Spring 2020 SEES Kindergarten Results

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      SEES 2020-2021 results are just out for us.

      We are Tier 4, our scores were 99/98 and we are offered Skinner North which is  our first choice in Round 1. Going to accept. Just posting if it helps future parents.

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      Selective enrollment 2020-2021 results


      Offered Skinner North first choice.

      Here to see what ppl think about Skinner North.

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      We are in Tier 4 , my son received 99/99 and a score of 150. We received an offer for Skinner North and Disney Magnet Choice school.

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      Tier 4 Kindergarten

      1st choice Skinner North accepted

      R99 M96

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      Tier 4 Kindergarten.



      RGC: 105

      Had absolutely no illusion that he would get in anywhere because we did not prepare, but I am happy that he did even that well on the classical test. Obviously, RGC he bombed. We got an offer to Disney Magnet, which we will likely not take as our neighborhood school is Nettelhorst, and, in my opinion, a better school than Disney. Disappointed we are 99 on the waitlist at Hawthorne. Would have loved a better spot there!

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      Tier 4

      Reading 99 Math 90 RGC 119

      Test time 33 minutes

      Accepted to 2nd choice Poe Classical School.  1st choice was Lenart RGC


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        Hey there. Just accepted to offer from Poe as well. If you don’t mind me asking, do you reside on the south side? Im trying to get information on the area of the school.

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      rgc score 143   tier 4 Kindergarten

      offered Pritzker (3rd choice)

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      Tier 4 Kindergarten

      RGC score: 136

      No offers for Bell, Pritzker, or McPherson

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      BTW– We did zero prep.  Do people really try to prepare their kindergarteners for this test? Maybe we would’ve gotten in if we had, but it feels weird to me to prep a 5 year old for a test. It’s supposed to be natural ability anyway, no?

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        Based on what I have read online, people do prep their kids which I think partially explains the lack of diversity in some of these schools (e.g., imagine a low-income single mom finding the resources to prep their otherwise gifted child… not happening). Since the exams are supposedly a big secret, all I did was introduce my child to simple puzzles (which she loves) but did not pay for prep or rigorously prep. I think having seen certain types of questions can help with understanding what they are asked to do. That said, after the exam my child said that she was not asked any of these types of questions. Moreover, she said she was asked to read which I didn’t prep her for, so she got a mediocre score on reading. This may be due to the fact that she had just turned five at the time of the exam while younger kids may not be asked to fully read. Reading is totally a teachable skill, and if I knew that this is what they expect, I would have probably prepped her for it. All I knew was that they are expected to be “reading-ready.” CPS doesn’t teach full reading in the PK grades, so I think it’s somewhat ironic that they are testing them on it (which goes back to the privilege some of us have to be able to teach our kids these skills at home).

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      Kindergarten. R – 83, M – 85. Tier 4. Offered at Bronzeville. Any Bronzeville parents here? His sister goes to Skinner North so this is the opposite direction and quite inconvenient. Inclined to turn it down, but would love any feedback or insight on Bronzeville.

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      Giant squid

      Tier 4

      rgc: 153

      math: 97

      reading: 92

      offered Edison.

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      My son goes to Bronzeville for K now.  They have a teacher for STEM and for Humanities. They are both great and communicate well with the parents. The administration is awesome and very engaged. They offer after school free programs and paid. The building itself is practically two years old so that’s a plus. If you have any particular questions, I’ll be happy to help out.

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      @momof2 thanks for that! Any concern with amount of physical movement/outside time that kids get? I have a very active 5 year old and am worried about him not being able to get his wiggles out. I have heard feedback that the space for play indoors and outside is limited.

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        In regards to outside recess, they do have a small playground that they go weather permitting. If not, they have indoor recess. Another nice thing is that they have a gym and will have PE classes about 2-3 times a week. This might change next school year as they add two more classrooms.
        I also know that both K teachers have them do a physical activity as part of their class to get those wiggles out. They use GoNoodle a lot. With all this said, I never felt like my son was sitting at a desk all day long.
        Hope this helps.

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      We were accepted to NTA and know very little about it / have not toured anything.  Tier 4, score 133.  I presume if we decline, we are unlikely to get offers elsewhere based on what I see above. Also offered Disney Magnet.  Anyone have any insight into NTA?

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      Tier 4

      1st grade

      R: 99  M: 87

      RGC:  107

      Offered:  Poe 2nd choice


      I know 2 families at NTA and they are happy.

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      R 99 M 98 Gifted 142

      Tier 4

      Test time 49 minutes at age 4 years 5 months

      Matched at Skinner North (3rd choice after Bell and Edison)

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      Tier 4:



      No offers.

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      Any chance for selective on 2nd round?

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      Kindergarten – Tier 4:

      Classical: 98/93

      RGC: 117

      No offers.  We were not expecting an RGC offer anyway. It’s unfortunate poster with the 136 above wasn’t enough for a first round offer at Bell.  I guess with Coonley RGC gone, North Center students are competing for fewer spots.

