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      for those who got an offer, I wonder how long the test was. my daughter was with the tester for only 30 minutes and I wonder what is our chance?


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      Hi, for those whose kids tested in the CPS selective enrollment for Kindergarten how long your kids were with the tester? Mine was in there for only 30 minutes so I’m not sure whether we will have a chance….

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      I have a child in SEES (classical) and was accepted first round.  I think she was with an test administrator for 30ish minutes as well from my recollection.  I don’t think time spent taking the exam necessarily relates to what ultimately their score results are.  Try not to worry too much.  Did you test early so you know the scores or are you getting score results and offers at the same time this spring?

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        Chicago Born

        Thanks for answering the question on test time.  How is everyone measuring test time start and finish? i.e. start from the time the child’s name is called, or when you can no longer see them when they walk off with proctor,  or the time of your scheduled test?

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      Hi SPMom,

      Thanks for your reply. She tested in Jan…My older one who tested 2 years ago and got an offer in the first round spent more than 45 minutes with the tester… that’s why I’m very concerned this time when my younger one got out in 30 minutes….

      Really hope that it was all because she answered the questions faster…. LOL. And we won’t know the result until 4/27 it’s a torture!


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      Bronzeville Mom of 1

      My girlfriend’s son tested last year, he was in for roughly 25-30 min and got into Poe. On the flip, another friend’s daughter tested and was in and out in less than 20 min, she did not get selected for any SEES or Magnets. My daughter was with the tester for about 25-30 min…I’m hopeful that she did well. I guess we know in a couple of months!

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        Chicago Born

        Thank you for answering the question on test time.  How is everyone measuring test time start and finish? i.e. start from the time the child’s name is called, or when you can no longer see them when they walk off with proctor,  or the time of your scheduled test?

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      Hello Everyone,

      My son took the selective enrollment test and received a score of 138 for the RGC test.  We are most interested in Bell, Pritzker or Edison.  Does this seem like a score that stands a chance of getting in? Wondering if I should have my hopes up or not. We are tier 3

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        I looked at CPS Obsessed and there were kids in tier 3 that were accepted to their 1st choice with RGC scores that were less than 130. I think your chid has a really great chance! Good luck.

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        Did you get an offer? My son was offered Pritzker and wondering if you were offered / going?

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      Is there a second round of testing for selective enrollment elementary schools in 2019? We missed the February testing dates, but hoping to take part in the 2nd round of applications.

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      Jennifer L Rediehs

      I am just curious, how did you all decide to get your kids tested to get into a classical or regional gifted school? Did a preschool teacher tell you your child was gifted? I feel like my 4 year old is smart, but I have no clue if he is “gifted.”

      Once you decided to to get him/her tested, did you prep for the test? He will not enter kindergarten until Fall of 2020, so just trying to get a jump on this.

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        I had my son tested just to see. By no means would I consider him gifted but his teachers have commented on his problem solving skills, his large vocabulary and interest in math so I figured why not. He was 4 when he took the test. He has friends that are newly 4 who are reading, writing, doing math and can play music by ear.  I am lucky if I can get my son not to eat glue 🙂 My parents got a subscription to the TestingMom website which I looked through to get an idea of what might be on the test. I would try to replicate the problems/questions at home. I didn’t put him in front of the computer or print worksheets for him. He was 4 (now 5). I want him to play. If he is considered ahead of the curve for his age, great. If not, great. He will end up where he is supposed to be.


        Also, I know kids that tested into classical and gifted schools and still decided to go to their neighborhood school where they are thriving. The RGCs and Classical schools have a lot of smart kids but it doesn’t have ALL the smartest kids 🙂

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          Thank you for your reply!

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      For preschool to early elementary parents interested in learning more about the Selective Enrollment Elementary School (SEES) testing & admissions, there are two upcoming seminars to consider attending:

      4/27/19 @ 10am-12pm at IIT by The Critical Thinking Child & Chicago School GPS: RSVP here.

      5/2/19 @ 7-8:30pm at Bubbles Academy by NPN & Chicago School GPS: RSVP here.

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      S Hughes

      My daughter took her test in December. She was gone about 45 minutes with the tester. While waiting for her, I saw children in and out in 10 minutes. One mom even started to cry when her kid came back so soon. Where as I on the other hand became instantly nervous because mine was gone much longer. The process is stressful.  A few more days and we all know our fate. I don’t even remember stressing out this hard when I took nursing boards.

      Fortunately her pre-school is awesome. However we prepped a lot at home doing things such as reading books, then asking open ended questions, we worked on patterns A LOT, basic math, differentiation of pictures, etc. Hope god helps

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      Hey Sees family I am a mother of a 4yr old gifted son. I found out he was gifted at 2 he knew all his colors at 1 and was beginning to teach himself how to read. I switched him from school to school not knowing what to do with this overly gifted child until 2018 school year he was a first year child in a really big school. He literally would do all his work and begin picking with other children. His teacher never complained. I was concerned because I didn’t want her to think I was raising a bully. She insisted on getting him back on the right path. She gave him more work and still was done before the rest of the children. She gave him kindergarten work book and reading material and math and he aced it. I never heard of gifted testing until I met her. This is our first year taking the test I didn’t know how to prepare him so I didn’t I didn’t pressure him I let him go in with the knowledge he had and he came out with the tutor about 30 to 40 min later laughing. She told me she had a blast working with him and she would be sure to see him in his bright future! I’m excited about the results good luck to everyone!

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        Just curious how you got to communicate with the tutor, as we or other parents in the waiting room had little interaction with the testers based on our observations.

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      All of this pressure and waiting is driving me nuts.  My daughter was in for 27 mins and came out Chatty Cathy.  I’m nervous about her timing but just prayerful that all is well.  I probably won’t look at her placement until Wednesday.  🙂  Best of luck to you all!

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      Bronzeville Mom of 1

      CPS website says results won’t be available until after 5:00 pm. I thought last year they were released around 2:00 PM? In any case, good luck to everyone!

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      Any chance they will release results before 5 pm? …..Anxiously waiting.

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      Will the school notify the parents about the offer before CPS released the results?

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      Bronzeville Mom of 1

      Just got a robo-call from CPS and I got nervous and excited…then realized it was just a call to tell me results will be available after 5:00 PM…I am not looking forward to the time when we are waiting for her college admissions…this sh*t is stressful!!

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        you skipped SEHS 🙂

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          Bronzeville Mom of 1

          After this we may leave the state for high school!! LOL

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      Good luck everyone! We are waiting on academic center results today.

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      We are waiting on RGC as well and nothing posted online for us yet.

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      Stressed Kid

      Does anyone know if you will receive your results even if you don’t get an offer?

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      RG Score 136

      Entering 3rd.

      No offers.

      We knew it would be tough with so few spots.

      Good luck everyone!


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        My son started school early, so he wont be nine until October 30th. He took  the third grade tests and scored reading 98 math 89 (odd because it’s his best subject) and 122 gifted.  No offers, not even the IB school he attends-  23rd on the waitlist.  Just curious about my situation. I want him to thrive next year, but cannot afford private school. Even then, teachers don’t change lesson plans for one student. any advice??

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      @MominFL which schools did you choose?

