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      My kid got offers from both skinner west classic program and taft academic center 7th grade in first round. We came from other state and I am a newbie of CPS schools. Can you share your thoughts on these two programs? Like which one is more academic challenge / takes care of students more / provide more diversified curriculum etc.?

      Taft AC students will be enrolled to their IB program in high school. Anyone knows how good is their IB compared to other top magnet high schools in Chicago?


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      The AC will be more rigorous than Skinner West or any gifted or classical school comparing 7&8 grades. IB is excellent especially for the writing , analyzing text, history and philosophy . The math part of IB is probably its weakest area in my opinion because that Diploma test they take in the end is crazy hard. However they might have better math instruction than my daughter’s high school. I hear very good things about Taft AC and the high school.

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      @jazzman Thank you very much!

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