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      CPS will release high school offers for any programs applied to via the GoCPS applications (SEHS & Choice Programs) on 3/27/20 after 5pm.  Decisions are due by 4/22/20 and waitlists open on 4/27/20.

      Please feel free to post results to share.  Applicants may be offered ONE school per application type (one Selective Enrollment HS offer and one Choice offer) and their neighborhood school is always available for them to attend at any time.

      If you are commenting about SEHS offers, please include your Tier, 900 pt total, and if you remember, what order the school was ranked on your application.  If you applied to Choice high schools as well, please include your child’s offer and order it was ranked.  Good luck!

      SEHS Cutoffs for 2020-2021 

      Choice HS Cutoffs for 2020-2021 (1st round)

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      Tier 3, 895, Jones (first choice)

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      Results are coming in! Just got ours, got our first choice. (Jones)  Good luck to everyone!

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      Tier 4, 897, First Choice, Lane.

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      Tier 4 , 888, didn’t get into Northside, got into Lane (actually his first choice, anyway)

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      Congrats everyone. Will be going through this process next year.

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      Tier 4. 867. In at Lane!

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      Tier 3, 898, First Choice, Whitney Young

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      We haven’t received the score in the portal. Have anyone not received the score in the portal yet?

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      @Hua, we also don’t see test scores but didn’t get any SE HS offers. Did you receive a SE HS offer? I called OAE and they didn’t know why the “View Test Scores” were not showing up.  I think its a problem with the website.

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      It still shows “not offered” next to the schools. I’m not sure if it means “no offer” or “not released yet”.

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      Sleeze Senior

      Not offered means you didn’t get accepted.

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      @Hua. That means the student had no offer.  I think the site is only providing test scores if students were offered a SE HS spot

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      @Amber, thank you. We just called and they will look into it. They said the student should be able to see the scores regardless if they get an offer or not.

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      Cutoff score for Choice High Schools were also published: https://cps.edu/SiteCollectionDocuments/gocps/GoCPS_Cutoff_Choice_2020-21.pdf

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      I think because the exam score was not entered into the system,  the system treated it as incomplete application. Therefore no offers. Not sure if there is anything that we can do? Thanks

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      They have to disclose the scores to students.  So I guess we will have to wait for them and confirm where they fell in the cut-off scores.

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      @Hua, when did your student take their test?

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      we took it on 1/19. When did your child take it?

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      By the way, what did OAE tell you in terms of follow up? They told us that they will investigate and come back to us. But no dates mentioned.

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      We got our results & we got first choice school. We don’t see anywhere on our child’s test scores or offer page if she got in because of a tier we live in or how many points she got all together. We just want to see how strong other kids were that applied to her school.

      And second question: which school was the most wanted and the hardest to get in this year? We hear that Jones or Lane supposed to very wanted this year but it still required less points then Northside or Payton. Was it more difficult to get into Jones because more kids applied to that school?

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      @Hua. Jan 19th as well. Ughhh!!!

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      OAE told us they would get back to us on Monday.

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      Thank you, our child took the SE test at King HS. Did your student happen to take the exam there?

      We are so worried, that CPS might lose the test 🙁

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      883 Jones!!!  Super excited.  It was her first choice!  Congrats to all these kiddos.

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      Hua-We are having the same exact problem and also tested 1-19-20 at King HS. I am going to call CPS tomorrow if they are open and definitely Monday. Nerve racking! Please post if you get more info and I will as well.

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      @Ktl, yes, will do. very stressful situation and have no idea how this would happen and how this could be resolved given all the offers are finalized. Will keep this group posted. Thanks

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      If the missing students’ scores were high enough for admission based on the cut-offs,  OAE will have to provide offers regardless of whether that exceeds the school’s allotted number. However I won’t have a lot of confidence that they will have gotten this right. We also tested at King on the 19th.

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      894 Tier 3 offered Northside !!

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      A CPS Mom

      Tier 4, 882, Whitney, first choice!

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      Prasannal Nithyanandam


      How can i find our tier based on our current address?

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        Find your tier by entering your address in to https://schoolinfo.cps.edu/schoollocator/index.html

        A blue band will show up with your address and the Tier to the left. Below that will be your assigned neighborhood K-8 elementary and 9-12 high school.

