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      Lemi-Ola Erinkitola

      Our unique program teaches students to be better critical thinkers and problem solvers while they play and learn in the real world and online. We use game based learning strategies and abstract questioning to help children become better thinkers. Students attend our bootcamps to “catch up,” “get ahead” or “stay ahead” of academics in reading, math and NWEA/MAP and STEM curriculum. Students experience a gifted and above grade level curriculum designed by award winning educator, Lemi-Ola Erinkitola.
      Register here: https://www.thecriticalthinkingchild.com/critical-thinking-boot-camp-for-kids/

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      How can I prep my children for this SE testing by myself?

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        Beyond the basics of being sure to read with your child daily, ask them open ended questions often, and expose them to new experiences, some families also search for sample questions from such tests as OLSAT, CoGAT, NNAT, Stanford Binet, Woodcock-Johnson, Weschler, etc.

        Test prep is not necessary to get into these programs, and many students do not prep.

        This is from  https://cps.edu/AccessAndEnrollment/Pages/KindergartenTesting.aspx

        Testing for Kindergarten for the Regional Gifted Centers and Classical School Exams

        This is an exciting opportunity for you and your child. It is important to know that the screening measures utilized at the Illinois Institute of Technology are administered to your child in a one-on-one setting. Since the exams are brief, two exams will be administered during the same appointment time. One is for the Regional Gifted Centers and the other is for the Classical Schools. This will enable you to select both type of programs as possible choices for your child.

        The classical exam is an achievement-based examination and taps into a child’s reading and mathematics abilities. It is important to remember that children progress through various stages at different when they are acquiring reading and mathematical skills. Each child progresses at his or her own pace according to their maturity level.

        In the area of reading, some children’s skill set lies at the readiness level (i.e., alphabet recitation or phonemic awareness) whereas others possess higher level skills such as reading words and comprehending information the printed words convey.

        In the area of mathematics, children also develop at different rates in a variety of areas that include problem solving and reasoning, number concepts, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, and patterns and relationships.

        The exam begins with pre-school mathematical concepts such as counting, one to one correspondence, sorting, measurement and recognizing visual similarities and differences between objects. Higher skills are tapped for students for those who are able to solve simple word problems and perform mathematical calculations. If you child does not possess those type of higher level skills in reading or math the examination is designed to reach a ceiling and exposure to problems that are too difficult for your child are minimal.

        The gifted exam taps into the child’s ability to form abstract concepts and solve problems using novel information. Items focus on the ability to form relations between objects (e.g., a fish lives inside a fish bowl), sequential reasoning where the child tells what is the missing number ( 1.2.3__5), or detecting patterns such as in the following example, were the child is to figure out what comes next:

        Both exams administered to your child are developmentally age/grade appropriate. Some of the items will be very easy for your child and others may be more difficult. However, it is designed to that your child does not experience a stressful testing situation.

        The exam results will be sent to you after all of the testing has been completed for all of the candidates in March. As always, encourage your child to do his/her best and praise their effort rather than the outcome.

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      Does anyone know what a CPS test for selective enrollment is like for entering 1st grade?

      I am aware that Skinner schools are learning at least 1 grade above.  So is my currently Kindergarten grade kid expected to test at 2nd grade level for 1st grade entry?

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        If your child is in kindergarten and he is taking the test for 1st grade.  I think he will be tested him at a 1st grade level.  If he currently is proficient with 1st grade benchmarks, then next year he should be ready for 2nd grade work.


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      Lemi-Ola Erinkitola

      The Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids is an unique academic enrichment program developed by author and award-winning educator, Lemi-Ola Erinkitola. The program builds confidence and a strong foundation in math number sense and reading (English) while building cognitive abilities and critical thinking through hands-on play, puzzles, spatial reasoning and abstract questioning. For over 10 years these innovative academic boot camp sessions continue to yield high achieving results for students and offer extraordinary benefits to bright preschoolers and kindergartners seeking a boost in academic acceleration or prep for CPS’ Regional Gifted Centers and Classical schools. This program has a great track record for the CPS selective enrollment test prep.
      Register here: https://www.thecriticalthinkingchild.com/register/

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      June Cahoun

      Hello when will you have Testprep & Tutoring Boot camp 2019 PreK?

      Thank you!

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      Lemi-Ola Erinkitola

      Hi June,

      We have a summer test prep/enrichment program currently in progress.  We focus on reading and math skills, similar to NWEA MAP  type questions which is great support those kiddos taking the classical test.  We also support kids testing for gifted within the same sessions. You are welcome to have your daughter attend the remaining sessions.  In our critical thinking child boot camp preschool children learn through play at their own pace, so they are not missing out on any part of our curriculum joining after the first session.   Parent’s receive take home assignments to support their child’s learning at home.  Here is the link to register:



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      Lemi-Ola Erinkitola

      Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids – Play and Learn Gifted Test Prep

      The Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids is an unique academic enrichment program that helps young children advance their thinking skills through a structured method using hands-on play, natural curiosity and abstract questioning. For over a decade, this program continues to yield high achieving reading and math results for young learners and offers great benefits for parents seeking support on academic readiness for gifted and classical admissions tests.   Registration is open:  http://bit.ly/32buB20

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      I am curious to hear how many people actually DID test prep. If you did, what did you do? What were your child’s scores?

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