      For those discouraged, our oldest had an 86/82 and 132 in kindergarten and didn’t get an offer but got 99/97 and 131 on first grade test and got a second round offer at Bell a few years ago with no prep.

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      Tier 4

      R /M  85/68 RGC 125

      Offered Disney Magnet. Not sure will take it.

      Any hope with RGC 125?

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      I was delighted to find out my incoming Kindergartener got an offer to Skinner North, our 1st choice. I have a 1st grader there now, and we have loved the administration, the teachers and the families.  It’s definitely a unique community with lots of diversity that is celebrated, and good outcomes for the kids.  If anybody has questions about Skinner North, feel free to reach out.  I know how agonizing placement decisions are on you and your family.


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      @BoyMom – congrats. how many classes of kindergarten? And how many students per class?

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      @lincolnparkmom – Assuming it stays the same as before, it’s 2 classes of 30 kids, so a total of 60 KDG students.

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      Thanks much.

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      Tier 4

      R 99 / M 89

      Gifted 135

      Offered Bronzeville Classical. Not sure if we will accept. Still hoping for Skinner our 1st choice.

      Any chance on Selective on 2nd/3rd/4th round ??



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      Tier 4

      Reading 98 Math 98 RGC 130

      Test time 12 minutes

      Accepted to Decatur

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        Chicago Born


        Tested in just 12 minutes? with those scores is great. I just had to comment because many parents get concerned about how long their child tested and correlation of test results.  It really does vary if your child was with the proctor for only 12 minutes.


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      ps what’s your tier?

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      Beatriz Frausto-Sandoval

      My sons is at NTA, RGC grade 2.  Daughter just got offered spot in K today.  It’s a great school.  Diverse, tight knit community, incredibly driven RGC teachers.  And neighborhood program and RGC are very interconnected, lots of opportunities for socialization with neighborhood.  We love it.

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      Beatriz Frausto-Sandoval

      Sorry, thought I was replying to someone above who got offer at NTA and wasn’t familiar.

      RGC score 129 for my daughter.  With sibling bump, we got offer at NTA.

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      R 99/ M 99

      RGC 154

      Skinner North accepted.

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      I see that you asked about SN and SW on another thread. This is the main thread so I’ll post my answer here. I toured SN and SW. I think SN is a much better choice for the following reasons:

      1. SN has a principal that gave a logical and informative presentation at the open house. I also toured Lincoln Park Elementary, Edison, Decatur. The principal at SW stood out as the only principal among these schools who did not have good public speaking skills. She was repetitively stating “SW is great” without giving concrete details of why it’s great, except for saying she pushes her students with lots of homework. The presentation at SN actually did the exact opposite. She and a couple of teachers didn’t say SN is so great, but went into specific details of how the classes are taught with what curriculums they use. They spoke about the extracurricular activities, and parent involvements. I was mainly focused on the academics and I got a lot from the SN presentation, but basically nothing from the SW presentation.

      2. SN has 2 classes but SW has only 1 gifted class.  SN shuffles their students every year. I feel like interacting with more students can give all the students more perspective on life. (Edison also only has 1 class per year, Decatur has 1 or 2 classes per year.)

      3. SN only has tested in students. I feel like being surrounded by equals is is important for a young child. I don’t want her to be labeled as special in any way (like on school papers or the way people address her class) so that she doesn’t inadvertently feel pretentious (she might not, but just in case).

      4. From your username, you might live at Lincoln Park. SN is closer to you.

      Hope to see you next school year!

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        Agreeing with the third point. That was the only reason why we ranked Edison over Bell. Both seemed great but I didn’t my child to be labeled. Being in a neighborhood school has a lot of advantages though and we really like Bell (e.g., their theater program seems amazing).

        As far as SN vs. SW, SW appears to be much more disorganized. From the classical school tours, I was most impressed with Decatur but ranked SN higher due to proximity to us.

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      Tier 4 Kindergarten

      RGC 146

      Accepted at Edison (1st choice).

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      Giant squid

      Wow! Amazing scores

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      Can anyone comment on Hawthorne vs. Edison if you ever thought about it or had to make that decision? Or can anyone comment on the school bus experience from Lakeview to Edison and back?

      I really liked Hawthorne when I toured it and its close proximity to our home would help with logistics. Besides the academic rigor, its diversity (enabled by lottery) is a big plus.

      As far as I know, Edison teaches up to two years above grade level, and Hawthorne gradually goes to teaching one year above grade level. I think it’s amazing that Hawthorne gets kids from different backgrounds to that rigor which jives with my belief that you can teach anyone anything with the right resources.

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      @HeNe. Many thanks for your detailed response. Sounds like very valid points. This is very helpful in making a decision. Missed the open house (had some issues juggling with two kids).

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      No problem! Feel free to ask more questions. I totally understand juggling life with two kids!!!

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      When does the second round school allotment list be announced?