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      My daughter’s selective enrollment score did not post either.  I was able to speak to someone at OAE who said a group of students who took the test at King on 1-19 did not have their scores uploaded.  They now have them on a spreadsheet to be entered maybe this weekend but probably not until Tuesday or possibly later.  This woman was forthright about the problem and said that the score is what matters, so if the student scores in the range they’ll get in.  I’ve also heard from an assistant principal I know that each year something like this tends to happen.  While the principals got their student lists last night, a second list usually comes with a smaller set of names.  I suggest you get your school principal and middle school directors involved and helping you.

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      Also, if you don’t have a tab to click to view the selective enrollment scores, it means they weren’t entered.  You should be able to see your selective enrollment score regardless of whether or not you got an offer.  I am sure fairness will prevail!

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      Thank you Joe, your information is extremely helpful and encouraging. We will contact OAE tomorrow to find out. When you mentioned that ‘  While the principals got their student lists last night, a second list usually comes with a smaller set of names.’,  the principal you referred to is the principal of the high school we are applying for, right? Please keep the group posted if you know more. Thank you!!!

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      Thank you so much for posting this! I emailed them Fri night and actually had an email back last night at 11:00 pm. Basically said they were looking into it. Phew! I’ll be calling tomorrow.

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      I’ve been told by OAE that they are working this weekend and around the clock to resolve this and have asked for patience.  I’ve gotten the principal and middle school director from our current school involved and ready to advocate should it be necessary.  I even sent a note about this to my alderman.  And what I was told by an AP at one of the schools is that they received lists Friday but that they typically receive a second list a bit later with a small group of names.  Again, I’m hopeful that the score is what ultimately matters, but am also readying myself should something unfair occur.  I’ll certainly let you know when this is resolved for us with another post.  I hope you do the same.

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      Thank you Joe, this is really helpful. Yes we will call OAE tomorrow. We currently don’t live in the city of Chicago, but actively plan to move in. So such situation distracts our plan. Thanks.

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      Joe, thanks for the tip. I just emailed my daughter’s principal to keep her in the loop and see if she can help. I will be posting when I hear any news. Thanks again.

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      Erika Chavez

      Parents of eight graders who applied for CPS selective enrollment high schools: CPS released high school admission decisions this Friday. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive our daughter’s selective enrollment test results which were supposed to be released on Friday as well. I reached out to CPS on Friday to alert them and hope to hear from them tomorrow. It turns out that at least two other eighth graders from her school are also missing their test results. I’m trying to get a sense of whether or not this is a larger issue. Are your child’s selective enrollment test results missing? Our daughter took the exam on Jan 19 at King College Prep. Certainly this raises many questions for us including how their absence may have impacted the admissions process given that it’s automated.

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      Erika, see above posts. There’s a few of us on this post that have had same problem, same testing site. Hopefully it’ll work out for all of us!

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      The same happened to us and we took the 1/19 SE test at King. Though I don’t know how large the issue is, it’s definitely not isolated issue as you can see several students were missing the score on the forum. We are also very worried about how fairly this process would be for students who missed the scores. But at least I think CPS should make this issue as transparent as possible and give those students a fair chance. Thanks. Please share what you have learned and we will too.

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      I am certainly hoping we get resolution on this tomorrow.  I suggest we all try to reach them and find out any more details that we can.  At the very least they should be able to tell us our kids’ selective enrollment test scores.  Still feeling hopeful about this.  So unfortunate our kids are having to wait like this.

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      It really is unfortunate. I plan on reaching out tomorrow and will share any updates, info.

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      I just called and was told the same thing as Joe. I confirmed that my daughter is on their list of dealing with this issue and asked what her test score was. The woman on phone didn’t know/didn’t have access to that.  She said if it is qualifying, she will get an offer. She said they are working hard to fix the problem and that I will either get an email or call once the problem is fixed. She didn’t know when that might be. So not much more info expect to confirm that her name is on list. So more waiting..I also emailed my daughter’s current principal over the weekend. Anyone else get further?

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      I spoke to Arlene in OAE, one of the people who answers the phone.  She read to me from an email update that she’s received that if the kid’s scores qualify then they will be extended an offer and that we – parents who will be calling – should have no concern about this.  She wasn’t able to describe timeline and also said that she could not access the score.  I suggested that she pass along a request that OAE share with us directly this reassuring message.  I also highlighted the emotional and mental duress that this can cause 8th graders and suggested that this would call for them to share as much information as transparently as possible at this point.

