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      Is there anyway to determine where you are on a RGC waitlist?


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      RGC question

      I don’t believe there is a way to know – which has lead us to crowd-sourcing for tiers and scores. Did anyone get a RGC or classical offer today? I know choice/magnet gave offers off of the waitlist today in GoCPS

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      Someone told me and that was 4-5 years ago, so take it FWIW, if you are declining an offer, you can call OAE and ask how close you are to your HIGHER ranked choice.

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      I heard today that second round for SEES is delayed.

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      I have yet to hear of anyone getting an offer since the original May 8th offers. I can believe this is true. Any idea what to expect the rest is the summer?

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      Chicago Born

      I heard June 26 the 2nd round notifications for SEES will be released.  They have until early July to accept.  Not sure about the rest of the summer offers.  Probably notify faster after the second round.

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      According to CPS website, June 26 is the date for Round 2 Choice School notifications. @Chicago Born, just wondering where you heard that this date is also for SEES?

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      @Momoftwo, I received this info from the SEES school my child was offered and we accepted in the first round.   They mentioned in the new family virtual meeting that the second round was delayed.  They said a few more students was expected. So another welcome session would happen in July.

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      RGC interest

      Called for second round SEES for McPherson. K, 143, tier 4. Likely declining because we feel we are ok with choice offer. Can anyone else comment on getting called? We had Edison/Bell RGCs ranked higher

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      Chicago Born

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just saw second round SEES calls were this Friday.  Great news.</p>
      @RGC interest,  many are commenting their 2nd round offers on the “Spring 2020 SEES Kindergarten results” thread

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      My son was offered a seat to 1 of the SEES in round 2 on june 19th via email from CPS.

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      @chicagomom29, could you share your child’s score, tier, and which school he received an offer from, and whether you plan to accept? It’s really helpful for other parents. Thx!

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