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        According to https://go.cps.edu/, these are the dates:
        JUNE 1, 2020
        Round 2 Application Period Opens

        JUNE 5, 2020
        Round 2 Application Period Closes

        JUNE 26, 2020
        Round 2 Results Released

        JULY 8, 2020
        Deadline to Accept/Decline Round 2 Offers

        JULY 13, 2020
        Round 2 Waitlist Process Opens

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      Hi all! Can someone advice on how can I prepare my child for the test for Skinner North? It looks like whoever got in the school had great scores. Congrats! But, how did you prepare your child? Or what skills should I work on? Any advice would be great!

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      Thank U

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      Can someone explain round 2 to me!

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        This is from https://go.cps.edu/elementary-school/learn

        ROUND 2 OFFERS

        Round 2 gives families another chance to apply to Choice schools via online or paper application to schools with available seats remaining. Families can apply to up to 20 Choice schools, even if they have already accepted a Round 1 offer or Round 1 waitlist offer. The start date for Round 2 will be released once it has been finalized.


        Similar to Round 1 waitlists, there’s a separate waitlist period after the Round 2 application period ends. Round 2 waitlists are a separate set of waitlists for the Choice Schools to which the student applied.

        If students applied in both application rounds, they could be on two separate waitlists. The student will be waitlisted until February 2021, unless they are issued a waitlist offer or proactively remove themselves from the waitlist. Students can only accept one waitlist offer at any time. Accepting an offer automatically declines any other offer received.

        All waitlist offers, regardless of application period, have the same 48 business hour acceptance window before the seat is forfeited.

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      Is there any chance of getting into a RGC with a score of 131?

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      Is there any chance of getting into a RGC with a score of 131?

      – My friend’s daughter got an offer from NTA with a score of 131 and she is in Tier 3

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      Regarding Edison v Hawthorne, we’ve spent time in both places and know families at both places. I don’t have the option (high-waitlisted with both kids at Hawthorne) but I would choose Hawthorne if I could. There are more opportunities for kids there (clubs, interests, community) and still offers a rigorous program in a very good neighborhood. The grounds alone are something I know kids just love and Edison is really lacking in outdoor play space.

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        Thank you for sharing!

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      Magnet v SEES

      it probably goes without saying, but if you have multiple kids, sibling preference for magnets is just huge. There is absolutely none in selective enrollment

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      @BoyMom: Congrats! what is your tier and scores?



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      We did no preparation, but our child is an early reader, she taught herself how to read before she turned 3. I think it is important to give them exposure to books, games from a very early age, from birth really. She also had lots of screen time, I think she learned from PBS Super Reader Super Why program 🙂 so, not all TV is bad for little ones.



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      Did anyone get into McPherson?

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      Offered Pritzker RGC for 2nd grade.  We are happy about her current school STEM Magnet? it is difficult for us to take a decison. any advice or suggestions on Pritzker school would be appreciated ?

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      Chicago Born

      @YK21 what RGC did you apply to?

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      Yep. 146 rgc, tier 4. Offered Mcpherson rgc,  which was our first choice.

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      In the spirit of helping parents out for next year… curious regarding tier 4 acceptance scores scores for k for Pritzker and Bell.  I have not toured either school. Had one set up recently for Bell which was canceled due to covid. Hoping to tour in the fall if they will allow them. Not sure which one is more competitive, and/or parents like better. Proximity would lean us towards one, but both would be feasible.

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        @Jennifer I think it’s tough to make decisions without being able to tour the schools, so I feel for you. For me, there is always a subjective component of “how the school feels” that goes beyond pure statistics of the school (which I have also studied in depth). Over the span of two years, I toured over 20 schools (a mix of RGCs, classical, magnets, neighborhood), in order to understand how CPS works and to make up my mind about the schools I would like to send my child to. And this does not even count the ones I sent my poor husband to tour (he thinks all schools are great and doesn’t believe in tours providing vital info). With that in mind, Bell, both RGC and neighborhood programs, is one of my top choices and I had a hard time deciding whether I like Edison or Bell RGC more. I can go into details why but none of them can replace the personal experience of “how the school feels.” I didn’t even put Pritzker on our RGC list because I like our neighborhood school more than Pritzker. In fact, I like a number of neighborhood schools more than Pritzker because of the way it feels. As far as which one is more competitive, I haven’t seen data on this but based on this forum posts, it seems that more people rank Bell over Pritzker (you can use the forum search function to check for yourself). That said, Pritzker parents on this forum are very happy with the school, so take my subjective opinion with a grain (or more) of salt. If you have any specific questions about the tours/schools, I would be happy to try to answer.

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      I just came upon this WBEZ article on “Which CPS schools send the most kids to top high schools” and decided to share, in case it helps with anyone’s decisions: https://bit.ly/3dpjuIy.

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        Giant Squid

        Hi LakeviewMom, I understand your child might go to Edison. We were offered Edison too. I would like to keep in touch with prospective parents.  You can ping me at flareplay at hotmail if you want.

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      Tier 4


      Offered Bell (1st choice)

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      @Robins, can I ask what tier and RGC score? I’m trying to gauge where the cutoff might be on non-K grades. Thansk.

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      Is Skinner North possible with-

      Reading 94

      Math 95

      Tier 4

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        It’s possible at a later round. Based on the experience with my 2 kids, the classical schools seem to admit based on the highest score among math and reading. A 99.3 90 will beat 99 99.