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      Just called OAE. Confirmed that my daughter is on “the list.” Did not confirm that her test scores exist. Expressed concerns and frustrations echoed by families who are being affected. No timeline in terms of when this will be resolved but was told that “we’re working on it.” Asked about their plans for formal communications, notification about the issue and received the same response. She did state that students with qualifying scores would receive an offer.

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      Just called OAE, exactly the same response. Didn’t confirm if the score can be retrieved. No timeline in terms of when this will be resolved, but stated that the data team is actively working on it. Will call them later today again.

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      Not sure if it is missing test/scores or if OAE is having issues figuring out how to enter the additional data/test scores into an automated system that has already offered admission to thousands of students.  I can imagine either is a huge issue.


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      I’m a school counselor – and CPS is REALLY GOOD about fixing their mistakes. If you make a mistake, too bad. But if they made it, give them time. They will fix it.

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      I just called again. No change yet/no information. This lady said it would definitely be cleared up by when families accept their spots, Apr 22, of course she’s hoping for earlier than that. And she also has no access to the score. I relayed nicely that this was unacceptable. At least if we had a score to reference, this would be tolerable!

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      Can the next person who calls ask to speak to a supervisor? I didn’t think about it when I was on the phone.

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      The individual I spoke to at OAE today was quick to say that she could NOT confirm that they had the scores and that CPS was still investigating what caused the problem – whether it was a failure to enter the data or a vendor processing issue.  When I asked specifically if CPS had the tests scores she said that if a student took the test she assumed CPS had them.  Not the comfort I was looking for.  She also confirmed that once the student has the test scores, if they are in the cut-off range, they will be offered a spot. She said that they were keeping a spreadsheet of all the parents who called and were investigating them all.  If you haven’t called, I suggest you get on OAE’s list.

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      I can imagine that it could take time to figure out how to fix the “glitch” in the system but in the meantime, CPS should have a plan to communicate to each student, individually, what their final scores are out of the 900 point system.


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      …has anyone been able to confirm that they actually have the hard copies of the paper exams they handed in?


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      I just received a pre-recorded call from OAE. It was poor quality and difficult to understand. What I did get was that they acknowledge there’s an issue affecting those who took the exam at King College Prep on 1/18 and 1/19 though I know of students who are missing scores and took the exam on 12/14 at Lane. I also got that they’re working on it. Not much else. Can anyone share more?

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      Just received an email from OAE with the following (I assume it’s the script used for the pre-recorded call):

      This is an important message from the Chicago Public Schools Office of Access and Enrollment.

      The Office of Access and Enrollment has become aware that some of the students who took the Selective Enrollment admissions exam on January 18, 2020, or January 19, 2020, at King College Prep High School do not have scores populated into their GoCPS online accounts. We recognize the stress this places on families affected by this delay and we extend sincere apologies. We are working to update the score information and expect to have an update for families by early next week.  

      Please be assured that this clerical error will not impact your child’s placement in a selective enrollment school. If your child is eligible, they will be offered a seat at a selective enrollment school. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated during these challenging times.

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      Can anyone read into the email from CPS regarding missing scores and tell if CPS has the hard copy of the scores or not? Thanks,

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      Since it says “clerical error”, that makes it sound more office related but who knows?

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      @Ktl, Thank you for the response. Just so worried.

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      Looks like the Chicago Tribune will be having an article about the issue tomorrow or possibly Wednesday. If anyone sees it, please post info. I’ll be looking for it online.

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      I’ll be curious to see the Trib article.  How’d you hear about it?

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      My daughter goes to school with someone whose dad works at the Trib and by chance he hooked me up and I was interviewed. I didn’t seek it out but was just complaining about what  happened. I didn’t even know he worked there. The reporter had called CPS but hadn’t heard back yet so she had no new info.

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      Any update on when the article will post?  I didn’t see it today.

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      No. I didn’t see it today either. Maybe it won’t make it to print/online as there is so much other stuff in the news currently.

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      The Chicago Tribune article is out but I’m unable to post a link to it without my having my post flagged as spam.

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      What was the gist of it? Anything we didn’t already know?

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      I opened the article. The only new news is that nearly 200 students are involved. No other updates. Has anyone called recently?

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      Getting an offer to a selective enrollment high school in Chicago is a big deal. But CPS blames a ‘clerical error’ for some students getting passed up.

      When the clock struck 5 p.m. on Friday, March 27, eighth grade families throughout Chicago gathered around computers as high school admissions offers started appearing online.

