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    My 4th grader scored high enough for some of the RGCs but not all. I found out there’s a spot open at our first choice. Does OAE have a list of kids in order of scores and rankings? I called, but the employee simply said she wasn’t accepted. I thought they kept offering until the spots were filled. Thanks for any information!

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    Supposedly spots are offered until at least the 20th day of school (around now) but it may even go beyond that.  It might be worth calling both CPSOAE and the school just to politely inquire as to the policy, at the very least.

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    My 4th grader recently took the NWEA MAP test and these are her results:

    NWEA MAP Math Percentile: 93%
    NWEA MAP Reading Percentile: 93%
    NWEA MAP Combo: 186
    Grade Reading: Missing
    Grade Math: Missing

    We are Tier 4.

    I honestly don’t know what this means. I had her take the test to see how she’d do and to see if it might be worth moving her from her private school. Can anyone provide some insight into how she would fare in the SEES application process? I’m thinking her scores aren’t high enough.

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    Were these the scores from her CPS-administered test in September?  These are very good scores, but for those testing into Gifted & Classical programs for 5th grade, the NWEA MAP test is only required to determine “eligibility” to take the test.  (See below).  Once they are “eligible” to take the Classical & Gifted tests, they will then sit for the entrance exam(s) down at IIT and their score on those tests will determine if they get in to their desired program.  For 5th grade, one is testing for any “attrition spots”, which means you may not hear until later in the summer if you are applying for a non-entry year since a student may not notify a school they are leaving a program until the end of a school year.


    “Grades 5-8: Testing eligibility for students applying for grades 5-8 (except for the RGC-ELs) will be based on the student’s NWEA MAP scores in reading and math.

    Students with an IEP applying for grades 5-8 must score at or above the 50th percentile in one subject (reading or math), and at or above the 40th percentile in the other subject (reading or math) in order to be eligible for testing.

    Regional Gifted Centers

    In order to be eligible for testing, general education students and students with a 504 Plan applying for grades 5-8 must score at or above the 60th percentile in both reading and math.

    Classical Schools

    In order to be eligible for testing, general education students and students with a 504 Plan applying for grades 5-8 must score at or above the 60th percentile in both reading and math.”

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    Thanks, chicagoschooloptions! I just got an email from GoCPS about RSVPing for the gifted tests, which prompted me to check here and see if anyone had replied. I scheduled the gifted test for her, but my question was more along the lines of — is it even worth it to have her take the gifted exam when her MAP scores are both at 93%? It sounds like it’s worth it to give it a shot? Thank you so much for explaining all of this!

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    so my brother missed the  NWEA MAP testing this past weekend. My mother received the letter with date and times on Saturday. The first testing was saturday and he missed it for bot receiving the letter on time. There was no postage date on the envelope. We emailed and called. And today a lady we spike to said there is nothing we could do. Is there any way he can test now???

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      So sorry to hear about the missed NWEA exam.  Did calling and emailing GoCPS yield any more responses?  CPS usually does robocalls and emails for reminders, not just the letter.  Did you receive any of those?  Unfortunately we have not heard of them budging for missed exams but please report back if you had any success.

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    for those who got an offer entering K, can you please share how long your kiddo was tested? mine was with the tester for only 30 minutes and wonder our chance….



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      It takes between 10-45 minutes. That’s what I observed from watching about 15 kids while I waited. No idea what they asked.

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        Is it an adaptive test?

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    Does anyone know how long you have to accept an offer once it is made?


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      I believe it is 1-2 weeks.  The website will say once offers are given.  However that is first round.  Later rounds, if you get called individually for a wait list spot it is 24-48 hours.

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    For the first round, typically it is about 2 weeks, which gives families time to visit schools prior to making a decision.  When waitlists start to move, CPS said they only give 48 hours and come the end of summer, it reduces to 2 hours or less.

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    Can anyone tell me if your kid took selective testing at the beginning of Nov and didn’t receive scores back does this mean the score were low I had a friend who went  a week before me and she has her scores and passing scores at that.

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    Hi, for those who tested in the CPS selective for kindergarten, how long your kids were with the tester? Mine was in there for only 30 minutes….

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      When my daughter got accepted to K she was in the test for 40”.  When my son did not he was in for 20” (he was slightly below cutoff score).  but of course it depends on the kid too and how fast they answer.

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