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      First grade entry. R99 M90. Offer from Bronzeville. Any Bronzeville parents who can provide some insight? I am assuming the scores are not good enough to expect Skinner N or W in subsequent rounds.

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      seems like this is very competitive. i have a kid who will probably appear for the test next year.

      wonder how many kids in total appear for the test at kindergarten level? anyone with an answer?

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      Would anyone know how testing will be for this upcoming school year with the covid situation? Will there be a placement test at all?

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      @ChiDad Yes, we reside on the south side.  We accepted the offer to Poe Classical for Kindergarten.

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      Getting an offer to any of these elementary schools seems harder than getting into most colleges. We can calculate this years acceptance percentage to CPS classical and Gifted elementary schools ourselves:

      Assume each class has 30 kids

      Decatur                     30

      SN 2 classes              60

      SW.                              30

      Bronzeville                  30

      mcDade.                      30

      poe.                               30

      Edison.                          30

      Bell.                                30

      mcpherson.                   30

      Pritzker                           30

      Beasley.                          30

      Carnegie.                      30

      Lenart.                           30

      greenely                          30

      Pulaski                            30

      Orozco                             30

      total                                510


      The total kids who took the kindergarten classical or gifted program test was 3,500 – per the cps admissions letter this year.

      510/3,500 is a 15% acceptance-rate into the CPS Selective Enrollment classical and gifted Elementary Kindergarten class this year.

      I have calculated the average acceptance scores based on those who self reported below for each school. While not statistically significant, I think it would be reasonable for prospective parents to use those scores as a guiding tool for scores that are needed to get in for round 1.

      SN r: 99 m: 98 (6 self reported)

      Decatur r: 98 m: 98 (1 self reported)

      Bronzeville: r: 94 m: 88 (3 self reported)

      Poe r: 99 m: 90 (1 self reported)

      Bell 146 (1 self reported)

      Edison 150 (2 self reported)

      Pritzker 143 (1 self reported)

      Mcpherson 146 (1 self reported)

      NTA: 131 (3 self reported)

      Hope this helps!

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      rgc interest

      Can you share any information or impressions you have on McPherson?  I didn’t tour and don’t have an idea of class size (28?) or teacher/curriculum stance

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      UKVillage Mom

      @Momof2  My child got accepted to Bronzeville for Kindergarten.  We currently reside in West Town and we are concerned about commute time (I work in the Loop) and how drop/off pick up goes.  Also, what is expected for parent involvement after school?  We want to be invested in the school, but we also have a younger child starting PK-3 at a different school and are concerned about balancing this.

      And really, what I would like to know is whether an hour commute each day is worth the education he would receive at Bronzeville.  Any more talking up the school would be appreciated.

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        I completely understand your dilemma. Our commute is 25-35 mins depending on traffic and was also a concerned of mine.
        For drop-off times, the earliest this school year was 7:30am. They have a special door for the carpool lane. They have staff helping the children off the vehicle and they walk into the building. Very good option in my opinion. We used it every day. They don’t let parents walk the student inside the building. So I didn’t see the need to park and walk them to the main entrance door.
        For pick-up, it’s at 2:40pm for K via their own door, so you park and they call them out once they see you. However, they have a very robust after-school program. There’s a free one that you sign up once a quarter called Eagles extra that went to 4pm I think. It is very limited in the amount of children that can participate, but it’s an option. Otherwise they have two paid options, one is a Spanish class via Living the Language school that ended at 5:30pm. Great program by the way, we had our son participate. And the other one goes up until 6pm and I believe you pay per day. Not sure on the details.
        As for the parent involvement after school, there are opportunities throughout the year to volunteer at student’s activities. Not too many but there are. They were always events that started at 6pm. Examples: movie nights.
        Overall, we love the school. The quality is of education is great and worth the drive for us. I think it all depends on how your neighborhood school has to offer.
        Also, have you considered bus transportation maybe?? Just a thought.
        Hope this helps.
        I also know that the principal is holding a virtual informational session and I’m sure you will be impressed with everything shared there.

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      We attended the admitted parent open house for Bronzeville last night and were impressed.  We will be commuting from West of the city as well with a younger child at another school so I feel your pain @UK village mom but I think it’s worth it for us. Good luck!

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      UKVillage Mom

      @Hpmama2020 We unfortunately missed the virtual open house this week but will attend next week.  After doing some more research, we will likely accept.  I’m encouraged that you were impressed!

      @Momof2 Thank you so much for your detailed response.  Sounds like drop off will be a breeze.  We will have him in an after school program that goes to 6 and the programs Bronzeville offers look amazing.  I also realized that the 1-on-1 time I’ll get to spend with my son in the car to and from school will be a great opportunity to communicate and make memories.  It changes my life, for sure, but it will probably make his so much better to be able to attend a great school and spend special time with his mom.