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        Edison, Bell, Coonley and NTA

        We were/are moving in from out of state so just took the test in February. No choice as we don’t have a tier (no address) or other numbers since he isn’t enrolled/graded there yet.


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      Tier 4, total score 857, no offers to WCAC nor Lane

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      tier 3

      reading 98

      math 99

      offered skinner north first choice


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        What grade did you apply for Hopingfor2?

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        Great score! Did you prepare your child at all? Hoping to get into a classical school for Kindergarten next year and would love to hear what, if anything, you did with your child leading up to the test.

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          I did read to her a lot, and since she has an older sibling we have tons of picture books at home….:)

          For math, I taught her basic addition and subtraction questions i.e. if you have 2 candies and you sister has 5, how many you have together, who has more etc…

          We did not go to any prep program.

          She in and out of the test for only 30 minutes and I was really worried but it turned out fine. 🙂


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        Chicago Born

        Hopingfor2 thanks for coming back to thread and sharing your child’s test scores after sharing she had taken the test and was in there for 30 minutes.  It really helps!

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      My Son got the following scores.

      Classical Reading Score: 75

      Classical Math Score: 81

      Regional Gifted Centers/Academic Centers/International Gifted Program Your child’s score: 127

      tier 4

      Any luck getting into

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      Hi, did anyone have your child tested for 1st grade for classical program and did your child tell you what was tested? How was reading tested?

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      Tier 3

      Classical Reading Score: 99

      Classical Math Score: 89

      RGC: 127

      1st Choice: Bell Options – not offered

      3rd Choice: Skinner North – Offered and going to ACCEPT

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        Congrats! Just curious what was your 2nd choice?

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        Congratulations! Which grade will your child enter at Skinner North?

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          Kindergarten. Our second choice was Edison.

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      Tier 3

      Score : 867

      Offered Lane Tech for 7th


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      Third grade, Edison offered, RGC score 146.

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        Congratulations! What is your tier?

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          Three or 4, but it doesn’t matter for a non-entry grade.

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      are there 2nd round offers from academic centers?

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      So sad we didn’t test prep – 842 and no offers at WY or LT AC’s.  Since that’s below our Tier Minimum, is it hopeless? Or is there the slimmest chance we’d still get an offer in August?  If you don’t get a waitlist number might they still call?

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      Tier 4, Math – 99 and Reading – 94, No offers from Decatur or Skinner North for 1st grade. Did zero test prep.

      My kid got 99 in RGC. Is that even possible to get that low? Or is it some kind of a mistake.

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        Last year my child did not get an offer from Skinner on a 94/99 for 3rd grade.   I have only heard of 98/99 scores getting in upper grades at those schools because it is so competitive for so few seats.

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          SN is a long shot.  There has to be an opening in first grade (and SN probably does not know yet) then historically have needed 99/98 to get the spots.

          Decatur might be likely.  In the past, Decatur admitted a full new first grade class when it graduated a double class, and it is graduating a double class this year.  That said, Decatur is going through changes with 7/8 expected to be added for 2020-21 school year, so the usual practice might be changing.  Anyone know if a full class of 1st graders were admitted at Decatur for next year?

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            Decature will have a full class 1st graders added for 2019-2020. We got an offer from Decature. It is a great school but too far from us. SN is our 1st choice and Bell is 2nd.

            Grade 1 / Tier 4

            reading 99

            math 99

            gifted 138

            Any luck getting into SN or Bell in the later rounds? Really wish CPS could release some test data of past years so parents can gauge probability more accurately and make other school plans.

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              SN Parent

              NV mom, congrats on such high scores!

              SN has 1 spot that I know of for 1 st grade. With such high scores, you have a decent chance!


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        Are 2nd round offers still coming? Waiting (fingers crossed) for a 1st grade spot at Decatur for my son. Does anyone know how tiers work for later rounds? Not sure if this score is high enough, thoughts, opinions please!!!

        Tier 2

        R 96 M 94 

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        Question, how do they test Kindergartners going to First grade  (trying to plan better this time around) are they expected to circle answers, bubble in, or is it also verbal?

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      Tier 4, received an offer for Whitney Young. Score – 882.

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      Does anyone know anything about Kenwood AC?  Is it good?  Please share.  My child is currently in the Skinner neighborhood program.  I’m not sure if we should stay or leave Skinner.   Thanks!

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        clyde smith

        kenwood AC students have their own building for most of their classes but do take some classes with High school students we will apply next year did visits last year. Kenwood has a relationship with University of Chicago so when they get into high school alot of the AC students take classes at U of C.

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        Hi AnxiousParent,

        I have friends who “settled” on Kenwood’s AC and turned out to be the best decision for their children. Most stayed for hs, while a few transferred for 9th to attend WY, Lane, Jones and Payton. The kids I know who are still there are now juniors, take courses at U of C and love it. For most classes 7th and 8th graders are completely separate from the hs unless they have an elective such as choir, band, etc. Not sure of your child’s current school, but from what I hear, you can’t go wrong with a top or mid tier AC. The only ac I’ve heard people complain about is Morgan Pk.

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      Grade 2

      Tier 4


      Reading -95

      RGC – 148

      Got the first choice NTA.

      Would love to get feedback on NTA and it’s gifted program


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        NTA Mom

        Congrats, Slooper! Welcome to NTA.

        We’ll be having an open house on Wednesday, May 1st from 9a-11a. If you can’t make it, just contact the office, and you can make an arrangement to visit the school. We’ve been there for three years, and we love it. If there are any particular questions I can answer, just let me know!


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        nta parent

        My child is in the gifted program in K this year.  She is reading at over 2nd grade level.  NTA really does look after all the kids like they are family and cater to the needs of each child – and they have a lot of activities and programs to build community.  Their before and after care, and extra staff at lunch time are great – also there was a full time aid  in Kindergarten which is rare for CPS.  If you have questions the principal and gifted coordinator are very responsive too.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Reading 96</p>
      math 90

      RGC 121

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      Tier 4; applied to grade 4, RGC-150.

      Offered Bell (3rd choice). Edison was 1st choice (closer to us).  Anyone have feedback on Bell options program?   Would I be crazy to hold out for chance at Edison in 2nd round, esp. knowing that this is 4th grade we are looking at?


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        SN Parent

        150 is the highest score! Very impressive. If you really want Edison, I would call the school just to get an idea if any spots will be available.

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        Analysis Paralysis

        I am in the exact same situation.  Daughter entering 4th, RGC 150.  Edison was first choice got offered Beaubien which was 3rd.  I’m thinking any spots might not open until later in the year when parents notify the school that they’re leaving.  Seems like a roll of the dice!  Good luck!  I hope a spot opens up for you 😉

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      Tier 2

      1st grade

      Math 96

      Reading 94

      Decatur 1st choice NO OFFER

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      reading 97 math 96

      RGC- 139

      offered Decatur (3 rank)

      but debating if we need to wait for SN (1 rank) and SW(2 rank)  due to the location

      I am not sure if there will be any chance to get into SN with this score.

      Very confused with uncertainty

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      reading 97 math 96

      RGC- 139

      tier 4

      offered Decatur (3 rank)

      but debating if we need to wait for SN (1 rank) and SW(2 rank)  due to the location

      I am not sure if there will be any chance to get into SN with this score.

