Von Steuben Honors Program

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    Just wondering if anyone has a child at the Von Steuben Honors Program, or knows anything about it? It looks like it’s ranked pretty high, and might be a good option if SEHS doesn’t work out. It appears that it would be a Non-Selective CPS option but the application does require a recommendation and an essay. So, a nice addition to the overall list?

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    Von Steuben is a magnet school with an additional honors program called the Von Steuben Scholars program that is a smaller cohort of students who applied specifically to that program (via essay & recommendations).  The whole school is highly regarded and it’s nice they have a choice of programs.  Admissions criteria is available here: https://vonsteuben.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=244203&type=d

    It definitely is a great option beyond the SEHS.

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      Thank you for this information! So helpful as we begin to navigate HS options.

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