctuation with a neighborhood school. You are likely to get into Hawthorne, but you might have to wait until very late to get the phone call as the lists move slow with most parents accepting. Friends of ours in the upper-single-digits tier 4 got notified in August that there was an opening.

        We really like Hawthorne, but I also think you should consider your neighborhood school if it is strong. I don’t know much about South Loop other than having heard generally positive things about it, but having a school close to home and with other kids that live around you can make a big difference.

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          Thank you for your reply! It’s helpful to know how slowly the waiting list might move. I agree that being close to school is important too. We are touring South Loop School again to get a better feel for it. Starting next year, National Teachers Academy and South Loop will be merging and I am wondering how that will affect the classroom size as it’s already so overcrowded!

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      Newbie to this

      Applied PreK
      Drummond – accepted
      Mayer – 187
      Suder – 22

      Drummond is around 1.5 miles away so it’s possible we were tier 3 but not sure.

      I’m just starting to learn about how this CPS system works now. Can someone tell me what’s the benefit of accepting this PreK position versus staying at a daycare that we love? My son is 3 and we’re have another that is 1.5 years old.

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        1) it’s free
        2) your kid can stay at Drummond however long you want him/her to [or you can go to your neighborhood school once the child is in K]
        3) a younger sibling gets in off the sibling lottery

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      Applied for Kindergarten, no offers.

      Best waitlist numbers:
      Stone: 12
      Audobon: 18
      Hawthorne: 114
      Pierce: 122
      Coonley: 125

      Any thoughts on Stone or Audobon, as they look like the only two possibilities?

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        Really think you have a great chance at Stone. It’s an excellent option – especially the upper grades. Congrats!

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        LSparent – FYI, there is an open house at Stone this Friday, May 4th at 3:30pm.

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          we get offer from Stone , and accept it. We will go to kindergarten. Have you got any information about this school, i am interested how good is this school. Thank you

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      Any chance of getting a call for a number 1 general waitlist 2nd grade spot at Audubon? Not sure how crowded it is, sibling preference backlogs, etc. Thanks!

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      S. R.

      If anyone is on a Blaine waitlists, principal today at school tour said they haven’t taken a single student off the waitlist in her 5 years there.

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        That is sad but helpful. My son is #4 on the wait list. Oh well.

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      I think I inadvertently started a new thread… I was hoping to get some info on sibling preference at magnet schools. Are there a min/max number accepted? Is it a percentage thing? Do the magnet pre-k programs work th same as k?

      Basically, if we accept a slot at a Montessori program, how likely is it my younger two will get in? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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        Nameless mom

        I can only speak to Suder, but there has never been an issue with sibling admissions. There are families with 3-4 kids at the school.

        However, the older sibling must remain at the school (you can’t have a kid leave for K at a gifted or classical school and have the younger sibling admitted to preK3 as a sibling).

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      Sibling preference for younger siblings is close to guaranteed. The only way a younger sibling wouldn’t get a spot in the entry year of a program would be if there were more siblings than total spots available, and I’ve never heard of that happening.

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      4th grade
      CANTY Waitlist 1
      NORWOOD PARK Waitlist 3
      ORIOLE PARK Waitlist 11
      THORP O Waitlist 28
      I was hoping to see at least one offer today.. but nothing.
      We are currently in Ebinger, looking for closer school plus Ebinger has been seriously overcrowded in grades 1-3 with 33-35 students in the classroom. CPS should not allow to pass 30 in classroom.

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      Any thoughts on if you guys think we will get an offer? I’m not sure how in demand Nettlehorst is. I thought #8 was really good, but now I’m not so sure.

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      Anyone have any insight on Galileo? We were offered to move up on the waitlist today. Only offer so far 🙁

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        I went to the Galileo open house last October and took some notes:

        – No music or foreign language is offered during the school day
        – There are 25 kids per class for grades K-3, with 1 class per grade
        – There are 2 computer labs
        – The upper grades take part in a coding program that includes working with robotics
        – Science classes are focused more on life sciences with less experiments
        – There are 2 science periods and 2 computer labs
        – The after school program is through the YMCA at Sheridan Park. Recess is also at Sheridan Park.
        – The school building is 125 years old (but has been updated)
        – There is an accelerated math track

        After the open house, I heard that they have a Comprehensive Gifted Program, but I don’t have information on it unfortunately.

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          One correction. There is more than 1 class per grade, but in talking with the principal that day, she mentioned that they get a lot of applicants for the open slots that they do have for K-3. And of course, siblings have preference. Anyway, I hope this helps.

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        Little Italy Mom

        With respect to the other reply. The after school program in school is run by the YMCA. Sheridan Park is a separate program. Also, when we toured they had baby chicks in the lab. The lab was very impressive. They also have orchestra run by Merit.

