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      First time poster, long-time reader 😉

      I have used this forum a great deal to get information on CPS’ school choice processes. So thanks in advance for your help.

      My family is moving from Houston to Chicago next summer and my daughter is currently in 8th grade. So we are in the process of navigating the maze that is the application process for CPS High Schools. Put very basically, there are a lot of in-person requirements for the non-CPS students and it can be very hard if you are attempting to move in from out-of-state.

      We have gotten a NWEA MAP testing date and we are working with the Office of Access and Enrollment to see if there is any possible way to do the NWEA MAP test in the same trip as the Selective Enrollment test. So we’re making progress…

      But we have made NO progress on the possibility that we could somehow fulfill the IB Informational Session requirement without having to make a trip to Chicago just to attend an IB information session. My daughter attended a IB elementary school, middle school, and we would like her to at least have the option of attending an IB high school. For example, we proposed the idea of going to an IB information session here (since we have several IB HS in Houston and they also have information sessions). But so far, no one has given us any indication that they will work with us on fulfilling the information session requirement without another costly trip to Chicago. Any thoughts on how to escalate issues within the Office of Access and Enrollment or other thoughts on this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

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      You might try reaching out to the coordinator of IB programs at each HS individually, names/emails should be on the school’s website. I believe Senn is the most recent, least known program so they may be more flexible with admissions. Another idea, which may be less than ideal, is that your daughter enroll in a school with an IB program and apply to get in for grade 10? A family friend either missed or forgot to sign in at the IB session and that is what they are planning for their daughter at Amundsen. Amundsen recently went IB wall-to-wall which I think means all teachers are trained IB principles. Welcome to CPS…

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