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    Why is the Skinner West killing its classical program , it seems there is no curriculum there.

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    SW use to have two classical classes but they eliminated one of the classical classes for neighborhood. The neighborhood is packed and they want to send their children to a good public school. A lot of the children who live in that area couldn’t qualify for those very competitive seats and you had a lot of children from outside the neighborhood taking those seats ( Taylor Beginnings).

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    I heard they have overcrowding issues so SW goes to the bottom of my list.

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      You’re better off at South Loop, to be honest.

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    How is Skinner West killing it’s classical program?

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      reduced the number of seats for more neighborhood children to attend.

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    When will this go into effect?

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      there used to be two classical classrooms but this was reduced to one classical class about 5-7 yrs ago.

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        I believe OP was talking about recent rumor that Skinner West plans to kill Classical program completely.

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    SW is still an option for 2020-2021 SY for kindergarten

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    Skinner is very overcrowded.  We have a kid in classical and there are 30 in the class with no aide, upper classical grades have even more, and the neighborhood classrooms are larger.  The school is very chaotic.  I hope they do something about the overcrowding.  Are there really plans to possibly move the program out of there?  It’d make sense, but I would hope they would find a new place for it nearby.

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