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      RGC: 149

      accepted Edison (first choice)

    • #11134 Reply
      Kids need to have fun

      Tier 4 –  Accepted Skinner North (R99, M98)

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      Going to be 1st

      R 99

      M 96

      Rgc 134


      Offered at beubien(2nd choice)

      I’m not sure if I should accept the offer.

      If i decline, is there any chance for Decatur (4th choice)?


      Going to be 3rd grade

      R 99

      M 96

      Rgc 132

      No offer at bell, beaubien,  coonley, Pritzker and Decatur

      Any chance for Decatur??


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      Has anyone heard any mention of whether the RGC incoming class size for K is reduced this year? I understand that it is generally 30 but understand it may be reduced for the incoming class sizes as a result of last year’s negotiations.

    • #11171 Reply

      Which RGC are you referring to?  I thought for example Keller and Lenart RGC incoming K was at 28?

    • #11172 Reply

      Tier 4

      RGC 150

      Accepted Edison (2nd choice)

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      Nwside mom

      Does anyone know if the K scoring rubric went up to 150 or 160 this year? I know historically 160.

      • #11190 Reply
        Giant Squid

        I believe 160; I’ve seen a score of 153

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      RGC question

      MAMA, I’m assuming Edison was your second choice and a classical school was first then? Can we also include tier (I assume 4)?

    • #11176 Reply

      Just accepted the offer at beaubien

      Hopefully his brother may get an offer for another round..

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      UKVillage Mom

      Just accepted at Bronzeville Classical for Kindergarten and declined the offer at Suder Montessori.

    • #11195 Reply

      Tier 4 and yes, our first choice was Skinner North

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      Nwside mom, I read in a discussion forum somewhere that RGC score is out of 160 for entering K and out of 150 for future grades. I haven’t seen anything official to back this up, but just FYI.

      • #11202 Reply

        It is stated on the OAE letter, 160 for Kindergarten, 150 – all other grades


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          My 4th grader scored 156 RGC and offered Keller.

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      Daughter got accepted to Beasley’s RGC but neighborhood school is a better school overall (Healy).

      Any advice on whether to accept Beasley or Healy? We were hoping for a different gifted program at the school she is at now but they only have a handful of seats left and I dont know if she’ll be offered one.

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      There are quite a few kids in bronzeville with sibling at Skinner North, Lenart.

    • #11207 Reply

      Does anyone know if there are any chances of getting in through second round at skinner west or north ? My sons score are

      R:96 and m :94

    • #11208 Reply

      Likely Skinner North, but probably not Skinner West

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      Have anyone get 2nd round offer?

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      RGC interest

      I haven’t heard of any….just choice schools taking from waitlists…

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      Incoln Sqre Mom

      Do we have to reapply for the second round for SEES or is it just for magnet schools?

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      RGC interest

      You should have received an email from CPS regarding second round. It is to apply for schools you may not have applied for in first round. Also for those who missed first round altogether

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      RGC interest

      Please post if you have received a new offer from SEES schools since last Friday or if you have decided to decline a SEES school offer for K with your tier

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      SEES round 2 results are available 6/26 as well?


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        You probably know this already but Round 2 is not for SEES. This is what GoCPS stated in their email from June 1st: “No Selective Enrollment elementary schools will be available in <span class=”il”>Round</span> <span class=”il”>2</span>.”

        If you are asking about SEES offers for remaining spots after Round 1, I haven’t seen any timeline on the GoCPS website. Might be worth calling OAP to ask: https://go.cps.edu/contact.

        My guess is that CPS handles them similarly to the waitlists for Choice schools, except that we never see those waitlists.

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      Thank you very much! @LakeviewMom

    • #11288 Reply

      Recently declined at Pritzker RGC, Tier 4.

    • #11289 Reply

      For kindergarten

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      RGC interest

      Second round SEES offers went out today, comment if you ca with offer

    • #11332 Reply

      2nd grade, Tier 4, 99R/96M

      Offered at Pritzker; we declined

      PS – I saw that this thread is titled for Kindergarten, but it seems people are using this for other grades also. Hopefully someone waiting for a Pritzker 2nd grade spot will hear their good news soon.

    • #11333 Reply

      Received an offer from bronzeville

    • #11335 Reply

      Decline McPherson for K, tier 4

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      Melinda Bradley


      RGC score 138

      no offers Round 1

      offered McPherson round 2

      For interested parents- my son is at Bell and has been since 1st grade (2018)

      RGC score 149

    • #11339 Reply
      Melinda Bradley

      We got an offer at &McPherson, too! Did you decide to accept?

    • #11340 Reply

      @Melinda Bradley, curious what tier you are..?

    • #11341 Reply

      I have a child that will be 4 y.o in August and will have to test this fall to be considered for an SEES for 2021-2022. How are kids assessed for this exam? Would my child be expected to know the same things as a child that is 5+ years old, or will they be assessed based on their age (i.e. compared to other kids that are 4 years and 3 months old)?

      Also, for those parents who had their children tested not long after their 4th birthday and received SEES offers, did you have to prep your child for the test?

      • #11342 Reply

        Your child will be compared to kids of same age to the month.

        We did not do any prep courses, just exposed to lots of books and games from birth.