      Very confused with uncertainty

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        My boy got 98 on both math and reading and got into Skinner North in August. We are tier 4. FYI.

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          Thanks Tracy. Do you know if there is any preference over reading score compared to maths ?

          Here is another question.

          Kid 1 – Reading 99, Math 90

          Kid 2 – Reading 95, Math 96

          Who would get better ranking ?

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        Tracy- thanks for response.  What was your first and second rank?  Did you have to let go the acceptance from other selective enrollment school?  I am nervous to let go the Decatur since there is no guarantee to get an acceptance from SN or SW.

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          You can look up data from from previous years. I saw SN went down to 99, 96 in late summer but don’t think I saw 97, 96. But each year is different so look up for yourself to feel for yourself.

          But your child RGC score is high at 139. Could be some RGC offer.


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            <p style=”text-align: right;”>Thank  you Boxioa.   By any chance , do you know the historical cutoff score for kindergarten Edison RGC  with tier 4?</p>

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          SN was our 1st choice and SW was our 2nd choice. We only listed these two choices. Our neighborhood school is SW, so we planned to join SW neighborhood program if not offered a classical one.

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            thanks Tracy! 

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      Getting to 2nd grade

      Classical 99 98

      No offered 1st round. Any hope to get Skinner North or Decatur 2nd round. Hopefully there will be spot open. What do the historical scores look like for 2nd grade

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      Reading 99

      Math 87

      RGC -131

      Tier 4

      Decture, 2nd Choice


      We’ve moved to SF Bay area, so will decline and the next lucky wait list will take your turn!

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      Analysis Paralysis

      I’m looking for some insight from more experienced parents.  My daughter is currently in private school but struggling because the teacher’s don’t seem to know what to do with her!  We had her tested for fourth grade and her RGC score was 150.  She received an offer from our second choice, Beaubien, but not from our first choice, Edison.  I may be reading the letter wrong but I think this is a “perfect” score so I’m assuming there aren’t any spots at Edison in that grade?  Would waiting until closer to the end of the year to see if there’s a spot be any use?  I don’t want to turn down an offer in hopes of a better one that might never materialize.  Not sure what to do!

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        There has been a lot of attrition in Edison. We had families move from Edison to Beaubien and are extremely happy. We also moved our kid from Edison since the curriculum was not challenging enough and the relatively new principal decided differentiation was ‘not good’ for the kids.

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      Reading 97

      Math 96

      RGC -145

      Tier 3

      Offered Skinner North

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      What was lowest score for SN and SW for KG in 2018 and 2017? This is for Tier4 , Kidergarten

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        The lowest Kindergarten scores I got from CPS are as follows:

        Skinner North (2017) 76 Math 83 Reading

        Skinner West (2017) 83 Math 79 Reading

        Skinner North (2018) 76 Math 83 Reading

        Skinner West (2018) 70 Math 100 Reading by 3 different students

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          Thank Bevdad! Are all from tier 4?

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            Unfortunately, the CPS data department was secretive when it came to identifying the Tier associated with each score. I will say that, in 2018, those Skinner West scores came in Round 12 and the Skinner North scores were Round 1.

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            Where are you getting the CPS data?  The first round scores are not Tier 4 scores.  I’d guess Tier 1.   The 12th round scores can be Tier 4 because they stop using tiers after a few rounds.

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              I got the data by filling out a FOIA request on the CPS website. If I filter out any students that got an offer from Skinner North before round 5 in 2018, the lowest scores I see are a 99 Math 79 Reading in round 8 and a 76 Math 99 Reading in round 9. Again, no tiering is attached to these scores, but I guess it doesn’t matter in rounds this late.

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                BevDad, would you be able to share some more information of the data of 2018 Skinner north?

                like the mean reading and math scores etc.

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                  Sure. A total of 87 offers were made to Skinner North last year. Average Math score was 92.1, and average Reading score was 95.8.

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                    BevDad, could you share the Excel file that you got from CPS? TIA

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                    Thank you!!!

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            @BevDad – Could you please share CPS data of SN and SW. My emails address is . Thanks in advance.

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          @Bevdad – Ahh, the magic of FOIA.  Does your data include decimals for numbers greater than 99? Historically for K, scores could reflect decimals after 99 (for ex. 99.7) and you could see > scores (for ex. >160 or >99.9)  After K, I’ve never seen decimals or > scores reported.

          Given you got 100, maybe your spreadsheet is rounding as that score has never been reported.  Consider taking out the decimals on your spreadsheet.

          In past, it seemed those decimals and > seemed to carry more weight than percentage points (for ex. 99.9/90 gets offer before 98/98). Would be interesting if you can see that pattern in the offers being made.

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            Yup, you’re correct. The FOIA data comes in an Excel format, and I moved everything into Access (which automatically rounds those numbers). So in the case of the Skinner West 2018 offers, two students got a 70 Math and 99.9 Reading, and one student got a 70 math and 99.8 Reading score.

            Finding a trend is a little difficult because of the raw data I have. Out of 60 kindergarten Skinner North offers in 2018 in round 1, 23 had either a math or reading score greater than 99. Out of 30 kindergarten Skinner West offers in 2018 in round 1, 13 had either a math or reading score greater than 99.


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              Bevdad- thanks for insightful information for SN and SW.  By any chance, do you have kindergarten historical cut off score information for Edison and Bell as well?  Like 2018 and 2017?  My son had 139 for RGC in tier 4 kindergarten and I wonder if there is any possibility to get into Edison or Bell.

              I also had a question related to tier for SN and SW.  After round 1 and 2, do they still consider tiers over scores?  Or from that point, they only look for the highest score regardless tiers?

              Many thanks in advance.

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                Sorry, but other than Skinner North and Skinner West, I requested Kindergarten data for Beasley, Bronzeville Classical, McDade, Poe, Carnegie and Lenart.

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                  @bevdad can you send me the excel spreadsheet as well? My email is  Thanks!


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                  I would love those spreadsheets as well. if you could. Going into K in 2020 and hoping to get a head start on preparing.

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                  Gifted Mom

                  Bevdad: Wondering if you could share the excel spreadsheet with me?

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          Very interesting that 99.9/70 or 99.8/70 would get an offer to SW given that CPS letters say that children who earn a score less than 75 in either math or reading may not be considered potential candidates for a classical school seat.  I guess it shows that 99.9 and 99.8 reflect a high enough score that the combination puts these children next in line in late rounds.

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      Entering Kindergarten:

      reading 92, math 96

      RGC -136, offered Decatur and accepted


      Entering 2nd grade:

      reading 92, math 93

      RGC -150, no offers. Hope to get offers by September. Our choices were: 1) Edison 2) Bell 3) Coonley 4) Decatur 5) Beaubien


      what do you think fellow experienced mommas, any chance for my second grader?

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        With 150 for 2nd grade, excellent chance of offer at one of the RGCs by September.  Unfortunately, I doubt Decatur will come through.

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      Seeking info

      I’m looking for some insight from more experienced parents.
      We received an offer from Beaubien (3rd choice), but wishing to get in a school closer us. With my daughter’s scores below any change she gets an offer from Edison (1st choice) or Bell (2nd choice) late in summer? Decatur is our 4th choice but I don’t think her scores are high enough for a seat even in later rounds.