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          Little Italy Mom

          Oh, and the gifted program is being phased out for differentiated learning…

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        What does it mean to be offered to move up in the waitlist?

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      Have a good problem – we’ve got lottery seats at both Peirce and and Pritzker. Like peirce on the tour, didn’t tour Pritzker because we were on the waitlist. Which should we take?

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      Anyone with experience on how Agassiz moves through the lottery? Our lottery prospects are pretty terrible. I was combing through old CPSObsessed posts and someone indicated they were offered a spot despite a high number.

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      Newbie to this

      I noticed that when I log into the GoCPS site to look at our waitlist numbers, they have gone down from 187 to 180 on one school and 22 to 20 on another. Do these numbers change with each round?

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        When I called the front desk of the school last Friday I was told we were higher up on the waitlist then what our revised waitlist position was on GoCPS today.

        So I’m not sure how in sync it is, but it’s interesting to see things move.

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      not sure how often they update the numbers, but thank you for posting this – I noticed our numbers on the wait lists have all changed, too.

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      We are looking at Hamilton and Prescott. Any thoughts?

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      Anyone on PreK 3 waitlists for Drummond, Suder or Mayer getting calls or know how far the lists have moved?

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        I can’t speak to Suder, but I know the past two years there has been very limited movement (fewer than a handful of spots) for pre-k 3 at either Mayer or Drummond.

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          There was a lot of movement in third grade last year at Drummond and a great deal of movement in the post pre-k elementary program the year before.

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      S. R.

      Inspector general just issued a report on Mayer preschool program. No spots given to anyone outside the neighborhood for some years now.


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      I haven’t seen our numbers move at all on the online portal. Has anyone seen any movement on theirs?

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        We had movement near the end of may but not ever since.

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      3xcps – We haven’t seen any movement either. Although we recently received a call from CICS Irving Park and opted to decline a Kindergarten spot. Hope that helps someone.

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        You would think it would be easier to share how things are moving since it is all computerized.

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      Does anyone know if moving after being accepted into one of these Pre-k magnet schools is ok? We are thinking about moving closer to the school than we already are. Currently within 1.5 miles already and looking to move within blocks.


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        Nameless mom

        It’s a magnet school. So long as you live within the city of Chicago, you should be fine.

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      Where’s everyone at? Who has gotten offers? Wait list numbers? Has anyone heard from Burr for Kindergarten?

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      What about Alcott movement in the incoming 4th grade? Or Lincoln?

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      What are my sons odds 5th grader Lasalle Language #4. Is it a great school? Is it worth a big commute? What about Disney 25 for 1st does waitlist move? I know for Kindergarden they had 5 classes last year. Thanks in advance

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      Does living with 1.5 miles of Disney Elementary guarantee a spot? Or just that you’re in a lottery for 40% of spots after siblings but before the tier lottery? Thanks.

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      It’s the latter: An entry year student (Kindergarten for Disney) living within 1.5 miles (proximity range) of the school is eligible for the proximity lottery for that entry year only. No guarantee of a spot but puts them in a pool for 40% of Kindergarten seats still open after siblings are slotted. Rising Kindergarten siblings are guaranteed a spot only if there are fewer siblings than spaces available in that entry year.

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        thanks for the reply!
        I wish we had a sense of what the odds are of getting in through the in-boundary lottery. We’re thinking of moving over that way (though honestly Belding seems fine).

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          Do you mean Disney 1 or 2? Odds of getting in Disney 2 from the neighborhood are incredibly low. Very few spots, and no movement on the wait list at all.  I hear good things about Belding though.  For Disney 1, families in proximity have a very good shot.

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            thanks for the response! we are possibly moving to the Disney II area but are comfortable with Belding.

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      Does anybody know if the waitlists for kindergarten are moving at all at Thorp? For now, still no calls….but still hoping!

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      What do you all know about Lasalle Language?


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      Any movement anywhere? Was hoping for a magnet this year but maybe next year.

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      We got an offer for LaSalle II last Friday. We were number 16 on the waitlist!

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      Logged in to my go.cps account and my waitlist numbers have been updated.

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      Waitlist finally updated, but no call yet.

      Anyone know much about Andrew Jackson Language Academy?  I have heard good things, but this was at least 4 years ago before the new principal.  Based on online reviews, it seems that the school has gone downhill.  Anyone else know anything about AJLA in recent years?


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      Updating so others have this data going forward:

      LaSalle Language –  WL #3, proximity; Offered; Accepted;

      Galileo – WL  T3 #43; Offered; Declined;

      Newberry- proximity; Offered; Declined;

      Franklin – WL proximity #23; Offered today; Declined; and

      Neighborhood school is Ogden.


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      We just got an offer for Suder for PreK3. We were originally waitlisted #22 and it now says #15 but still got an offer. We just declined as my son was already accepted to Drummond.

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