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      From GoCPS


      Below are the test dates for the Selective Enrollment High Schools for the 2019-2020 school year:

      • November 16, 2019
      • December 7, 2019
      • December 14, 2019
      • December 15, 2019
      • January 18, 2020
      • January 19, 2020
      • January 25, 2020

      Students who take the test in November and December will receive their scores by mid-February. Students who test on all other test dates will receive their scores in March 2020, with their application results. Tests will be administered at five sites: King, Lane, Lindblom, Westinghouse, and Whitney Young. (Note that tests will not be administered at all sites on all dates.)

      Eligible applicants who apply using the GoCPS online application site will schedule their exam after they submit their application. Eligible applicants who applying using the paper application will have their test scheduled by the Office of Access and Enrollment and will be notified of the date, time, and location via U.S. mail.

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      You can change your rankings for programs until Feb. 3, 2020.  See info here:

      How can I change my school choices? We encourage you to attend Open Houses and conduct any other school-related research BEFORE submitting your application, to decrease the need for changing school choices. If you wish to make changes to your school choices, you will need to do so by the December 13, 2019, deadline. If you apply online, you can make changes by deleting your application and submitting a new one. If you apply via paper application, contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 or to request a paper Application Modification Form. If you want to re-rank your school choices, you can do so up until February 3, 2020. (Note that you cannot add new school/program choices to your application after December 13, 2019.) Please contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 or for instructions on re-ranking after the December 13th deadline.

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      How long is the test? Do you know how long the students should spend on each section? thanks!

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        Nikolas Stoyanov

        The test is 3 hours long, and because there are three sections students should spend an hour per section to finish the test, however many students don’t fully finish the test because they take too long on a certain problem or section.

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      Demond Beatty

      will there be another test date available?

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      Jesse Tagoe

      How do I register for the selective enrollment examination?

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