    • #11344 Reply
      making moves

      This is a great forum to better understand what to expect and what it takes to get into the different CPS programs, so sharing results:

      Reading: 97

      Math: 89

      RGC: 101

      Tier 2

      Round 1, No offers, Round 2 Bronzeville

      Reading: 98

      Math: 99

      RGC: 137

      Tier 2

      Round 1, McDade, Round 2 No offers, Hoping for a last minute acceptance into Lenart or Skinner

    • #11346 Reply

      @making moves

      Curious how you had your rankings since you are waiting for Lenart or Skinner.  Seems like Tier 2 R 98 and M 99 would have gotten you in Round 1?  Was McDade ranked higher initially?

    • #11347 Reply

      wow R98/M99 are very competitive testing scores!

    • #11348 Reply

      McDade is a fantastic smaller school Super wonderful  dynamic principle ( Ms Gray) and the staff is fantastic. My son attended K-6 but is now going to a Academic Center.  Your child will be pushed and challenged but in a good way the thing to know about any classical or gifted school is that your child doesnt just go to school but so do you!!! You have to be willing to roll up your shelves and pants and get involved they have very involved parents PTA and LSC also Mcdade just built a expansion and added a seventh and eight grade class.

    • #11349 Reply


      what grade are you applying to?  Because for Kindergarten I know people with lower scores and higher tiers that got into Skinner North

    • #11351 Reply

      May I know the scores and tier that get into skinner?

      • #11353 Reply

        @YKam see post #11044 for sone of the reported scores for schools

    • #11352 Reply

      I’m thinking they declined McDade if they are holding out for Lenart or Skinner late round

    • #11355 Reply
      Melinda Bradley

      We are tier 4

    • #11356 Reply

      @Melinda Bradley
      Curious which RGC’s you applied for? Is the 138 for kindergarten for a second child, or are you moving your son?

    • #11357 Reply

      Sorry about that weird space!

      I’ll repeat so its easier on the eyes

      @melinda Bradley

      Which RGC’s did you apply for? Is this for a second child going into k or are you moving your son?

    • #11358 Reply

      Anyone got Edison offer in second round?

    • #11375 Reply

      Just curious, has anyone gotten 2nd round RGC offers for upper grades (4th-6th) and if so, what were the scores needed?

    • #11379 Reply

      Our daughter was accepted today off the waitlist to Edison Gifted for kindergarten in September –  score was 125, tier 4. Hope others heard good news too.

    • #11380 Reply

      @Candy Thank you for sharing information.

      I have not heard anything from Edison yet. score 155, tier 4

      • #11393 Reply

        @529 How did you rank the schools and what offer did you receive in the first round? If you ranked Edison first, with this score you should have received an offer to Edison in the first round.

    • #11382 Reply
      RGC interest

      Seriously? We also are hoping for Edison offer for tier 4. That’s a huge disparity

    • #11383 Reply

      Don’t know what is going on.. I will call CPS to find out on Monday.

    • #11384 Reply

      How did you rank Edison? That could be a factor.

    • #11385 Reply
      RGC interest

      we ranked it first, also calling 🙁

    • #11386 Reply

      @529 I’m sure you will hear good news really soon. Or you might get our seat since our top choice was Decatur and so we are contemplating turning this offer down. I ranked Edison as number 2.  She got a 98 math 99 reading, think we have a shot? It totally feels like playing roulette, it’s a total gamble!

    • #11387 Reply
      RGC interest

      Candy, are you sure you’re tier 4? Also, of course you have a good shot with those reading and math scores no matter what tier

    • #11388 Reply

      I thought Tier didn’t factor in subsequent rounds— should be based on scores only at this point, right?

      • #11409 Reply

        In prior years, tiers only were relevant through about the first 3-4 waitlists cycles (I don’t like to say “Rounds” ever since CPS used the term “Round 2” for what used to be the “End of Year Application Process”.) Everyone who applied by the Dec deadline was part of Round 1 and those waitlists have multiple cycles, while schools with open seats after the Dec applications were offered on the “Round 2” application and that has its own waitlist cycles as well. So to get back to the question, Tiers for ENTRY YEARS ONLY are relevant for about 3-4 waitlist cycles and then apparently any open seats that come up after that time are offered to the highest scorer irrespective of tier. Hope this helps.

    • #11389 Reply
      RGC interest

      if that’s the case (I don’t see the info anywhere regarding subsequent rounds on the sites)….then that seems off. Do they weigh classical exam scores at all? Or whether the child accepted a choice/magnet school offer?

    • #11390 Reply

      Good point about tiers not mattering in subsequent rounds. Maybe they want kids from different neighborhoods? We live in the Gold Coast so maybe that’s why we were selected.

    • #11391 Reply

      Candy is either trolling or misreporting. With 99/98, Decatur would have given an offer in the first round (see Hercules earlier). We also know that kids with 143 have not gotten offers from Edison, so 125 in Tier 4 doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    • #11392 Reply

      Or OAC made a mistake which would be really unfortunate.
      This would be a pretty boring site to troll!
      : )

    • #11394 Reply

      I think tiers are taken into consideration for rounds 1-3, and not for rounds 4+.

