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    Hi All,

    There are so many ppl on on this site seeking out information about how to get their child(ren) in a selective enrollment school or academic center. It would be nice to hear feedback from other families who currently attend or previously attended a selective enrollment school.

    I’ll start. This is my child’s 1st year at Whitney Young Academic Center. So far it’s been a smooth transition. Academically, workload is challenging but not as stressful as we were expecting. Socially, all is going well. However, we weren’t prepared for what our kid would be exposed to such as making out in the halls, etc. Also,  7th graders being allowed to attend the homecoming dance with the high school students. Overall,  we are happy we decided to go the AC route instead of staying at our former school.

    I hope other ppl are willing to share their experiences.

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    Thank you for sharing.  I also hope others will share their experiences.  My good friends daughter attends Kenwood AC.  They also had a homecoming dance this past weekend.  The AC students had their own dance.  My friend and I were happy for the separation.

    Her daughter loves Kenwood thus far.

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    We have our daughter at the RGC at National Teachers.  I cannot say enough about how awesome the program, teachers, school and staff are.  They keep the same teacher for 2 years at a time.  In 4 months at K she is reading amazingly and doing 2nd grade math. She went in only knowing a little reading.  My son is at a good magnet but we prefer the RGC as it challenges her more.  The class is held to 28.  I believe the cutoff score at NTA is a bit lower than Pritzker and it is worth the trip over there.  The program goes to grade 8.


    -NTA RGC mom

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