      Grade 1 / Tier 4

      reading 98
      math 94
      gifted 138

      From the conversation with IIT call service, I had the impression that 138 was not a super high score given the full score was 150. If anyone already received an offer from Edison/Bell and will accept, can you please kindly post here? If anyone’s score is higher and also waiting for a seat in Edison/Bell, can you let me know? With so few opening seats not dare to gamble. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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        Second Time Parent

        My child is also waiting for Bell first grade, and scored a 140. I learned from OAE that only one spot in Bell’s Options class was offered in the first round. I would also appreciate hearing from other parents waiting on Bell first grade about scores. Or current Bell parents who know about how many seats typically change over the summer? Or from parents whose children gained later round admission to Bell in a non-entry year, what score and how many other new kids there were who joined the class?

        Also: Good luck seeking info! I think you have a shot at Decatur as this is an entry year there for first grade, so there may be more spots turned down/re-offered than the rare spot that opens in non-entry year. My other child got a mid-summer offer for first grade (also in an entry year when Decatur was adding a first grade) with similar scores.  Though that was 3 years ago, before the middle school expansion plan was announced, which I assume would make Decatur more appealing and maybe pump up scores currently. And I’m not sure I’d give up an offer at Beaubien to take the chance on Decatur, but that depends on how comfortable you are with your back up first grade for your child and how appealing Decatur is to you. I wish you luck and insight trying to decide what to do. It is so difficult to make these choices, especially with such piecemeal information.

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          Seeking info

          Thanks for the info, Second Time Parent! Congrats to the gifted score. There are so many bright kids out there!! We will be very happy if we can get in Decatur. She will be in the same school with her brother then. We turned down a first round offer for Beaubien 1st grade . Hope this info helps those waiting.

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      If anyone got an offer from Edison or Bell with tier 4 for kindergarten, could you please share the RGC score?

      From  2019, 2018 or 2017?

      Is 139 for kindergarten tier 4 considered enough score to get into RGC?

      Thanks in advance

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        We received an offer for Edison for Kindergarten. Score 137, Tier 3. I hope Tier 4 score requirements are not much higher than this for fairness sake. We declined the offer, btw.

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          Thank you Drida.  I wonder how the tier matters still.   It is my first time go thru this cps application process and it is so complicated…

          I wish the Edison or bell can disclose their prior year cut off scores on their website.

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        Dad O’Three

        Tier 4

        Math 96

        Reading 77

        Gifted 144

        Offered Edison (First Choice)

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          Hello, does anyone know when the OAE starts considering not the tiers but looking at only scores regardless tiers? Is it after the first and second rounds?  Starting the 3rd rounds, they only look at their highest scores regardless tiers???  Still confused…

          Many thanks in advance.

    • #9615 Reply
      CPS Parent

      Anyone applied to RGC for the 7th grade? Would you share your score and offered/not offered? We are hoping for a second round offer at Edison which could result from AC departures.

    • #9621 Reply

      Question, for those who have gotten offers to selective enrollment programs in later rounds, who calls with the offer is it the school or the office of access and enrollment?

      • #9624 Reply

        Historically, the offer is made by OAE.  OAE keeps control even in September.   I’d expect that later round offers will made through GoCPS.  Not sure a phone call is ever made.

        • #9745 Reply

          You will get a robo call from CPS followed by an email. We got a 3rd round offer last year around June 11.

    • #9623 Reply

      Our child was accepted into Lenart.  We are very thankful for the offer.  Prior to the posting of the results, we were very confident and happy with her going to our neighborhood school (Sutherland).  We visited Sutherland and really liked the feel of the school.  We appreciated the holistic approach to educating.  There was an emphasis on academics, but also on the social emotional development through several specials and after school programs. We are not sure if Lenart will offer that same type of experience.
      If there are any Lenart parents who can share their thoughts on Lenart I would appreciate your response.

    • #9627 Reply

      In case this helps anyone, my son was offered a Kindergarten spot at Edison that we’ve just declined. His score was 137, Tier 3.

      • #9640 Reply
        Dad O’Three

        Wow! That’s gutsy.  Which school is your first choice?

    • #9634 Reply

      Hi! For Academic Centers (7th grade) and RGC – are we all automatically on the wait list for these? I did not receive a waitlist number. Is it still possible we’d get a call in August or September?  842 Tier 4 so, it didn’t go so great… SE exam score went down 10 pts from last year 🙁

      Thanks for any info and if anyone can share their experience of a late call & acceptance in Aug or Sept.

      • #9637 Reply

        For WYAC and LTAC, there will be no 2nd round. I’m sorry if they are your only AC choices.

        There are students will leave the current RGC for AC and if you did rank any of them, they will start contacting students after the 1st round.


        Good luck!

        • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by KCK.
      • #9665 Reply
        CPS Parent

        @TossingMyPropertyTaxes Unfortunately they do not give out waitlist numbers for RGC (assuming you ranked any) or ACs. This puts parents in a difficult situation when getting a 1st round AC offer but really wanting a RGC offer which is more likely to happen in the 2nd round when schools have the number of students leaving after the 6th grade. I think they can estimate those numbers fairly well though and tier isn’t a consideration for the 7th grade in a K-8. Still, we won’t know if they are #1 next in line or #15. All OAE will say is “146 is a high score”. It seems like they could look at a specific scenario and give an indication. It’s frustrating and we may end up making a second best decision in the first round as a result.

    • #9642 Reply

      Did anyone have your child take the Classical Test for 7th grade?  If so, did you notice your child’s test scores got updated last Friday?  My child’s reading and math scores got flipped. I called OAE but nobody really can explain it to me why.  I left my number so hopefully they will call me back.

      • #9664 Reply

        Wow.  My kid’s classical scores have flipped too. Different grade.  I printed the letter early last week, so I am certain the scores have changed. Strange to get no notice about the change or explanation.  Did this happen systemwide?

        • #9666 Reply

          Ah, it happened to us as well. I have two kids. The one who tested for K, the score did not flip. The other one tested for 2nd grade, the score flipped.

          ClassicalParent, please share what CPS say if you hear back from them…


    • #9681 Reply

      Before I noticed the scores got flipped last Friday, I have already called and questioned them about my child’s math score on the day after we received the results.  I was shocked that my child had an awfully low score.  So one of the staffs called me back 2 days later and told me that my child didn’t do well.  While we discussed, she told me that she had my child’s test results in front of her and she said she saw that my child had many incorrect answers that’s why the score was low..I was like oh..ok.. my child might had a bad day that day so we ended our discussion and moved on…    Then all of sudden this score-flipping incident happened… So  I don’t think I can trust whatever that OAE staff said to me about my child’s math test score anymore because evidently my child’s math score is high and now the reading score is awfully LOW. =(   that’s why i called them again on last Friday… So they did return my call Monday.  And guess what, the staff said the scores are correct now.  My child’s reading score should be low and math should be high. She told me my child didn’t do well on the reading part.  I told her that one of her staffs told me that my child didn’t do well on the math score before.  So… how did my child get high 90s now if he had so many answers incorrect?!!   She was like… “okay.. let me investigate it further and get back to you”..  I haven’t heard back from her ever since..   I can’t believe this would happen to us and  I don’t think I can trust the scores anymore.  I suggest each of you call OAE separately and find out what happened.  I think they want to resolve the issue on a case by case basis.  Last year they had a breach of the students private data.. Now this… oh well..  good luck.

