When are HS test results?

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      8th grader

      Does anyone have an idea when test results will be out? My test proctor said since the test was online, our scores will most likely come out sooner than last year.

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      CPS High School exam results were just released this evening.  We received an email indicating the results were in

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      I wonder how they’ll do tiebreakers, seems like a fair number of kids will get 99/99 (at least four in my daughter’s class so far)

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      My daughter got 97/82.  All As.  Any guesses on where she might get into? Is Lane Tech possible??  Post your best guess if you have one.  It’s average of 89.5.

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        Definitely possible! It’s so hard to guess this year. What tier are you in? Looking at last year’s cutoffs I think similar scores would have gotten you into Lane in tiers 1-3, not sure about 4.

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          Tier 4.  It’s too hard to know how that will play out for Lane Tech, huh?

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      following – good luck everyone!

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have heard of 3 99/99 and a 98/99 in our class too. What are tiebreakers?  How many kids get perfect scores??  First timer here…</p>

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        This year is different so I’m not sure that anyone knows. There were always some perfect scores on the selective enrollment test but seems like there will be less variation this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if CPS has subscores that they’ll use to break ties.

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        This year’s Whitney Youngs first year class had about about 20 students who had 99/99.  Jones is similar Payton and Northside have as many or more. There were quite a few kids who score 99/99s.

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          There are typically quite a few more 99/99 on the SE than students scored on the map. So, will that mean cut scores will be significantly higher this year?  And there should be more kids applying now that everyone is taking the test, right?

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      anonymus pelase

      hey guys i got a 99/99 and my gpa is a 3.75, you think i can get into northside? btw if you wanna check scores you have to unsumbit and go to the grades section of the application

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        You can calculate your total score:

        <b>CPS High School Admissions Exam- 450 Points</b>

        <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>We determine the entrance exam points by multiplying the total national percentile rank by 2.2727 to get a maximum score of 225 so that English Language Arts and Math together yield a maximum of 450 points. You can use the table below to determine your exam score.</span>


        <b>Seventh Grade Grades- 450 Points</b>

        <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Points are calculated for reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Each ‘A’ grade is worth 112.5 points, each ‘B’ is worth 75 points, and each ‘C’ is worth 38 points. No points are awarded for a ‘D’ or an ‘F’ grade. For example, a student with four As will get a maximum of 450 points, while two As and two Bs are worth 375 points. You can use the GRADES table to determine your point totals.</span>

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        That B is a killer as you will lose 37.5 points. It you are a Tier 3 or 4, Northside will be out of reach.

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          anonymus pelase

          yeah i realized how much of an effect it has lol

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            anonymus pelase

            but im tier 2 so idk

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      8th grader

      Does anyone have a clue on cutoff scores or anything? I got all As, thank but with the exam, I scored 859… I can’t calculate my tier since I’m from the suburbs, but I would assume tier 4. I’m hoping for Jones, Payton, or WY, but the chances seem so slim now that I look at past cutoff scores. I don’t know how to feel, I’m just so anxious and scared. However, I hope everyone gets admitted to a preferred school!

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        I would encourage you to look at choice programs like IB, honors and others.  There are lots of really good ones and some unique and interesting ones (like in the arts etc).  The top 3-4 selective enrollment HS are tough to get into and cut off scores will likely rise this year due to changes with the process.  Being in Tier 3 or 4 makes admission even harder, although no one knows what cut off scores will be.  Kids and parents really get stressed about this process, but I promise that they vast majority of kids end up happy with their school even if it’s not the first choice.

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          8th grader

          Yeah, thanks for the advice. I think I’ll be withdrawing my applications.

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            I am sorry the process doesn’t seem encouraging but don’t drop out!  You never know how things will work out.  It is very different this year so all the information is pretty speculative.  It doesn’t hurt to apply (and there is no cost) to both selective enrollment and choice programs.  Good luck!

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              8th grader

              I guess things just didn’t work out the way I expected them to. I mean, my neighborhood high school in the suburbs isn’t bad, but I feel more upset for my parents rather than myself knowing their perspective. I suppose I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I would do pretty good on the exam considering I usually score high on NWEA, so receiving 409 out of 450 points bummed me out quite a bit. I’m just at a loss of words for myself at the moment.

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                My daughter has the same score as you and I’m still hoping she might get into Lane Tech.  I think it’s possible there will be fewer CPS applications this year and that more kids will apply to Catholics.

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                  8th grader

                  I hope your daughter gets in! I actually went to Lane Tech for testing, and the school was huge.

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                    SEES Parent

                    8th grader, I’m going to give you some parental advice (unsolicited of course! =)

                    It’s a crazy system where so much weight is put on one day of testing, and this year seems like it was a moving target with how the test was re-formatted, grades were calculated, and how all CPS 8th graders were given time to take the test.  If you run through the statistics of how many people apply vs. how many are selected, it’s mindboggling.

