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      Several questions; I read that the students should be within the ballpark of the “mean accepted” score to have a real chance at getting in using Principal Discretion Letter(PDL). So what exactly is the “mean accepted”? I’m aware of the published cut-off scores but there is a tier 4 mean and rank mean. Also – what does in the ballpark mean.. 🙂 .. very arbitrary term.

      Does anyone have experience with PDL? If you received an offer using this can you share your score/900 and the cut off score for the school applied to at the time. Just want to get an idea of the probability of success so I can manage expectations. Our student scored 894 and also scored a 300 on this years test. I think I could really help him make a good argument for a PDL but don’t want to waste the time if it’s unreasonable.

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      Based on your score you must be talking Payton. Remember in tier 4, even though the minimum was 895, there are most likely many kids who got an 895 but still didn’t get in (who also had a 300 in the entrance exam). They then use the tie breaker using the SE test sections.

      I know nothing though about the PDL.

      Good Luck!


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      You might try looking at the old CPSObsessed website. It is still live and they have several discussions on principal discretion.  My understanding of PD is that it’s not necessarily about the test scores but rather whether the student has a exception talent, overcame hardship, demonstrates leadership/social service etc.  Test scores are only one part of the application.

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      Melissa Y

      Any updates on principal discretion packets?  I have contacted Office of Access and Enrollment, but have not heard back.

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      Anybody hear anything new on Principal Discretion Timeline?

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      Melissa Y

      Office of Access and Enrollment sent me a note that they were revising the guidelines and would release shortly.

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      Are you folks seeking a timeline or guidelines? The guidelines for the PD will be the same as all last years.

      1. Personal essay – play up hardship if it applies

      2. 3 letters of recommendation

      3. Any awards/achievements (this includes sports). Some schools basically just select Athletes ( ie. Whitney)

      I wish everyone luck! To bring this down to earth though. If you have a 292-295, come from a joe blow background, and are trying to get to Payton, you have a very (very low chance). Gov Rauner’s kids got into Payton in PD to give you an idea of who they are using those 10-15 seats for.

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      nervous student

      Does anyone know if the admissions officers get to see your tier? Got an 815 which is low compared to tier 4 kids but high when you look at my tier. Also any idea of how competitive the seats are? How high PD admission scores are, how much the achievements matter etcetera.

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      my child was able to get into his HS via principal discretion. His score was horrible but he made a great case for himself.  it was definitely nail-biting for weeks…

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      nervous student

      Would you mind sharing what criteria they applied under? I’m really torn about what to write.

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      FYI – Principal Discretion timeline was released yesterday.  Good luck everyone!

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      Raquel Vannucci

      I was wondering if anyone had a result of principal discretion yet.

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      Raquel Vannucci

      Hi! Have you heard about the results yet?

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      Several of my kid’s friends heard positive news about PD from Lane and Jones yesterday.

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