      • #9683 Reply

        classicalparent, sorry to hear about your experience. oh boy this is crazy!

      • #9685 Reply

        @classicalparent – I am so sorry for your experience.  I agree with you that it doesn’t say much for the integrity of the scores or OAE.  I have 2 letters (in print) that report different scores and no acknowledgment or explanation anywhere. The only reason I noticed is because you posted.  Thanks for doing so.

        Seems like if they make this change after the scores were initially reported, the parent of the child should be notified and some assurance made that it didn’t affect offer results.  I’m not sure it would since the scores both count in offers and they flipped, so resulting admission results should be the same.  That said, it would be nice to hear that from OAE.

        I bet it happened to a lot more people, but most people didn’t notice because they didn’t bother to go back to check.  Curious if there is anyone that applied to a non-K year with different M and R scores that can report that it did not happen to them.

        This may be why OAE didn’t own up to the change.  It probably would require them to send a notice to a lot of people and they just don’t want to deal with the firestorm of questions that would result.  Seems shady.

      • #9691 Reply
        NC Mom

        That’s crazy! Thanks for pointing this out. I realized my daughter’s scores were also flipped. Also a non-entry year.

      • #9692 Reply

        I had the exact same thing happen to me, except originally reading was 64 and Math 96, and was told my child did poorly on reading comprehension and that’s why his score was low. Then received a call saying the scores were reversed. My story has a lot more to it, but too much to put on here. I have emailed all local news programs, and hopefully one will investigate and publicize this situation because there is no appeals process. OAE handles all complaints, concerns, accusations and issues internally. I called the CPS legal department and was referred back to OAE.

    • #9686 Reply

      @hopingfor2:  Thanks.  it’s crazy… and I don’t  know how we can challenge them if we don’t believe the score is accurate?

    • #9687 Reply
      Northside mom

      I wonder if a lawsuit is the only way to get to them. They should have a retest for all students. I am amazed how they said they have the test in front of them and lied completely. What else are they hiding?

    • #9690 Reply
      NC Mom

      My daughter was offered a spot at Pritzker RGC (rank 3). If we turn it down, is it possible to get offers from schools we ranked 4,5,6 later on? I only ask because I accidentally ranked the SEES schools incorrectly during the application process. I meant to mix up RGC and Classical, but for some reason I ranked RGC 1,2,3 and Classical 4,5,6.

    • #9694 Reply
      Northside mom

      @Confusedandconcerned Please do share your findings.

      I think they should repeat the entire testing process. The entire OAE who monitors this testing process should be fired over this. They have made a joke out of the entire process of testing and placement. I feel the kids who have gotten classical offers this year might have gotten in by mistake because they were reading the wrong score. One of my kid got offered skinner north non-entry grade. With this flipped score now, I am not sure if the offer is still valid. I plan to call the inspector general CPS. They are quick to investigate what parents are doing to get their kids in these programs, it is time they now investigate their staff who oversees this process.

      • #9699 Reply

        I believe the test results were wrongly graded and unfortunately we can’t really prove it.  To all the parents who will complain about this to OAE, please share your finding!!

      • #9702 Reply

        I will do the same and keep you guys updated.

    • #9697 Reply
      Gifted Mom

      My son received an offer at Keller for 1st. Any thoughts on Keller?  Any other 1st Keller parents?

      • #9704 Reply
        Proud Dad

        My son also got an offer from Keller for 1st grade, which we have accepted. We thought this is a great school for our son, and it works perfect for us logistically. I like that they offer the Mad Science program after school, and I also like that Computer Science is integrated in their classes. We also thought that the first grade teacher seems to really to engage with her students. Additionally, the eight grade students get accepted into some of the top high schools in the city.

        Our son, on the other hand, only cares about three things: Computer Science, soccer, and riding the bus, lol.

        • #9717 Reply
          Gifted Mom

          Thanks so much for your response.  Glad to hear that they are offering Mad Science.  I was able to stop in to meet the teacher and principal since I missed the open house.  My child is currently coming from a gifted program and I hoping that he will continued to be challenged.  Keller is closer to home so it will be better for the entire family. Looking forward to our children being classmates.

    • #9698 Reply

      Hello, does anyone know when OAE starts considering not the tiers & scores but looking at only scores regardless tiers? Is it after the first and second rounds?  Starting the 3rd rounds, they only look at their highest scores regardless tiers???

      Many thanks in advance.

    • #9701 Reply
      Northside mom

      @ClassicalParent. I feel we have all the proof we need to believe that it is wrong graded. They switched the grades behind our back after the offer letters were posted. To me, that document now is nothing but a fraudulent document because they are doing this behind our backs without informing us. When asked they are misrepresenting themselves saying that they are actually looking at the test and then later switching the results. All the signs point that OAE has something to hide. If they had come out publically apologizing that the scores have been switched and that there is no impact, we could have had some trust in this system. The very fact that they want this to go away is all the proof that they indeed have something to hide.

      • #9706 Reply

        I just called and filed a complaint against OAE with the CPS inspector general. They said I won’t be receiving any updates or final decision or anything, but I can call with any additional information I receive. I encourage all parents with flipped scores to call and file a complaint. 773-534-9400 I think they will take it more seriously with more complaints. I haven’t heard back from OAE with the information I requested.

    • #9705 Reply
      Second Time Parent

      I am hoping to get a sense of whether my child has a chance of admission to Bell’s options program in a later round.  I spoke with OAE, and only one spot was offered in Bell’s first grade in the first round. I would really appreciate information about kids who were admitted in any non-entry grade for several years past (including the grade and RGC score and the round or time during the summer the offer came); or, even just info from parents of Bell Options kids who know how many seats turned over from one year to another in your child’s class. We have to make some choices today! So we would appreciate any information, however anecdotal, to help us decide whether there’s a chance. This would be for first grade, but since first grade is no longer an entry grade at Bell, the turnover and scores for other non-entry grades seem more useful at this point. Also, does any one happen to know of any kindergarten kids that may leave the class, so opening a spot the first grade class? Thank you very much for taking the time to reply!

      • #9708 Reply

        Second time parent, my daughter last year got an offer from Bell for entering the 1st grade. we rejected. we are at tier 3. I think her RGC score was 139. Hope that helps you.

    • #9707 Reply
      Northside mom

      I have also filed a complaint with the inspector general. I left a VM and emailed them as well.

      • #9709 Reply

        I’m not sure how many people are aware of this issue.  I hope more people are calling to file a complaint.  @Northside Mom:  What’s the email address for the inspector general?  Thanks!