                    I think the fact that you care so much at this point tells me you are going to continue to work hard and flourish wherever you end up.  I’m sure your parents aren’t disappointed in you.  Yes, I was bummed when my son didn’t get in, year after year, but that’s it, just a blip of a bummer.  He did  his best, works hard, and shows enthusiasm, the rest is out of his control.  We supported him and continued to work with him according to his interests.

                    But please keep your application in the process.  It’s not over ’till it’s over and the way you can guarantee not getting a seat is by pulling your application out.


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            I agree with momofone, Don’t drop your SEHS application, just submit it. And, apply to a few Choice schools with IB or Honors programs.

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        To get into Jones last year from a Tier 4, you needed to be just about perfect.  That 859 will most likely be much too low.

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      Can anyone advise how you check your child’s SE HS test results?  Thanks.


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        if u submitted an application you’re gonna have to unsumbit it. then when you unsumbit it you should click edit on the application and click the 3rd category called grades and scroll down

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        Open your application and click the pencil/edit icon. Go to the section with grades. Results are at the bottoms, right below all the grades. Good luck!

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        Open your application and click the pencil/edit icon. Go to the section with grades. Results are at the bottoms, right below all the grades. Good luck!

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      Lots of speculation that cutoff scores will go up. But did that many kids really get straight As in core subjects in a pandemic school year?

      My son is 9 points above last year’s tier 3 cutoff for Northside. What are the odds that cutoffs would increase that much? Seems like we have a pretty good shot but who knows.

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        My anecdotal evidence is showing that a ton of kids are reporting they received 99/99.  Even kids that never scored in the 90’s on NWEA!  This could bring into question that since the test was taken at the individual schools, did the teachers help them??

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          That is interesting! At our SEES, I’ve heard about four or five kids getting 99/99, the rest seem to have done well but not perfect scores, and these are kids who generally do get in the high 90s on MAP.

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          Was there any independent monitoring? Or just same school teachers administering the test to their own students?

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        I just saw this article regarding CPS grades for 7th graders

        “Data bears this out. Fewer As and Bs were handed out to 7th graders in spring 2021 than in 2019, according to a WBEZ analysis of final grades. But the drop wasn’t evenly distributed. Seventh graders who attended schools with mostly low-income students got 5% fewer As and Bs than in 2019. But students with higher income students got just 2% fewer As and Bs than two years ago.”

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        We have 3 or more times the number of kids getting 99/99 as got 99 composite last year in our school.  This makes sense since 3x the number of kids took the test.  These kids probably mostly have straight As but I’m sure a few don’t.  I anticipate a very significant rise in cut off scores.  It’s going to be very interesting.

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          I wonder if straight As and 99/99 could still push some tier 4 kids from getting into Payton or Northside if there are that many ties…this will be interesting and we are very anxious. CPS should have provided more details…

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          This makes a lot of sense to me if the percentile rank is a local rank – meaning the rank is based only on the kids who took the test for this year’s CPS Selective Enrollment process but CPS states that the percentile rank is a “National Percentile Rank.” Doesn’t that mean the test has been nationally normed and the percentiles are not based just on the pool of kids here in Chicago who actually took the test but on what they would expect from a national pool of test takers not the specific kids who took the actual test? I’m definitely confused about why they call it a National Percentile Rank if this is not the case.

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            This is a great point.  I don’t know the answer but this would make a difference.  I felt like CPS made this test up so it was all local percentile ranking.  Now I’m not sure.

            We will see higher overall scores and cut offs regardless simply because getting 99 on the test and straight As (paths to 900 points this year) is easier than getting 99 on the test, straight As, AND top percentile MAP scores (path to 900 points in prior years).

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            Very likely the percentile scores were locally ranked, given how hard the math part was in the exam.

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      My daughter has 856 / Tier 2. She’s hoping for Payton or WY. I’m not from Chicago, but after reading these posts it doesn’t look good. Is this score good enough for the Rickover Naval Academy? She likes that school too.

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        8th grader

        For tier 2, that’s pretty good! Looking at cutoff scores for WY the range was 831-883 (tier 2). But I’m not sure how cutoff scores will be different for this year with the NWEA change. Also how did you find out your tier if you’re outside of Chicago?

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          I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. We live in Chicago; I just didn’t grow up here and wasn’t too familiar with the high school selection process. I had no idea it was so competitive.

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          I think she’ll be good for Whitney for sure, but Payton, I’m not sure. Wishing her the best!

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      when will we know the cutoff scores to be admitted for HS?

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        The cut off is really the lowest score of an admitted student in each tier.  It changes each year and can’t be known until all offers are made in the spring.  Looking at past cut off scores isn’t helpful this year because the process changed in significant ways.  It’s so different that the guidance counselor at our school said kids with 900 points (top score) and tier 4 are not necessarily safe for getting their first choice.

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          This is just too crazy… sometimes I wonder why we put our children and ourselves through this…

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            i woud say the children endure more stress than us

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              Parents have some control over their kid’s stress level because they pick up so much from what we signal.  I do agree it’s a lot for a 13/14 year old.

