SEES Testing for 2019-2020 Applicants

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    for those who got an offer, I wonder how long the test was. my daughter was with the tester for only 30 minutes and I wonder what is our chance?


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    Hi, for those whose kids tested in the CPS selective enrollment for Kindergarten how long your kids were with the tester? Mine was in there for only 30 minutes so I’m not sure whether we will have a chance….

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    I have a child in SEES (classical) and was accepted first round.  I think she was with an test administrator for 30ish minutes as well from my recollection.  I don’t think time spent taking the exam necessarily relates to what ultimately their score results are.  Try not to worry too much.  Did you test early so you know the scores or are you getting score results and offers at the same time this spring?

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    Hi SPMom,

    Thanks for your reply. She tested in Jan…My older one who tested 2 years ago and got an offer in the first round spent more than 45 minutes with the tester… that’s why I’m very concerned this time when my younger one got out in 30 minutes….

    Really hope that it was all because she answered the questions faster…. LOL. And we won’t know the result until 4/27 it’s a torture!


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    Bronzeville Mom of 1

    My girlfriend’s son tested last year, he was in for roughly 25-30 min and got into Poe. On the flip, another friend’s daughter tested and was in and out in less than 20 min, she did not get selected for any SEES or Magnets. My daughter was with the tester for about 25-30 min…I’m hopeful that she did well. I guess we know in a couple of months!

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    Hello Everyone,

    My son took the selective enrollment test and received a score of 138 for the RGC test.  We are most interested in Bell, Pritzker or Edison.  Does this seem like a score that stands a chance of getting in? Wondering if I should have my hopes up or not. We are tier 3

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      I looked at CPS Obsessed and there were kids in tier 3 that were accepted to their 1st choice with RGC scores that were less than 130. I think your chid has a really great chance! Good luck.

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    Is there a second round of testing for selective enrollment elementary schools in 2019? We missed the February testing dates, but hoping to take part in the 2nd round of applications.

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    Jennifer L Rediehs

    I am just curious, how did you all decide to get your kids tested to get into a classical or regional gifted school? Did a preschool teacher tell you your child was gifted? I feel like my 4 year old is smart, but I have no clue if he is “gifted.”

    Once you decided to to get him/her tested, did you prep for the test? He will not enter kindergarten until Fall of 2020, so just trying to get a jump on this.

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      I had my son tested just to see. By no means would I consider him gifted but his teachers have commented on his problem solving skills, his large vocabulary and interest in math so I figured why not. He was 4 when he took the test. He has friends that are newly 4 who are reading, writing, doing math and can play music by ear.  I am lucky if I can get my son not to eat glue 🙂 My parents got a subscription to the TestingMom website which I looked through to get an idea of what might be on the test. I would try to replicate the problems/questions at home. I didn’t put him in front of the computer or print worksheets for him. He was 4 (now 5). I want him to play. If he is considered ahead of the curve for his age, great. If not, great. He will end up where he is supposed to be.


      Also, I know kids that tested into classical and gifted schools and still decided to go to their neighborhood school where they are thriving. The RGCs and Classical schools have a lot of smart kids but it doesn’t have ALL the smartest kids 🙂

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        Thank you for your reply!

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    For preschool to early elementary parents interested in learning more about the Selective Enrollment Elementary School (SEES) testing & admissions, there are two upcoming seminars to consider attending:

    4/27/19 @ 10am-12pm at IIT by The Critical Thinking Child & Chicago School GPS: RSVP here.

    5/2/19 @ 7-8:30pm at Bubbles Academy by NPN & Chicago School GPS: RSVP here.

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    S Hughes

    My daughter took her test in December. She was gone about 45 minutes with the tester. While waiting for her, I saw children in and out in 10 minutes. One mom even started to cry when her kid came back so soon. Where as I on the other hand became instantly nervous because mine was gone much longer. The process is stressful.  A few more days and we all know our fate. I don’t even remember stressing out this hard when I took nursing boards.

    Fortunately her pre-school is awesome. However we prepped a lot at home doing things such as reading books, then asking open ended questions, we worked on patterns A LOT, basic math, differentiation of pictures, etc. Hope god helps

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    Hey Sees family I am a mother of a 4yr old gifted son. I found out he was gifted at 2 he knew all his colors at 1 and was beginning to teach himself how to read. I switched him from school to school not knowing what to do with this overly gifted child until 2018 school year he was a first year child in a really big school. He literally would do all his work and begin picking with other children. His teacher never complained. I was concerned because I didn’t want her to think I was raising a bully. She insisted on getting him back on the right path. She gave him more work and still was done before the rest of the children. She gave him kindergarten work book and reading material and math and he aced it. I never heard of gifted testing until I met her. This is our first year taking the test I didn’t know how to prepare him so I didn’t I didn’t pressure him I let him go in with the knowledge he had and he came out with the tutor about 30 to 40 min later laughing. She told me she had a blast working with him and she would be sure to see him in his bright future! I’m excited about the results good luck to everyone!

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      Just curious how you got to communicate with the tutor, as we or other parents in the waiting room had little interaction with the testers based on our observations.

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    All of this pressure and waiting is driving me nuts.  My daughter was in for 27 mins and came out Chatty Cathy.  I’m nervous about her timing but just prayerful that all is well.  I probably won’t look at her placement until Wednesday.  🙂  Best of luck to you all!

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