        • #9710 Reply
          Northside mom

          <div class=”row”>
          <div class=”col-xs-12″>
          <div id=”ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_PageTitle_divTitle”>
          <h1>Office of the Inspector General</h1>
          <div class=”row”>
          <div class=”col-xs-12″></div>
          <div class=”row”>
          <div class=”col-xs-12″>
          <div id=”ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_RichHtmlField1__ControlWrapper_RichHtmlField”></div>
          <div class=”row”>
          <div class=”col-xs-12″>
          <table border=”0″ width=”100%” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″>
          <td id=”MSOZoneCell_WebPartWPQ1″ valign=”top”>
          <table border=”0″ width=”100%” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″>
          <td valign=”top”>
          <div id=”WebPartWPQ1″ class=”ms-WPBody”>

          The Office of Inspector General for the Chicago Board of Education is the independent oversight body for Chicago’s approximately 650 public, contract and charter schools.

          Anyone wishing to make a complaint or share information about misconduct or mismanagement within the Chicago Public School system should contact the Office of Inspector General  .
          <h3>Contact Information</h3>
          Office of the Inspector General
          567 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL 60661
          773-534-9400 | Main
          773-534-9401 | Fax


          Fraud Hotline
          773-48 FRAUD [773-483-7283]


    • #9718 Reply

      Does anyone have a trouble to view  results

      • #9719 Reply

        I tried viewing results as well and got message saying “Application Results are not ready to view”…. :/

        • #9739 Reply

          Any idea why this is happening? Is it temporary until the waitlist process opens today?

    • #9726 Reply
      Second Time Parent

      Turned down a first round offer for our child for Decatur’s fourth grade. Tier 4; scores 99 and 99. Hope this info helps those waiting.

    • #9728 Reply

      I spoke with OAE and they said that CPS will be releasing a statement this week concerning the score swaps. Two weeks after they discovered it and secretly switched scores, this should be interesting.

      • #9731 Reply

        Update: I spoke with Tony Howard, director of OAE, and he said they planned to release a statement the same day the notification letters were released but there communications department is still working on it. 🤔 Now that the letters are down until the second round starts on Friday, they are waiting to release the statement so that parents have access to the letters. He also said that offers were not effected because classical schools look at combined scores and not individual scores.

    • #9732 Reply
      Northside mom

      @Confusedandconcerned Thank you for the update. Do you believe that this did not affect the offers? Also, were the other numbers correct or they are hiding something there as well. How did you get to this Tony Howard, I would like to speak to this person as well who is more than eager to sign fraudulant documents.

      • #9736 Reply

        I had originally called the legal department and they transferred me to Tony Howard because OAE handles all of its complaints and there is no appeals process. I left a message for him and he called me back, but I haven’t had any trouble reaching him. I leave a message for him with whoever answers and he has always called me back within a couple of hours. For me, I don’t know where I’m at with this situation. I knew for certain the reading score was wrong because my child has taken several standardized reading test and has been consistent in his scoring, so I knew 64 was wrong and felt strongly I could prove it. However, he has only taken 1 standardized math test and scores a combined score on the math sections of 94.5. He can be impulsive and quick to answer without putting any real thought into the equation. So I could see him how his math score could fluctuate depending on his mood and level of concentration. To be honest, unless this catches on on social media and/or hits the news, I don’t think anything will come of this. It’s very disappointing because I have no confidence in this department, and I think CPS needs to make some serious changes to OAE. It will also depend on if more parents are upset after the notification, many still may not know.

    • #9733 Reply

      I believe that this will affect the offers.  If two students have the same combined score 197 on the classical test.  Student A had 98 reading and 99 math and Student B had 99 reading and 98 math.   Who will have the offer?  My child is a straight As student and has been receiving high scores (mid 90s) on the NWEA MAP and Classical tests in the past.  How could my child receive low 40s on the Reading test after the scores flipped?  It could be my child was having a bad day…. maybe..or maybe not..  my child was confident and said the test was easy… ????  i don’t know.. it’s so frustrating..

    • #9734 Reply
      Northside mom

      OAE has explained in the past this that when the scores tie, they look at math and then the reading and now they are just saying whatever helps this disaster.

      I am not even confident about the RGC score. This is ridiculous that they are keeping quiet and there is nothing we can do. We just accept whatever they throw at us.

    • #9737 Reply

      When does the second round start? This Friday? Do we get robocalls/emails on Friday, if offered any spots? Second round is just scores or tiers also considered? Thank you whoever can answer my questions. Its my first year in this testing, I am a newbie

    • #9742 Reply

      I reached out to OAE after reading @confusedandconcerned post about test reversal.  It’s true.  I wrote a letter to the Tribune about how flawed this system is.

      I also still don’t understand how CPS can allow future/current students to go into a room one-on-one with a complete stranger for testing.

      • #9759 Reply

        Other than the reading and math scores were flipped, how else is the CPS system flawed. Just wondering so I know what to look out for.


        • #9765 Reply

          Read my earlier post, and also someone mentioned they had a data breach last year. But basically…

          1. There is no appeals process or oversight, everything is done within OAE. If you contact the CPS legal parent or parent liaisons, they will transfer you back to OAE.

          2. They knew about the error for two weeks before informing parents, but quickly went in and secretly switched the scores right away.

          3. Before I was aware that my child’s scores had switched, I spoke with several people and no one said anything about the switch. I even went over my child’s test with an individual who claimed to have his test in front of her and she said that he struggled with the reading comprehension and that’s what resulted in his score of 64. Shortly after that phone call, she called me back and said that my child had actually gotten a 96 in reading and she doesn’t know why no one had noticed over the course of the past week of talking to people because it was a known issue even before I called. A 64 and a 96 are drastically different scores, how could she get that confused and say my child did poorly in reading comprehension when he actually scored a 96.


    • #9758 Reply

      Received Math 97 Reading 99

      Tier 4

      Grade 3

      No offers.  Hoping for Skinner North.  If anyone can offer hope, we’d appreciate it.

    • #9761 Reply
      Northside mom

      @ Hopesprings

      Did the score for your kids flipped?

      The reason I am asking is my kid got the score M-99, R-97, Tier 4, Grade 4 ( instead of 3), got offered Skinner North in first round.

      Then the score flipped and it is now M-97 and R-99.

      So, obviously I am wondering now if your score did not flip then math was low to begin with and probably that is why you did not get an offer in the first round.

      We should also find out how many seats were there in Grade 3 and Grade 4 to begin with.

      I am more confused now.

      • #9763 Reply

        I’m pretty sure our scores did flip. I didn’t print the letter originally, but I was surprised to see in the initial letter a 99 Math because one of the proctors told my son to leave a question blank when he asked about it during the exam. So we expected less than a 99.  It made more sense when it was M97 R99 because leaving the answer blank would have hurt his score.

        The acceptance cutoff scores could be different for grades 3 and 4.  Also, there could have been a different number of openings.

        I called OAE and all they would tell me was that for third grade they made ‘3 or less offers’ for SN and they couldn’t be more specific.

        Thanks for your additional info.  It helps when people make their scores/acceptances known.




      • #9768 Reply

        It varies grade by grade, depending on how many spots opened up. Therefore, we 99 97 got offered in grade 4 does not mean that 99 97 will get offer in grade 3. In fact, I heard there are new spots opened up in grade 4 in several schools.

    • #9764 Reply

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi!</p>
      has anyone received calls/email for second round? Thanks for any info!

    • #9769 Reply

      I haven’t received second round offers, when do they start offering? Please share if you know, waiting is so hard.

    • #9806 Reply
      NC Mom

      Just got an offer after turning down Pritzker RGC in Round 1. I guess the second wave/round started. Good luck to all!

