Westinghouse vs Lincoln Park HS

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      My kid got accepted to both schools.  I would appreciate any advice or recommendations or thoughts on what school would be a good decision.  Which school do you think would set my daughter up best to succeed in college?

      Seen a lot of LPHS in the news lately and it seems quite chaotic over there.  I think they’ve been without a permanent principal for some time.  The interim was fired earlier this year.


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      My SO works at Lincoln Park HS. Things have been very chaotic and the ripples out going to last for some time.    I would not weigh the state of the administration too heavily in your final choice though.

      The IB program at Lincoln Park is excellent. I am around a lot of IB teachers and the consensus among them is that LPHS IB is the best in Chicago. All students who have attended it feel it had prepared them very well for a rigorous college course load. What program specifically was daughter accepted to? Experiences can vary depending on the programs. I would recommend delving into the programs strengths as well as the schools. For example, the IB program at Lincoln Park is sort of a diamond in the rough of sorts. Our son is attending an 8th grade gifted program so I here a lot of choices the “smart” and “wealthy” kids are making(900+ scores) and a few chose LPHS IB because of its proximity to home.

      Please feel free to pick my brain. Wish  I could tell something about Westinghouse but I only speak about things I’m confident about. Seriously though – I just looked at the cut off scores and the Honors Program is very competitive at LPHS as well. Don’t fall into the trap the Selective Enrollment Schools are better. If one of those schools is extremely close to your home that’s probably the best option.

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      Roughly speaking, the IB program at LPHS is as desirable as Jones/Young/Lane. The rest of the school is probably still preferable to <span class=”bbp-breadcrumb-current”>Westinghouse </span>because of its better demographic diversity.

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      Further thoughts on LPHS “chaos” and why it should not be a deterrent during election process(in my humble opinion). To the contrary – the chaos at LPHS has provided many valuable teaching moments for our 8th grader. He was able to experience activism on the front lines. It has spurred many conversations in our household regarding how corporate entities will use sacrificial lambs to divert blame. He has now seen first hand at a young age how a great employee quickly can become ostracized. These are harsh realities and I’m glad that he has seen this with his own eyes. Not to mention all the conversations around appropriate work behavior and sexual conduct. I can really see how he has become much more aware how complaints against teachers can have far reaching implications on their lively good.

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