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      I also was wondering what kind of prep many parents are doing? Workbooks, tutors, etc. Anything will help. I understand that it is very competitive but we are new to this so anything will help.

      Thank you

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      Background – my older daughter (6yo) is currently in a selective enrollment program, and our younger daughter is currently in a private school for pre-k.  We are having our younger daughter take the test next week in an attempt to get the two girls in the same school.

      My older daughter did not really tell us what was on the test when she took it – after some bribing, she told us that she recognized some words and that she had to replicate something with blocks? Sooooo…. that doesn’t give us much to work with.  For my older daughter, we didn’t really prep. I didn’t want to put much pressure on her and we already had plans to send her to a private school. In fact, we had her test at one of the earliest dates possible. HOWEVER, we had always been ones to read, do puzzles, legos and games pretty regularly. I did have her go through some pages in kindergarten workbooks for patterns and math concepts a few weeks prior to the test. Thankfully she got in, but in hindsight, I should’ve scheduled the test a little later and worked on math concepts a little more.

      Currently, for my daughter taking the test next week, we have been doing some workbooks (mostly for logic-based games and patterns) as well as neat games we found at a cool game store.  She is more advanced in math and reading than my older daughter was at her age, so I’m not very concerned with that, I am more focused on her ability to problem-solve (deductive reasoning, etc.) and articulate her thoughts and observations (through daily conversation and after reading). Hope this helps!

      I’m a little stubborn and refuse to pay for a tutor, but I’m sure those services help as well.




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