      But a week later, some of the teens are still waiting to find out where they got in.

      Nearly 200 students who took the selective enrollment exam at King College Prep in January have since learned that they may have been affected by an error that prevented them from receiving offers from the 11 selective enrollment schools in Chicago Public Schools. CPS officials said they were alerted to the issue late Friday after hearing from families who weren’t seeing scores posted on their online CPS accounts.

      Derek Nelson and Erika Chavez’s daughter is one of them. That evening, the girl’s phone starting going off with messages from friends who got in at coveted schools. But no selective enrollment offers were showing on her screen.

      “She’s a pretty mature and reserved kid, so it’s hard to read her,” Chavez said. “When her dad and I finally sat down to check in on her, she did say she was disappointed and angry — or the other way around: angry and disappointed.”

      Nelson knows what it’s like, though the process has changed since he was a CPS student. He didn’t get into Whitney Young and went to his neighborhood high school, Kenwood Academy. Chavez attended Lane Tech, where their daughter would love to go.

      Accepting she didn’t get in to the highly competitive school would be one thing. Waiting for closure is worse.

      Derek Nelson and Erika Chavez are waiting to find out what high school their eighth grade daughter, right, will be accepted to attend. They're worried her test scores might be not just misplaced but missing.
      Derek Nelson and Erika Chavez are waiting to find out what high school their eighth grade daughter, right, will be accepted to attend. They’re worried her test scores might be not just misplaced but missing.(Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)

      Chavez called another eighth grade parent and figured out that her own daughter was missing selective enrollment test scores, which account for one-third of the admissions criteria, along with seventh-grade grades and standardized assessments. Scores are released after the high school application deadline, and often at the same time as high school offers.

      “It was disappointment and frustration,” Chavez said. “They work so hard, and there’s just so much stress around this process that begins in seventh grade. To have that transpire in addition to all the social and emotional impact of the ongoing pandemic and transition to remote learning …”

      Months or years of preparation and buildup lead Chicago students to one of the most critical moments in their young lives: finding out, in the spring of their eighth grade year, where they may go to high school in the fall.

      Students can apply to as many as 20 “choice” programs and six selective enrollment schools, and get at most one selective enrollment offer and one choice offer, in addition to guaranteed admission at their neighborhood school. “Choice” programs, such as International Baccalaureate, fine arts, prelaw and pre-engineering, have varying admissions criteria, which can include auditions or portfolio reviews, point systems and lotteries.

      Current eighth graders who submitted applications received first-round offers Friday, and have until April 22 to accept or decline. That date was pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. The second-round waitlist process opens April 27.

      Among those eighth graders who did receive their offers, more than half got into their first-choice school, while about 80% received one of their top three choices, according to CPS. However, for just the selective enrollment schools, fewer than 16% of applicants got their first choice.

      “We recognize the stress this places on families affected by this delay and we extend sincere apologies,” CPS said in a letter to parents.

      Chavez and Nelson’s daughter had prepared for the test for a year but still stayed up late the night before studying extra vocabulary, because that was the most challenging part of the private school admissions tests she’d taken. The test took more than three hours, and she remembers feeling confident, “maybe a little bit too confident.”

      “It was way easier than the private school tests,” said the 13-year-old, who attends LaSalle II Magnet School in East Ukrainian Village. “My GPA from the seventh grade was pretty good, my NWEA score was above average, I thought I’d have done well.”

      While she waits to find out, she’s trying to be patient, she said.

      “I remember the test being ordinary, and I followed all the directions the lady gave me and finished the questions thinking I’d be getting my results back on March 27,” she said. “… If they couldn’t have my scores for me, did they even get them?”

      The email CPS sent to parents indicated the answer may not come this week.

      “… We are working to update the score information and expect to have an update for families by early next week. Please be assured that this clerical error will not impact your child’s placement in a selective enrollment school. If your child is eligible, they will be offered a seat at a selective enrollment school.”

      CPS officials said the letter went to 189 students, but have not explicitly provided the number of students affected by the “clerical error,” or said if their test scores have been located. The district staff is “working on a resolution,” they said.

      One set of parents who got the email said their 13-year-old daughter was extremely stressed going into the test and even more stressed coming out of it. They didn’t want to risk her feeling devastated twice, so for now they’re just telling her she didn’t get an offer at a selective enrollment school, and planning to tell her later on if she does, which is why they didn’t want to be named.

