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      Hi all,

      We are currently living in Oak Park and my kid is offered a spot at LTAC this year. I wonder if anyone knows the two schools can help me with the decision…if we accept, we will need to move back to the city. Does it make sense for the move? Thank you all!

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      Not really your child can get a great education at OPRF. If you move back to be within city limits is it worth it and he/she will graduate in 4 yrs? Do like oak park? If so stay.

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      my fault you said LTAC that’s fantastic that changes the situation are the elementary schools in oak park comparable to LTAC ? Yeah that might be worth buying an apartment in that area.

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        Thank you! She’s been constantly bored in class tbh and she skipped a lot of 6 grade stuff in oak park. Extracurricular activities were very limited, maybe was also due to covid in the past 15 mo. My gut feeling is that she’ll find more interesting stuff at lane and it would be better for her personal growth.

        The only issue for lane tech would be the logistical concern like renting or buying a condo near Lane.

        Again, thanks!

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      Yes Lane is a excellent school in high school they offer Organic Chemistry ?? Not college level but close and a great intro for those that are interested among a lot of other great AP course its a great environment for motivated students only draw back is that its a HUGE school and student body.

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      My daughter is going to LTAC next year, and we went on a tour yesterday.  Most of their classes are on a separate floor – which is reasonable, they don’t want to mix a bunch of 12yo kids with 18yo seniors.  Apparently there’s a lot of social/emotional/academic support, because they know kids going from regular-track elementary schools are going to really have to change gears to a more advanced curriculum.  One of the reasons we decided LTAC was a good fit is that coming in after the pandemic, the first quarter – at least – is going to be spent making sure all the students are on the same level.

      One thing that I didn’t know is that when the LTAC kids get to Lane Tech, they have an edge for electives.  With Lane being SO big and electives going to seniors first, some of the kids don’t have the opportunity to take the electives they want until junior and senior year.  That is, according to the students who gave us the tour, a huge bonus for eventual college applications and just for fun.  The senior who was in charge of the tour (who’d gone to LTAC) said that 80% of what she was taking was electives, because she’d gotten so many credits out of the way at LTAC.

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