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      How is the school bus service if one opts for a gifted/classical program school relatively far from the home? Or is it better to just drop off and pick up by car? I would prefer not have my kid in the schools bus for a long time.

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      Each school should have specific information about bussing options and where your address needs to be in comparison to the school.

      It *used* to be approximately 6 miles, but that was not 6 miles as the crow flies, it was a really interesting calculation of the school’s coordinates (N/S/E/W) and your coordinates by what 000 block you lived on.

      I will tell you that what is a 20 min drive by car is approx. 1 hour bus ride due to the number of stops the bus has to make.  My son enjoys the time, although if you have a Kindergartner, I know many are hesitant to start with bussing right away.

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      that is very helpful info Carson. based on what you are saying i would refrain from sending my 5 yo in bus…

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      We live in  Dunning and my girlfriends son has attended the gifted program at Pritzker from Kindergarden to 8th grade. He has to be up at 6:30 to make it to the bus stop about 6 blocks away by 7:25 everyday. While some kids in his class walk home from school and are home 10/15 minutes after the bell rings(4:15), he gets home around 5:30 and sometimes as late as 6pm. Ugg. This has eliminated any possibility of all(I mean all!!) after school activities or sports. I feel it robbed him of many childhood experiences. Also making friends in the neighborhood becomes exponentially more difficult. Ironically , we live in a predominantly polish neighborhood with little diversity. Theres an elementary school blocks where he would have fit in great!

      Folks!! These gifted programs are really not meant for kids that already live in neighborhoods with good schools.

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