    • #11395 Reply

      Let’s please try to be civilized on this forum. I was just trying to help by sharing our news.

      Anyway, which school is considered the best? How do people decide what school to choose?

      • #11406 Reply

        @Candy I apologize if I offended you. Waiting for offers is anxiety-inducing for most parents, so when someone reports that they got into Edison with 125 and Tier 4, many parents get concerned and wonder how that was possible.

        Given that your child has 99/98 (excellent scores for classical schools!) and Decatur was your first choice, do you mind sharing what offer you got in the first round? It seems that you should have gotten an offer from Decatur in the first round and if you didn’t, then you should call OAE and ask them why.


    • #11396 Reply


      We rank Bell before Edison, and received 1st round offer from Bell. But after some research (which should have been done earlier, our fault), we declined the offer and wait for second round from bell or sn.

    • #11397 Reply


      Gold coast is in tier 4, most competitive in CPS tiering score system.

      Appreciate you would like to share the information. But just feel like there is a huge gap between what you said and what I and @RobinInTheRain observed, Tier 4 155 and 143 could not get the second round offer from Edison. Are you sure your kid got 125 not 152?

      I will call CPS on Monday anyways and share what I find out here.


    • #11398 Reply

      wait for second round from Edison or sn.

    • #11399 Reply

      @Candy, thanks for sharing the news!

      I know a person from tier 4 who is going to turn down Decatur.  Decatur is adding a brand new expansion to the school, basically almost doubling in size because they are adding 7th and 8th grade too.


      Good luck!!

    • #11400 Reply

      Btw, Tier 4, my daughter Reading 99 Math 97, but we could not get the second round offer from skinner north. 🙁

      • #11402 Reply

        Your daughter has fantastic scores for both classical and RGC. Keeping fingers crossed for you! (I can relate to the hardness of choosing between Bell and Edison…)

    • #11401 Reply


      I think maybe your address is in Tier 2/3. Some area in Gold Coast is not in Tier 4. Then it will explain everything.

      In terms of school choices, in general, classic schools more focus on math and reading, usually 1 year ahead. Gifted schools more focus on problem solving skills, usually 2 years ahead. For me, the location is a very important factor, so I rank the three selective programs in order of distance from my home.


    • #11403 Reply

      @ RobinInTheRain

      Thank you! it is really a torture to wait for later round offers..

    • #11404 Reply

      Does anyone can explain how the ranks work?

      A while ago, I happened to talk with someone in the testing department over the phone since I had a question about the rank.

      My question was:
      “If student A is 99% in classical exam and rank school C as the SECOND choice. And if student B is 98% in classical exam and rank the same school as the FIRST choice other than that, every condition is the same between student A and B. In this case, who would get an offer from the school? A student with a higher score? Or a student who ranks the school higher?”

      Then the agent said a student with a higher score!!  However, as I heard from you guys, it seems the rank thing is an important role.

      Can anyone explain about this?? Thanks in advance!

    • #11405 Reply

      @Bright It depends on what the student with 99% ranked first and whether they have a high enough score to get into their first choice. If the score is high enough, then they will get an offer from their first choice in the first round. If the score is not high enough for their first choice but high enough for their second choice (school C), then they will get an offer while the one with 98% may get an offer only if their score is also high enough for school C.

      • #11407 Reply

        Basically, OAE has no way of knowing that a parent actually preferred the second school when they ranked another school first. This is the situation @529 is in.

        Let me know if my explanation was not clear enough.

    • #11410 Reply

      Regarding offers and rankings, think of it as CPS having a big computer that orders students from highest scorer on down, and if it is an entry year, their tier is also noted. Then the computer starts from highest scorer and pulls the corresponding application and slates the student in to their first choice program without looking at the other choices. Then the computer grabs the next highest scorer and puts them in to that applicant’s first choice, and goes on down by test scores. After 30% of a program’s seats are filled via rank for an entry year, then it also looks to Tiers (in entry years only) and pulls high scorers from each of the 4 tiers because 17.5% of the class is high scorers from each tier to round out the class. So out of a class of 30 students, about 9 get spots based on rank, and then about 5 spots go to highest scores per tier (entry year only). For non-entry years, there may not be any spots to fill in or just one or two, so it is only filled by rank and often times families do not tell a school they are leaving until the end of the school year so schools typically don’t know if they have spots to fill until then.

    • #11411 Reply

      Thank so much for your comment.

      But I’m still confused….

      So my question is,

      A: 99% score, 2nd choice

      B: 98% score, 1st choice

      Both A and B applied for the same school. (And student A didn’t get a seat for her/his first choice.)

      Then who will get the seat?


      • #11412 Reply

        If there is only one seat in School C and Student A didn’t make the cut for their first choice, then Student A will be prioritized over Student B and get the seat in School C.

    • #11413 Reply



      Got it. Thx!

    • #11418 Reply

      Called OAE this morning.

