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      I wonder why it takes until April before you hear back on open enrollment/magnet lottery results as well as SEES test scores and potential offers (if any).

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      Testing for selective enrollment programs happens through early March, so that is part of the reason for the wait. It is interminable.

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      I agree! When does CPS provide an actual date in April as to when they will release offers?

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      I am worried about getting on wait lists and being available to answer “The Call” if one ever comes. From the stories I’ve heard it can be very important to receive the call attempt. I know you have a very limited time to decide if they do call, but will they pass you up if you are not able to pick up the phone when they call? I am seriously thinking of only taking buses to get to work during that time so I don’t miss anything ha ha

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      CPS typically allows about 2 weeks or so for first round offers to be accepted or declined. Families even have time to tour again or visit for the first time. Then 2nd & 3rd round offers go out and sometimes those have a week or so turnaround. Then 4th round, etc and with each round, the turnaround time can get shorter, whereby at the end of the summer, you often hear that phone calls are being made with 2 hour answer windows (or shorter). By late August or even into September, many families are decided or started school so the list moves fast and a school may just call families in quick succession.

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      So what do you do during those 2 weeks? Say your child is in a great elementary school but gets into an SE program. Who do you talk to to figure out what the right choice is?

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        For the time between when you found out and when you need to notify of your decision, families try to visit schools, talk to other families, and see what feels right in their “gut”. Location, school hours, homework expectations, extra-curriculars, etc. can all come into the decision. It is very personal, and families do turn down SE offers to stay at their current school for a wide variety of reasons, including feeling confident that your child is getting great differentiation and needs met at their current school.

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      So we are weighing our options, what is some of the best kindergarten programs that still have some play based instruction- or is that a pipe dream?

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        Sara, What area/hood are you looking for? Are you only looking at CPS public? I would recommend reading the mission statement of your neighborhood school and then visit it/go on a tour. Is there a specific teaching style you like? “Play based” is kind of a catch phrase that is very “it” right now but it is not really tied to a specific educational model. It might help if you found a model you like… have you looked at Reggio Emilia? Or do you want only CPS?

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      Here’s something I’ve been wondering about while waiting.

      How do schools that get new additions work their lotteries? I’m talking Lincoln, South Loop, and Skinner. Did Lincoln take in kids off of the lottery to fill some of the new empty spots? What does every one think/heard will happen at SL and Skinner?

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