Pandemic and remote learning your plans?

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      Will you send your child to school if the pandemic trends starts increase and how will you handle remote learning?

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      I don’t even know what to do

      #1) I don’t think CTU will allow in person learning with the number trends as they are.  I understand their position but at the same time, as a parent I was very disappointed at last year and I remain concerned about the detriments caused to the kids by lack of in person instructional offerings.

      #2)Remote learning was awful, at least in our schools.  CPS did not even begin to meet their supposed requirement of 2 hours of facetime per day.  We got 3 hours per week with spotty zoom meetings and one teacher reading our kid a book for 3 session per week.  While I appreciated the effort – I could have read her a book.  Where was the teaching?  In my other child’s class, only a math lesson for the lower group was offered 2x per week and he was in the upper group. No ELA.  No science.  We go to pretty good CPS schools and if this was all they could muster it makes me think that many CPS teachers were overwhelmed with it, unprepared, untrained, or lacking the time because they had other commitments that were more important.

      #3) If they do try for some kind of part time thing, I do not have confidence in CPS to keep cleanliness and safety protocols in place based upon what I have experience the last few years in CPS.  We have gotten sick very often from attending CPS – bathrooms and eating and passing periods concern me the most.

      #4) aftercare won’t likely be offered I am guessing

      #5) Covid is a serious thing, it’s a dangerous thing that people shouldn’t take lightly.

      Given this situation, I feel as a parent I am between a rock and a hard place.  We plan to complete the Elearning work and stay enrolled, but I feel the need to find other options for my kids to pass their time while we are working.  We are allowed to work from home for some period of time.  I feel for those families who are not, given the above ‘options’ that may be given to Chicago families.

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      If any of you are anything like me, I was wondering how are we going to get all the CPS homework completed since we have two hard working parents who don’t have time to supervise our two SEES enrolled kids all day? I am worried about them falling behind academically and socially.  So I did some research and found that Montessori Gifted Prep is rolling out a microschool to help parents like us. They will have an info session on Tuesday, Aug 11. Thought this might help some of you. Good luck finding solutions through all of this mess.

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      Yeah I saw this coming thats why I posted this question. Yes it will be difficult and there will be some that will fall behind. We plan on spending some more money on tutoring ( not cheap) and helping my son who starts at a academic center. This is all new terrain for everybody best of luck to everyone.

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        @JazzMan, My son will be starting AC this year, and we’re concerned with remote option. What tutoring options are available for incoming AC students?



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