Spring 2019- SEHS Cutoff Scores

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    clyde smith

    Have you notice at Lindblom, Brooks and Hancock its harder to get in as tier 3 vs tier 4 ? Do you have a answer or reason vs the other SEH?

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      Their nearest neighborhoods are predominantly Tier 3 or Tier 2 or Tier 1.

      Hancock is located in a Tier 3 area with Tier 2 nearby. Lindblom is in a Tier 2 area with Tier 1 nearby, and Brooks is in a Tier 3 with Tier 1 across the street and Tier 2 nearby.

      Check out https://go.cps.edu/search and turn on search filters like “high school”, “selective enrollment” and then the geographic map overlay for “CPS tiers”.

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