      The staff explained to me, both tier and score factor in for all later selection rounds. And she said sometime the order of choices would take precedence of student score, CPS tries to fit students with the particular school as their preferred school first. In another words, the student with lower score could get seat and the higher score student does not get the seat, because the lower score student puts the school as their first choice.

      This is contradict with what I think and @RobinInTheRain ‘s explanation for @Bright example. 🙁

      • #11427 Reply

        It looks like OAE is giving mixed messages then.

        My information also comes from OAE. Back in November when I was trying to decide on school rankings, I had the same questions as Bright and very specific example scenarios. The OAE answer was consistent with what @chicagoschooloptions explained. I was told that OAE ranks kids from top to bottom and the kids with the highest scores get in first. Where they get in depends on how they rank the schools. It put me at ease that there is no gambling with the rankings and my best strategy is to rank the schools in true desired order.

        The only situation where a kid B with a lower score would get a round 1 offer from school C and a kid A with a higher score would not is if kid A gets a round 1 offer from school D they ranked higher. This is true for round 1 offers only. If kid B accepts round 1 offer from C and kid A declines round 1 offer from D and no spot opens up in school C in later rounds, then kid A may never get an offer from school C. As a result, the kid with a lower score was accepted in school C and the kid with the higher was not. However, this only happens if kid A changes their mind about desired order or hopes to get an offer from an even higher ranked school than D. Thus, there is some gambling involved with declining offers.

      • #11428 Reply

        I just reread your message and it looks like OAE was giving you information about subsequent rounds, not about round 1. Is that correct? If so, there was no mixed messaging.

        All my answers to Bright were about round 1. I should have been clearer. I know little about how subsequent rounds work, especially what happens when you decline your first choice. What did they say? Does your second choice become your new top choice now?

    • #11426 Reply

      <div class=”bbp-author-role”>
      <div class=””>Thank you so much for your explanation. Now I’m clear.</div>

    • #11429 Reply

      @RobinInTheRain @chicagoschooloptions

      You both explained the process very clearly. And it is very logical.

      The staff described it as general process, did not mention it was for later rounds, I did not ask whether later rounds are different from first round assuming they are same.


    • #11430 Reply

      Hmmmm, well it would make it quite difficult to decide between ranking a classical vs RGC first then if you don’t know the scores.

      Did anyone test early? We’re you able to get scores back prior to submitting your child’s application?

      • #11431 Reply

        That’s true. My child took the test in early November and had the scores before ranking the schools in December. Based on the scores, I knew that she has a better chance at RGCs than classical, so I ranked accordingly. Otherwise, I would have had a harder time deciding whether to rank SN or Edison first, especially since SN is more convenient for us location-wise…

    • #11433 Reply

      Glad to hear you got scores back before submission. We are going to try to grab and early slot in the fall then. Would rather just get it over with especially since we are not doing any formal programs. Thanks!

    • #11435 Reply


      Did they email you the score even before application process started??

      Btw may I ask your child score and ranks?

      Thank you!


      • #11442 Reply

        @Bright If a child takes the test in the first three weeks of November, then GoCPS sends the results early December: https://go.cps.edu/about-gocps/faq/elementary. See under “When will I receive my child’s test results?”

        I reported my child’s results under posts #10891 earlier in this thread and #11432 in the Singapore Math thread. I had to change my avatar due to a system error.

    • #11533 Reply
      Nwside mom

      round 3 offers are out

    • #11534 Reply

      Received offer for kindergarten at our 3rd choice, McPherson (after Bell and Pritzker).

      Tier: 4

      RGC Score: 136


      • #11543 Reply

        We accepted

    • #11535 Reply

      Declined NTA this morning. 143 tier 4

    • #11536 Reply
      Nwside mom

      We also received an offer at McPherson this morning, similarly 3rd choice after Bell and Pritzker.  Tier 4, 134. We likely will accept. Younger daughter also got into early learning pre-k at McPherson so investigated the school some then and seems like a really active parents’ group that is heavily invested in the school and has made some great strides (getting IB and now RGC).

    • #11538 Reply

      8/28 the 3rd round offer from SN

      Tier 4, Math 97/Reading 99

      • #11542 Reply

        Was SN not your first choice?  Based on scores, you would have received an offer in Round 1 if it were. Have you accepted?


    • #11539 Reply

      8/28 – Received an offer from NTA for Kindergarten our 5th choice. Tier 4, 135.

    • #11540 Reply

      Does anyone know if there will another round of offers?



    • #11544 Reply

      SN was the first choice. No idea why didn’t get 1st or 2nd round offer.

    • #11559 Reply

      SN was the 1st choice. Round 1, got an offer from 2nd choice Bell.

      We declined the offer and waited for later round offer from SN.

      We are so glad to get it eventually.


    • #11560 Reply
      Results not showing

      I checked status today in GoCPS and it’s not showing application results any longer. Does anyone else see that? I would have thought it was early to be completely done with offers. Anyone know the final date before we shouldn’t expect anything?

    • #11594 Reply
      Any news from SEES schools?

      OAE says they are filling openings in SEES schools. Has anyone received any offers since 8/28?

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