      “In the event they don’t get an offer when CPS fixes the issue, we didn’t want to go through that re-traumatization,” the father said.

      Parents of affected students say they are worried about next steps and they’re finding it hard to plan without knowing what their options are. They wonder if they should be working on applications for principal discretion, a process through which students who didn’t make the cut can advocate for a spot. And, meanwhile, private school deadlines are looming. Chavez and Nelson’s daughter applied to private schools too, and the family was waiting on CPS offers before making a final decision.

      Though the district may have its hands full, Nelson said the shutdown has only given parents like him more time to worry, and he wonders how the error could have been prevented.

      Chavez keeps thinking of her daughter and her peers, for whom the high school offers are similar to decisions seniors face about college. “It boils down to, we have been working and looking forward to this for so long, and to not have an answer,” she said.

      In Humboldt Park, right at 5 p.m. on March 27, Kathleen Lyons and her daughter sat in front of the computer and opened the results page, the eighth grader hoping for a spot at the same school as her older sister. She’d felt good about the test she took in January. But they saw no selective enrollment offers, and no test results.

      Lyons remained glued to the computer, refreshing the site, until nearly midnight, while her daughter got text after text about friends getting into schools, including her top pick. Her daughter had planned to bake a cake to celebrate the news. She baked one anyway.

      “She’s just waiting and waiting and waiting,” Lyons said. “She’s disappointed. All her friends know where they’re going, and it would be nice to know if you’re going with them or not.”

      Lyons is trying to be understanding, while obsessively checking a parent blog and the GoCPS portal for updates.

      “I feel bad, because I know the school is going through a lot,” she said. “I feel like it will work out in the end.”

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      Talked to Melissa this afternoon and there was no update except re-reading the email from CPS earlier this week. She also said that we would get an update by next week (which was not the date provided in the email) :-(. Why is it hard to give a daily update?

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      Yes, I called and spoke to a woman today who said they would pass along my message to the appropriate people. Then I received a phone message from Amy and unfortunately, she called me from a number that would not allow me to reach her or even leave a message. Then I called someone else and expressed once again, that their poor communication and lack of transparency about what was going on, was causing undue distress to the students and families affected. I suggested that if they could just let us know that they have the scores and were working to put them into the data base, that it would be tremendously helpful and alleviate a great deal of the concern. I let the woman I spoke with know that people were getting very worried about what was happening and that I had heard an article was going to potentially be published in Tribune, and voila, the article appeared tonight! I requested once again, that Amy, or anyone for that matter, call me back but no one did.  I spoke to one woman in the enrollment office who herself, couldn’t believe they described it as a “clerical error” because that was a completely “inaccurate” way to describe the process of how it actually worked. I certainly hope that I can speak to someone tomorrow who knows exactly what’s going on and can offer all of us some relief in knowing they actually have our children’s test scores and that they are just having to enter the data into their system.

      If anyone knows more please advise, thank you.

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      Just spoke to an OAE staff member. There are no updates as of my call. She stated that, “the technical team is still working on the issue.” She also stated that CPS will be directly reaching out to the affected families early next week. When I asked her if she could confirm that CPS has the actual scores she responded, “We have the scores. They were never lost it’s just that they weren’t uploaded to the system.” This is the first time I’ve heard anyone from CPS confirm that they have the actual scores. Has anyone else received confirmation?

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      I think it was just how OAE reps read into the email. One of the reps I talked to could not confirm they have the scores yet. If it was the matter of entering into the system , why took so long and why not just a quick update on they have the scores explicitly ? Lack of transparency definitely doesn’t help.

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      I think we have the right to be skeptical and raise questions especially given the city’s and CPS’ history. In fact, I have more questions than answers at this point. How is it that CPS became aware of this massive oversight only after parents reached out to ask questions? What are the processes, policies, tools used that would allow for such a misstep to occur? How can CPS restore confidence and ensure that something like this won’t happen again? Was King College Prep the only site affected? If so, how and why? My list goes on and on.

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      I too spoke to someone today at length trying to get confirmation about having the scores.

      From Erika’s note above:

      “When I asked her if she could confirm that CPS has the actual scores she responded, “We have the scores. They were never lost it’s just that they weren’t uploaded to the system.”

      Erika, I am curious who you spoke with for this confirmation? Do you know if they’re one of the supervisors handling this specific issue? If so, are planning on sending out a communication to the entire affected community that this is absolutely definitive? I think this alone, would alleviate a great deal of concern while we wait for them to upload the scores into their data base/ system.

