SE Test Results 2020

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      A CPS Mom

      Post your scores here for the 2020 SE Test.

      12/14 test date

      Reading comp: 95

      Vocab: 88

      Language Arts grammar: 97

      Math word problems: 97

      Core: 98

      Score: 297


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      A CPS Dad

      Received them today: 99/99/99/99/99 = 300

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      Reading Comprehension 99

      Vocab 97

      Language Arts 99

      Math Word 99

      Core 99

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      cps mom

      Did you have to calculate your core percentages from raw scores?

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      Reading Comprehension 99

      Vocab 98

      Language Arts 99

      Math Word 99

      Core 99

      Can someone explain how they calculate the CORE score?

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      A CPS Mom

      No they do it for you because it says the sections are weighted differently.

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      Reading Comp: 98

      Vocab: 95

      Language Arts: 99

      Math Word Problems: 99

      Core:  99

      SEHS Points:  300

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      Do you all mind sharing your kids’ MAP scores also?  I’m trying to pr duct how my dd will do on the SE test.

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      Here are scores again including MAP scores:

      MAP Reading: 94

      MAP Math: 94

      Reading Comp: 98

      Vocab: 95

      Language Arts: 99

      Math Word Problems: 99

      Core:  99


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      EW Mom

      Is there a correlation between MAP scores and SE scores?

      MAP Math:  99

      MAP Reading:  99

      SE Reading: 99

      SE Vocab:  99

      SE Language Arts: 99

      SE Math Word Problems:  97

      SE Core:  99

      Tier 4

      Daughter is hoping for Payton

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      Reading Comprehension: 99

      Vocabulary: 99

      Language Arts (Grammar): 99

      Math Word Problems: 99

      Core Score: 99

      Daughter – Whitney Young 1st choice

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      Great scores everyone!!!

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      ANNA SAK

      Do you need to calculate total of points for the exam by yourself or they do it and send it with exam’s results?

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      A CPS Mom

      ANNA SAK — they list all sections, then the core. You flip the sheet over and the core correlates to a score.

      A core 98 was 297/300.

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      300 core for my Boy


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      No – they tell you the Core score.  I’m not sure how they determine Core score.

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      Obviously, there is a high co-relation between kids that do well on MAP and kids that do well on SEHS.  They are testing the same core concepts but in different ways.  My overall impression is that SEHS is a bit easier so you may have kids that did very well on the MAP, but not 99 percentile get 99 percentile in SEHS.  My son had MAP scores of 99 on Math and 96 on English.  He had a 99 core on SEHS.

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      NWEA Math 99

      NWEA Reading 97

      SE Math 99, Reading 99, Vocab 95, Language 99, Core 99

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      MAP Math 99

      MAP Reading 95

      CORE 96


      She listed Jones 1st but likely headed to Lane which she was equally excited about.

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      Hello everyone. We applied to CPS selective high school while we lived still outside Chicago. Once we closed on our new house, we moved in Chicago beginning of January & our child took an entrance exam at the end of January. Does anyone know what tier our child applied from? Is it from suburban address or our new house in Chicago? Once we were told that all kids who live outside Chicago while they apply are considered tier 4 but we called the admissions office and were told that they determine tiers for suburbs as well. Did anyone ever have situation like that? We were told  that many many kids apply from different suburbs, towns and even out of state. Please advice anyone.

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      If you go to FAQ, it says the address as of December application closing date will be used for tier purposes.

      It continues that if you move after that date, you will need to prove BOTH addresses.


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      CPS Mom

      I understood that if you apply with an address from outside of Chicago, you have to place in “rank” – and not in one of the four tiers.

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      Where do you see this?


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      CPS Mom  – can you explain what you meant by you have to be placed in rank if you lived outside Chicago while applying to CPS?

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      That the top 20% of the kids in each admitted cohort of kids. This mean that out of all the admitted kids, the child must be on the 80th percentile compared to the cohort of admitted kids. Honestly the selective enrollment results don’t really matter as I and other friends  that go to selective enrollment schools describe that the work is at the level as any other level 1+ high school, it’s just they put a fancy title such as all “Honors” classes when their isn’t a big level between how hard the work is.

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      CPS Mom

      We have a family friend that was in CPS, moved to the suburbs, and then was testing for a seat at an Academic Center in the hopes of moving back to Chicago and attending a CPS school.  They did not assigned a Tier and their school placement/stop was based on the top 30% “rank” allocation.

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      CPS Mom, the reason your friend’s child was assigned a rank rather than tier was because the kid’s results were really high, close to perfect score (top 30% of all admits).

      But it is not a rule for everyone. Had your friend’s results been below rank thresshold, they would have their tier and score shown on the letter instead of the word “rank”


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      The CPS Selective Enrollment application guide says:

      “If you do not live in the city of Chicago when you submit your application, your child’s tier will be determined based on the median family income of the census tract in which you reside at the time that you apply.”

      It’s in the Socio Economic Tiers section at the top of the page 14, last sentence on the topic.

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      CPS Mom

      ES – They missed “rank” on their top two choices (with no tier assignment) and were assigned rank on third choice so I’m not sure your conclusion is correct but I guess I would go with what CPS says.

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      CPS mom, thank you for providing details as this explains clearer how it works. So, his score must have been not high enough for top 1 and 2 choices, so no offer at all, but for 3rd choice the score was in the top 30% of all offered for the same schools, so he was assigned rank FOR THAT PARTICULAR SCHOOL.

      I am looking at 2019-2020 cut off scores for SEHS. If his suburb tract is tier 4, he would need a minimum of 894 for Payton, 888 for NS. So, if his score was e.g. 887, and he ranked WP and NS as his first 2 and did not get in, for WY or Lane 887 is rank as tier 4 cut off is even lower, so it makes sense why he has “rank” on his acceptance letter.


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      Where are you all seeing these scores?? My daughter took her test 1/26/2020. Will scores already be out??

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      From Go CPS: Students who take the test in November and December will receive their scores by mid-February. Students who test on all other test dates will receive their scores in March 2020, with their application results.

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      It’s interesting on the suburban schools.  If CPS guide says this, we have to go with it, but it’s certainly not how it worked for one of our friends.  He missed getting into his top 2 choices even though his score was good enough to be admitted through Tier 4.  The explanation they were given is that suburban kids can only get admission through rank.  That was last year so it could be possible that the policy has changed this year.

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      So far, we still don’t have access to SE test score in our account and receive no offers from all schools. (Our child took the SE test on 1/19 at King HS).

      We are so worried that our child tried so hard to get into the top school.

      Does anyone here experience the same thing? Thanks

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        Map reading 93

        map math 99

        core 99-

        total score 891. Kid wants Payton- if this was last year he wouldn’t have made the cut off – thoughts on this year?

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      If we have early results, can we still re-rank SEHS choices?

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