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    Open enrollment began today and I was hoping I could register my son for selective enrollment testing for kindergarten. I cannot find where to do this. I found the high school dates but what about elementary school? I must be overlooking it. Any insight?

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    I heard from a few folks that they didn’t see where to schedule their SEES exams so I think it’s just “buggy” right now and it will open up if you check in a day or two.  Hang in there….CPS is encouraging families to take their time and saying it’s “not a race”.  Easy for them to feel calm!

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      Thanks. It is confusing because I thought the only way I could register for the exam was to apply to a SEES school. I did that with the hopes to schedule the exam early but that isn’t the case. So now the application forms have been sent. I am able to modify it until the 15th, correct?

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    You can definitely modify your application through Dec. 14.  This is from 

    How can I change my school choices?

    We encourage you to attend Open Houses and conduct any other school-related research BEFORE submitting your application, to decrease the need for changing school choices. If you wish to make changes to your school choices, you will need to do so by the December 14, 2018, deadline. If you apply online, you can make changes by deleting your application and submitting a new one. If you apply via paper application, contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 or to request a paper Application Modification Form.

    If you wish to re-rank your Selective Enrollment Elementary School choices after the December 14, 2018, deadline, you must do so no later than February 1, 2019. (Note that you cannot add new school choices to your application after December 14, 2018.) Please contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 or GOCPS@CPS.EDU for re-ranking instructions.

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    Does anyone have any insight on how or when we’ll be able to schedule the Kindergarten tests? The only thing I’ve seen is that it’s “On go.cps” but I don’t see any examples or description of how that’s going to work. Thanks!

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    Just received email that dates are now available for testing.

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    Rashidat Akinbiyi

    I would like to reschedule my son Elijah’s Selective Enrollment Test from Sunday, Nov. 18th to Dec. 1st

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      If you would like to reschedule, be sure to check the GoCPS portal to see how to do so or contact the GoCPS folks directly. They can reschedule you but you may not have as many dates to choose from if a date you are interested in is already full.  Good luck!

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    Hi, I am waiting for my daughter’s CPS ID to be activated to register her for the selective enrollment testing for kindergarten. In the meantime we are trying to make some holidays plans for the winter break. What are the chances of getting a date before Dec 14th? Anyone who has booked recently see any open spots? TIA

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    Has anyone gotten test results? I believe if your child tested the first three weeks of November you will get the results prior to the 14th.

    Also, if you test afterwards, does that mean you won’t get results until April (or whenever selection is first announced)?




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    Still waiting for our results. I was told they will be mailed.

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    Graciela Ruelas

    We just got our results today in the mail! 🙂

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