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      Kids need to have fun

      Hello – We will be moving our Kindergarten child to a classical program from a private school.  Unfortunately, the CPS results were delayed and came in after most private school deadlines for withdrawal. The private school, the child goes to already charged two months of tuition for the coming year – a significant sum. Current school policy states that we will forfeit the tuition paid already.

      Any suggestion or experience in convincing private schools (e.g. Latin, Parker, FXW, British) to refund the tuition already paid? Looking on how to best discuss/ negotiate with them. Given the situation we are in (kids at home) and the fact that we paid fees for March, April, May, hoping the schools would understand.

      Would appreciate suggestions.

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      What does your contract say about withdrawing?


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      I know you said you will forfeit what you already paid, but you may also be on the hook for tuition for 1st half of school year.

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      Kids need to have fun

      Contracts say liable for full tuition


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      @need to have fun

      see if you can talk to somebody about that it’s crazy because they have a waiting list for the private school and they will fill your seat if your child doesn’t attend. Also what if you had a down turn and could afford that tuition ? Nah there has to be a way out of that contract you already paid two months !!

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      I don’t mean to be negative, but what is the point of a contract if you can get out of it?

      Jazzman, while in your books they ALREADY paid two months, in the school’s books, they ONLY paid 2 months while being liable for the whole year.

      If you get out of the contract every time a better opportunity turned up, then contracts would be worthless, no one would sign them and just demand a prepayment for the whole year.

      Not every one of the 4 schools the OP mentioned has a waitlist.


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      @kids need to have fun

      I hope you are about to work out some kind of agreement without having to pay full boat for that tuition. Best of luck.


      Not to be negative but contracts are broken or modified alot . Most private schools do have a waiting list to attend how do I know my daughter attended FXW and we got wait listed then told they had a opening and we know the family that declined and they did not have to pay the full years tuition.  That is why I made my statement.

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      Every school keeps a list. Some of them don’t call it waiting list, because they don’t rank that list. Whenever a student withdraws/leaves, they will still look at that pool for next candidate.

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      Then it should be really easy, just tell the school to take the next child from the list and breach the contract. Not a biggie.


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      I was talking about (waiting) list only. Contract is contract. You signed then you follow. It is at school’s discretion whether you need to pay the full amount, and they usually won’t force that for various reasons.

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      My comment was to Jazzman. Yes, contracts do get modified, but with the agreement of both side, not just one.


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      Kids need to have fun

      @ Jazzman – would like to hear more the situation you mentioned. Can we exchange some messages over email.

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      yes we can do that

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      Kids need to have fun

      Jazzman – what email can i reach you on

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      Kids need to have fun

      Thanks Jazzman – sent you a note on your email. look forward to your response.

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      making moves

      Please share how negotiations go, as I am in a similar place. I have two and one is moving from private to CPS, unless the second gets a last minute CPS offer. I hope the private school is understanding. They will surely fill the spot.

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