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      early academics

      Please share top 3 gifted/classical schools you have ranked and your tier.

      1. Bell

      2. Edison

      3. Skinner North

      On CPS website it looks like Skinner West has better performance numbers compared to other school listed above. Is it for real?

      We are in Tier 4


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      Our Top 3 choices were:

      1. Skinner North

      2. Skinner West

      3. Edison

      We are Tier 4.

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      did we made a mistake by putting Skinner West at #5?

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      Kids need to have fun

      We are preferring Gifted Programs over Classical. We are in south loop, so schools way up north are not feasible. Tier 4 here

      • Pritzker
      • Skinner North
      • NTA
      • Skinner West


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      Talking about easiness to get in, Edison and Skinner West are probably the hardest two.

      We had SW, SN, and Edison (in that order) last year and only got into SN.

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        Did you decline SN or accept?


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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Academic wise – Skinner North and Keller probably have the best test scores over time.</p>

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      Also, if accepted, which round?


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      Chicago Born

      What scores got you into SN and what round?

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Accepted SN at the later round.</p>
      We ranked SW first for proximity reason, but they only have one class so it is harder to get in. We are happy with SN anyway.

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      Do you recall the scores that got your child into Skinner North?

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      Skinner West is in an affluent area and its neighborhood kids have good scores so that pumps up the  school overall scores.  NTA and Pritzker have different neighborhood demographics and their neighborhood programs do not score nearly as well as SW.  Skinner North is ALL classical kids so their scores are going to be high.  I have not found any websites that separate out only scores for RGC or Classical kids.  It is typically the entire school.  So it’s nearly impossible to compare by scores alone.

      RGC strives to teach 2 years ahead whereas Classical is only one, and RGC differentiates more.  Some classical schools have more art and language programming.  It just depends what you want [and what you get accepted to].  T4 is very hard to get accepted.

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      Tier 4

      1. Decatur

      2. Edison

      3. Bell

      Even though Decatur is the furthest, I was most impressed with their leadership/principal. Worth the drive in my opinion. Skinner West put on the most impressive Open House presentation but their school is just way too overcrowded and chaotic.

      I don’t know anyone who got into SN with at least one 99 in the first round. Know someone who got accepted one week after school year started with a 97R/94M.

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