      Thanks everyone!

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      Tracey, I can’t recall her name but I don’t think it was a supervisor though I didn’t ask. I called the general OAE number and spoke to the woman who picked up. I’m pretty certain she was Latinx.

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      Well I had a long conversation with Gloria today but unfortunately, I do not have the answer I had hoped for. It really doesn’t seem to be that hard to confirm if it is true, that they HAVE the test scores. Here is my note back after sending follow-up emails and phone messages today. Incredibly disappointing and dismissive of the CPS Enrollment Office and Communications department. Their complete silence is quite sad really.

      If anyone else wants to call and try their luck  (773)553-2060


      “Hi Gloria,

      So I am wondering if I should be going into the weekend, assuming the “silence” I have received since we spoke earlier today, to mean that neither you, or any of your superiors, can definitively confirm CPS actually has the missing student test scores? If this is the case, I am extremely disappointed and it is very worrisome that there is not one person in your organization who can help put everyone’s mind at ease over the weekend.

      I certainly hope that this is rectified as promised by <u>early</u> next week and the students who have worked so hard for the past year studying to do their best on these exams, will have their offers uploaded.

      Please forward my note to the any of the managers you have been reaching out regarding this issue, as I know you are the just the “messenger”. I appreciate your willingness to try and help, you were very kind to do so.

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      Ugh! This is frustrating!

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      I just called downtown. Nothing new. They anticipate getting this resolved this week. I asked about getting test scores and was told to refer to original email, which didn’t give us much information. At least they are working over spring break. I’m not holding my breath.

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      Just spoke to Gloria in OAE. She provided the following information:

      1. The scores are not lost
      2. The “data team” is currently working on uploading the scores
      3. The process should be complete by this Wednesday
      4. Affected families will receive a notification when the scores are available in the portal
      5. Students with qualifying scores will receive an admissions offer

      Please post any additional updates, info.

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      That’s good info.  An hour ago I was told they had a meeting at 2 to discuss, and that later today we’ll receive a robocall and/or email with an update.  The person I spoke to didn’t know anything else.  Hoping for a swift and fair resolution for us all!   Best, Joe

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      Also, at GoCPS when I just clicked on the View Applications tab I got a new message, which I hope is a sign of progress toward the uploading of the scores.  Here is the new message:

      <h2>Application Results are not Currently Ready for Review.</h2>
      Please check https://go.cps.edu/ for more information.

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      Just told in a call to OAE that scores should be loaded and offers visible by end of day today, which she suggested would be 6 pm.

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      Thank you for following up with Gloria today Erika. I am so glad she was able to confirm the points you shared with us all.

      It looks like we should all know sooner than later based on Joe’s note, so I hope all these hardworking, patient students get what they are hoping for!!


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      The results are out. My son got his first choice. It’s a tough time for all who are impacted. We are glad it’s finally resolved. Best wishes for all of you!

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      Congratulations! What was his final score?

    • #10697 Reply

      Yes, we finally received our offer as well and our daughter received her first choice,  Jones 🙂 We’re hoping everyone has good news today!!

      Take care!!

    • #10698 Reply

      Thanks! @momof3  900, Payton

    • #10700 Reply

      My daughter also got her first choice, Whitney Young. So now I have a soon to be senior there and a soon to be freshman there. I hope it all worked out for everyone and I want to thank the others on this blog with this issue. It was good not to be alone on this endeavor! Thanks again!

    • #10701 Reply

      Congrats all, Tracey’s and my daughter got her first choice – Jones!  Thanks for all your support during this challenging 10 days!

    • #10709 Reply

      Yes, thank you all for the support and solidarity. Our daughter also received and offer from her first choice. Best wishes to everyone and your families.

    • #10713 Reply

      Questions:   Did the kids who didn’t get their results or offers for a long while get offered spots that previously didn’t exist?  Did CPS mess up and thus all the SE schools had to take more kids than they normally would have this year?  Just wondering.  Happy Quarantine folks,  hope you are all doing alright!

    • #10714 Reply

      @NewToCPS. I think that was the case. To my knowledge offers weren’t pulled so schools will have additional students.

    • #10717 Reply

      According to the application data listed on the go.cps.edu website, each school gives more offers than seats available under the assumption not everyone will accept the offer. In the event more students accept than expected, they make adjustments the following school year by decreasing the number of seats available for the next incoming freshman class.

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