      • #9807 Reply

        Congrats! Do you mind sharing if this latest offer is for selective enrollment program, and if it was notified by CPS or school directly?

        • #9817 Reply
          NC Mom

          Sure. She was offered a spot at Decatur. I found out through GO.CPS first because I’ve been checking it like a maniac. And then we received a call and email shortly after.

          • #9820 Reply
            Seeking info

            May I ask the offer for Decatur is for which grade? I am hoping a spot in Decatur 1st grade. It’s hard to hold up the hope. Thanks very much for the people here for taking time to reply.

            • #9824 Reply
              NC Mom

              It was for first grade. Her scores were 99R/97M. I hope this helps.

    • #9808 Reply
      Second Time Parent

      I heard offers went out today. Anyone receive an offer from Bell Options, especially for first or third grade? Please post grade and score. Thank you!

    • #9809 Reply

      No offers for us today:

      applying for 2 grade, 150 gifted score, 92/93 math/reading, tier 3

      our choices were: 1) Edison 2) Bell 3) Coonley 4) Decatur 5) Coonley 6) Beaubien


      Waiting game continues.



      • #9810 Reply

        Your child has the perfect score!

        My daughter also applied to the same schools as you do but only scored 134, also for 2nd grade.

        we receive an offer from Decatur but will decline since it is too far.

        • #9811 Reply

          thank u! Do u mind sharing ur math/reading and tier? It helps to understand where we stand

          • #9814 Reply

            99 and 98. Tier does not matter in non-entry years.

            • #9920 Reply

              Boxioa am I reading right you declined Decatur 2nd grade with 99 and 98?  Argh, we are looking for 2nd and just 1 point behind.  Trying not to get my hopes up.

              • #9921 Reply

                Yes, we declined a few weeks ago. Did it not slide through to you? Strange. Could be a few with similar scores?

                • #9922 Reply

                  Thanks, I did not get a call/email or have an offer visible to accept in my online account.  I suppose all it takes is 1 kid with the same score to accept 🙂

                  I just wonder if I should call CPS OAE, I don’t want to sound crazy but it kind of seems like a really big deal.

                  • #9923 Reply

                    You can always call. They have been great with picking the phone.

    • #9819 Reply

      Tier 4

      Gifted score -144

      Grade – going into 5th

      Offered -Keller.

      We live in the north side and our first choice was Bell. Do you think if we say no, we stand any chance of getting into Bell. I don’t see my child walking up that early for an hour something bus ride everyday.

    • #9821 Reply

      Parents – basic question: if we accepted the Choice school (Hawthorn), are we still considered for Classical offer. Still waiting for result from Skinner North, but we accepted Hawthorn already just in case no offer from SN


      • #9822 Reply
        Seeking info

        Yes,  you can accept the offer from Hawthorn and still stay in the pool for the SEED programs.

    • #9825 Reply

      Applied for 1st grade

      Tier: 4

      M: 99 / R: 94

      RGC: 131


      No offers first round, offered Beaubien second round (3rd choice) – had a tour today and was impressed, school is only two miles from my home.

      Does anyone have children currently (or in the past) in the gifted program at Beaubien that can offer some insight? Thanks!


    • #9831 Reply

      Anyone want to confirm this ongoing 2nd round offer is only to non-entry year? I have not heard report of any K offer.

      • #9834 Reply

        My friend got an offer from Decatur this second round for K.

      • #9850 Reply

        We just turned down a second round offer to Decatur for kindergarten.  Good luck everyone!!

    • #9847 Reply
      Second Time Parent

      Turned down a second round offer at Edison for first grade. Score 140.

    • #9848 Reply
      Second Time Parent

      Turned down a second round offer at Skinner North for 4th grade (99/99)

      • #9849 Reply

        Why are you turning down Edison and Skinner North?

    • #9856 Reply

      Question, where there any weekend dates available for testing? When we signed up there were only weekdays available.

    • #9879 Reply

      My daughter received a round 2 offer from Skinner North (our #3 choice) for kindergarten.  99 Reading, 83 Math (Tier 4).  We accepted, but now I’m having second thoughts.  I’ve confirmed the bus takes approximately 1 hour each way from South Loop Elementary.  We live in the SL and work in the loop, so SN isn’t convenient for us without the bus. I called CPS today and they said if we go back and decline, she’ll go back into the pool.  Skinner West is the only other classical option on our list (I didn’t select Bronzeville, but now wish I would have done so).   Is this information accurate? Any chance that we could get a late summer offer for Skinner West with her scores?  I know there are only 30 seats v. 6o at SN.  Any thoughts on the smaller SW program?

      Our backup option is a local parochial school with an IB program, so I feel like she’ll be fine. But I don’t want her to be bored and regret it.

      • #9880 Reply

        How did you rank Skinner West? and what’s your DD’s Gift score? That may affect your chance of getting SW offer at later rounds.

      • #9882 Reply

        I always thought SN asks for at least 97 98. I heard it offered tier 4 at low 90s but that is late summer.

        • #9883 Reply

          I’m not an expert by any means. If you look at the FOIA scores discussed earlier in the thread it seems like a 99 or higher in one area gets weight over two lower scores.  If you look at old forums (CPS obsessed, etc), similar scores were accepted for SN in previous years. I’m not sure what impact Bronzeville Classical has had on the process.

          • #9885 Reply

            I also follow CPSObsessed but for Tier 4, the lowest I have seen is 97 98. Only in other tiers that have scores 80s.

      • #9887 Reply

        I checked on the website and we are actually Tier 3. I was surprised.

        • #9919 Reply

          Did you check Tier on this site:

          South Loop appears to be all Tier 4?

      • #9924 Reply
        Random CPS mom

        Wondered why you wouldn’t consider SL elementary? Especially with the new facilities to ease the crowding. My kids are older, but I’ve been happy overall with the instruction and met some really wonderful educators.

    • #9886 Reply

      Check this thread for the FOIA discussion. Last year three students were accepted at Skinner West with scores of 99.7 and 70 during the last round -tiers don’t matter during later rounds.  If you check the 2018 SEES thread on this page someone pulled a comment from CPS obsessed for the exact same scores and had an offer in the summer, I think it may have been in June or August.

    • #9890 Reply

      Anybody received an offer to Bell Options or Coonley Gifted or Bell  this year? Non-entry level?

      We applied to 2nd grade. So anxious.

      • #9893 Reply

        No offer here for us, applying for 2nd grade as well, Edison Bell Coonley were on our list. Gifted score of 150, as I was told that was the maximum for 1st grade and up. So I think there are no available spots at these schools for now for 2nd grade, if even highest score of 150 doesn’t get an offer. Bummer. I wonder when do the third round offers start

        • #9897 Reply

          I am sure something will happen for you. It is almost impossible that no kids move in those 3 schools.

          My daughter scored 134. Only if your child gets in, that she will have a chance 🙂

          I want to contact you privately, is there a way by email? Thanks.


    • #9899 Reply

      Sure, you can contact me at

      We received an offer on Friday, May 31 at 4pm from Beaubien options school by robocall first, followed by e-mail. It was our 5th choice. I still have time to decide by tomorrow, June 4 to accept or decline. I have no acquaintances or friends whose kids go to that school, so I have no idea about Beaubien school. I tried searching in this forum, not much info either about this school. I did receive a very informative mail from Options Coordinator from Beaubien, and based on that mail I am willing to accept the offer, as I did like what was described. I will try to visit the school today.

