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      This string is for anyone to post helpful information for a prospective family deciding on Walter Payton College Prep. In the absence of an opportunity to tour a school, this information will be vital to helping a family make an informed school decision. Thank you!

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      Hi, my son got an offer from Northside prep which was his 2nd preference and we are in Tier 4 at the time we applied. He prefers Payton and we recently moved closer to Payton. He is off by 3 marks (he got 892 and Payton min. is 895). Do you think he has a chance in Second Round to get into Payton? Thank you much in advance.

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      The top Selective Enrollments do not have second rounds.

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      @Meghan – The only chance you have is a principal discretion letter. I read that you have to be in the “ballpark” of the mean score to really be considered. Our child also was accepted to Northside(we are in Tier 4) with a 894.

      Its funny how kids perceive things after results. Lane Tech use to be a great choice but now that he was accepted to Northside apparently “Lane Tech is too big for him”. And now we are going to try to a PD apparently “Payton would be better for me than Northside”.  Can we all just chill.

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      How is Payton’s extracurricular activities in science? My son got admitted and he is strong at Math and Science (AIME candidate and 1st place in various state SO events). He will continue to pursue in competitive math and Science Olympiad. Does Payton offer good varsity team in Science? Thanks
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      Maritza Ivonne Garcia Duran


      does anyone know if there is a date for an open house in 2020??

      thank you!

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