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      I was wondering how sibling preference worked at magnet schools. Are there a min/max number accepted? Is it a percentage thing? Any information would be appreciated!

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      Thorp Mom

      Most Magnet Schools give sibling preference first. The only catch is if there are more siblings applying than spots available, which is possible, but unlikely. In that case, I believe it is a lottery as to who gets in.

      Our school has approximately 87 spots in kindergarten each year, so there would need to be more than 87 siblings of current students looking to get in the next year. My daughter got in this year to Thorp, where her brother is a current student.

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      Thorp Mom – My daughter was offered a spot at OA Thorp and it was her only offer too. We are excited of the possibility of all three kids at the same school w Sibling preference. Wondering if you had general thoughts on the school? Thank you.

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        Thorp Mom

        We are very pleased with Thorp, and happy with our choice. The prinicpal is very involved, you see him at every function and around school in general. Academically, the kids are challenged and they seem to be strong with music and art also. The class size is larger than I would like (29), but I have been very impressed on how the teachers keep control, while maintaining respect and getting it done. There is a nice community created by the PTA and the Friends of Thorp that helps with school improvements and school morale in general, but they are not pushy. We feel we were very lucky to have landed here with our first born, as we were very novice with the whole process.

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      Question about sibling preference: Does it work for all ages or just for younger siblings? My eldest is on a waiting list for a magnet school, unlikely to get in…if her younger brother gets in on the lottery in a few years when he’s in Kindergarten, will she get in through sibling preference the following year (if any spots are open in her grade)?

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        Yes, sibling preference can work in both directions, as long as the first child will continue to be a student the following year when you are applying for other child. It is all space dependent, of course, but siblings are the first priority for magnet schools.

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