      I don’t really have guts to decline the offer fearing we might not get any other offers by September, on the other hand, I don’t want to miss the chance of getting into our top preference school (Edison) if I were to accept the offer from Beaubien. I am at a loss, and don’t really know what would be the best route, and I am sure whatever I decide I will question my decision for the rest of my life. It doesn’t help that 2-grade is a non-entry year, so available seats are very limited as I understand. Sorry for the long post, I have been thinking about it the whole weekend, lol.

      • #9903 Reply

        A few other things to look at is how your child’s current school is and how logistically all the options fit your life.

        We got the offer to Decatur but decline with almost no regret as it is 30 minutes drive from our place, which means it will take 2 hours everyday from my life just to drive her back and forth. Decatur starts at 7.45 am, which means we will have to get up really early. If she takes the bus, she will have to wake up even earlier, and the bus drive will be at least 45 mins each way. I value physical activities a lot so I would rather keep her at her neighborhood school so she will have enough sleep, enough rest, play at the playground rather than being on a bus. Her neighborhood school does not teach one grade up like Decatur but  I can supplement her with learning materials myself. To teach on grade up is not difficult in deed, especially in earlier grades.

        Just want to share with you our recent experience as we just went through it.



    • #9904 Reply

      I love our neighborhood school, but I think my son is not challenged enough academically at his current school, as his teacher works mostly with struggling students and he is getting a little bored right now already.

      Logistically it works perfectly for us, our middle son got accepted into Decatur which starts at 7.45, and our neighborhood school starts at 8.45, and I was wondering what to do with that 1 hour difference. If we were to accept the Beaubien offer, logistically it would be like puzzle solved as it starts at 7.45 as well, and I would just take both kids to our neighborhood school almost at same time for the school bus. We live in the middle between Decatur and Beaubien.

      Boxioa, thanks for the input! I hope you get an offer anytime soon from your preferred schools. By the way, I have a friend whose daughter’s gifted score is 142, applying for the 2nd grade as well, no offers yet. It’s hard for non-entry year applicants. Do post your offers here when u get them, I know there are lots of parents waiting anxiously for any helpful info, just like me))


      Best of luck to your daughter!

    • #9914 Reply


      My son is currently In Kindergarten at Disney. We are hoping for a  1st grade spot at Decatur where his sister currently attends (grade 3)

      R96/M94     Tier 2

      Has anyone heard of any 1st grade offers for Decatur in later rounds? Any info. appreciated



      • #9915 Reply

        I’m curious as to how they test kindergartners, is it on paper, computer, or one on one?

        • #9916 Reply

          Group exam on paper.

          • #9917 Reply

            Thank you so much for the response.

          • #9918 Reply

            For the kindergarten students, yes, it’s group exam.

            For the preschoolers that are taking the test to go to Kindergarten, I think it’s one on one.

      • #9956 Reply
        Seeking Info

        RoPaMam, We received an offer from Decatur a few days ago. My daughter’s scores are: M98 and R94.  We are going to Decatur to register her tomorrow and will ask the school how many seats are not filled yet. I think your son has decent chance to get it.

    • #9943 Reply

      Did anyone get an email from CPS for SEES supplemental application?

      We didn’t get any offers from the school that we applied to and then the email saying

      ”This is an important message from the Chicago Public Schools Office of Access and Enrollment. According to our records, your child, MY KID’S NAME, received a score on the Selective Enrollment Elementary Schools exam(s) that is eligible for the selection process for at least one of our Selective Enrollment schools. Specific grades at designated schools still have seats available, and we are inviting you to submit a supplemental application for these schools if you are interested in having your child considered for the 2019-2020 school year.”

      Based on your child’s score(s), he/she is eligible to be considered for schools in the program(s) below:


      I don’t have any information on those school so I looked them up on the websites but I’m worried some of the school lacks diversity. Out of those 3 schools Keller seem like a good option to us (despite the 25min commute down to south)

      I know our seat isn’t guaranteed but do you think I should apply?

      if there’s any Keller parents I would like to hear from you.



    • #9945 Reply

      We also received the SEES supplemental app. I selected Keller. I wasn’t aware Keller had a K (only 1st – 8th according to cps website). Orginally applied for Bronzeville. With no offer. Test scores M – 94% and R – 50%.

    • #9946 Reply

      Keller does start at first grade and not Kindergarten.  Keller is an excellent school.  It is also diverse, if that is important to you. I am suprise they have openings.  I wonder which grades have available seats.

      If after school care is important to you, unfortunately they do not have it.

      • #9953 Reply

        Thank you!

    • #9947 Reply

      Called OAE confirmed K at Keller was an error on the Supplemental Application.

      • #9952 Reply

        Thanks for the update.

        that’s a bummer!

    • #9954 Reply

      Anybody has any data on Skinner North Non-entry years? What scores received an offer in Skinner North non -entry years? Thanks

    • #9968 Reply

      Hi! ‘seeking info’ Thank you for responding to my post. I am very happy to hear your daughter got a 1st grade spot at Decatur 🙂 Congrats!!!

      I feel encouraged that we may get a call for Decatur Classical if there are any more openings. I will eagerly await your reply to see if you are able to get any more info about possible open seats for 1st grade. Have you been to register?

      I’m still unclear about the Tier system at this point in the process. What Tier are you? Thanks again for the info. This forum has been great!

      R/96 M/94  Tier 2

    • #9982 Reply


      I just got the supplemental application yesterday. Has anyone received any second round waitlist offers? Just trying to gauge where the process might be at.

      My daughter went through testing last year, but the schedule seems so different this year for my son.

      Last year, supplemental app went out in mid-May and my daughter received a waitlist offer a month later in June.

      Looking at Bell for Kindergarten

      130, Tier 4

    • #9991 Reply

      We just received an offer from Skinner North for 2nd grade. Gladly accepted it.

      We received an offer from Hawthorne earlier, and now there will be an open spot for Hawthorne 2nd grade.

      • #9994 Reply

        That’s so great, you must be thrilled!

        Did you get a call or were you just checking your online account?  Did it show up as ’round 2′ or just in the round 1 section?

        • #9995 Reply

          We got an email from the school, so O checked our GoCPS account. A few hours after that, we received a call from OAE. We got the email at 11 am and had only until 8 am the next day to decide.

          It was actually round 5. So we were lucky!

          • #10003 Reply

            Thank you for sharing! It’s much appreciated. 🙂

    • #9997 Reply

      For those still waiting, we just turned down an offer to Skinner North for kindergarten.  Good luck everyone!

      • #9998 Reply

        What is your child’s score, if you so not mind sharing?

      • #10008 Reply

        We are also waiting for Skinner North.  Would love to hear what the score and tier was if you don’t mind sharing!

    • #10319 Reply

      my son was 4 years and 5 months on the day of testing in december. he was with the examiner for 49 minutes (from the time he left to when i saw him coming out).

      how does the time spent impact the final outcome? can anyone please share their experience?

      good luck everyone…

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