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      my son got an 893 at tier 3 are these scores good enough to get into top schools such WY, lane, northside, jones etc

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        My child has the same score/tier as yours.  In looking cut scores from last year, they have a good shot for all of those schools as 893 is well above the Tier 3 cut score for each one.  Payton had the closest T3 minimum at 886, Northside was next closest with 883 and the others were all lower than that. However, without knowing what the cut scores will be this year, and with the assumption they will be higher, hard to say anything for sure.

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          I completely agree that without MAP we have 3x?  4x? the number of kids with 900.  They may need to further differentiate even these kids with sub scores for Payton, if it remains the most selective.  Cut offs for Tier 4 and maybe Tier 3 could be 898 or 896 at WY, NSCP and Jones.  It would be nice if they gave us the ELA score breakdowns or even just more insight into tie breaking.

          I remind myself that the same number of spots are available this year so it’s not “harder” to get in but it feels different.  It’s more about expectations based on prior cut offs that could lead to some major disappointment come spring — both in terms of getting first choice or even getting an offer.  No one can rest easy this year.

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            Good point about the number of seats staying the same. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some schools can take a slightly larger freshman class in light of the drop in CPS enrollment last year. On the flip side, there are likely more students applying this year since all 8th graders were given the high school test.

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            There will be fewer SE spots available as the SEs must increase the number of students with IEPs.  This will come out of the freshman classes, leaving fewer seats available for everybody else. Up to 15 % or more are earmarked for IEPs compared to past rates of under 5 %

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              Here are the details.  CPS is increasing IEP (and maybe 504 plans?) seats in SEHS from 262 to 489 across the 11 SEHSs.  This means an increase from nearly 8% to over 14%.  Keep in mind kids with IEPs can certainly score 900 (we know a couple!) and I assume someone who gets admitted rank or tier but has an IEP counts towards the 489.  The population of Chicago has declined and that may have a slightly offsetting effect with fewer overall 8th graders compared to a few years ago.


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                CPS employee

                Someone with an IEP does not count as per tier 1 to 4. They are put into into tier 5.  Those added Tier 5 seats necessary to account for the increase in IEP students are pulled from the seats available.  Schools will have to reduce the number of SE seats for Tiers 1 to 4 to cover those additional spots.  Additionally, expect to see principal discretion seats now used to increase a schools diversity, particularly of African American students whose percentage at the SE schools has been falling.

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                  Got it, thanks.  Although if a Tier 4 kid has an IEP then they are removed from the Tier 4 pool, making that pool smaller.  I agree there will still be fewer seats in each Tier 1-4.

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                    CPS parent

                    I really think the CPS is trying to dismantle SE high schools.  II’m told at least one of them is adding regular classes for freshmen for the first time.  Previously, all freshmen classes were honors.  They are seeing IEP scores last year that were below 50% on the MAP, and those kids can’t keep up with the rigor. This is a problem at all the major SEs.

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      I am hearing about an incredible number of perfect 900 scores (including my own child), or near perfect scores. In some ways, I am not surprised. This is my third time through this process and, in the past, the selective enrollment test often had high scores. It was the NWEA MAP that really separated students. On the other hand, with the addition of so many difficult math problems, I had expected CPS to score this high school exam in a way that would create some differentiation. It seems inevitable that cut scores will increase (potentially significantly at some schools, especially for higher tiers), and that OAE will rely heavily on tie breakers. The whole thing feels like a big mess this year, and I worry for these kids on decision day.

      In any event, now that my mini rant is over, my question is whether anyone knows what CPS uses to break ties? I seem to recall that math scores are compared as a first tie breaker, but for students with 99/99 that won’t make a difference. Do they look at math sub-scores next? Or something else? Thanks

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      Amy Meszaros

      In the past, they ranked tiebreakers by:

      1. Core total

      2. Math

      3. Reading  Comprehension

      4. Vocab

      5. Language arts



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        Thanks. So I somehow managed to dig up my middle kid’s score report from 4 years ago (which was, at that time, included with the spring high school acceptance/offer) and I can see all of the scores you are referring to (core total, math, reading, vocabulary, language). Unlike this year, it looks like points were calculated based on a single score (“Core Total”) rather than two scores (“Math” and “ELA”). In any event, I wonder if we will ever see this breakdown for current 8th graders.

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          I think they’ve typically broken ties with subscores that parents don’t have access to — I’d expect the same this year.

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      Hi. Does anything happen after 12/15? Are we notified shortly after the 12/15 application deadline, or do we wait until April / May before we know where our kids can go to school next year? Thanks.

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        You wait…

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      My daughter got straight a’s last year and a score of 884/900. We are in tier 4. What schools do you think she has a chance at?

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        That’s a good score! Does your daughter have any schools in mind?

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      Preferably Jones, Whitney, Payton, or Northside. Not sure which schools would be a plausible choice for her.

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        If you compare to last years cutoff scores, Payton and Northside would be out of reach.  However, its hard to say this year because so much has changed. All I’ve been hearing is that there are so many more perfect scores this year compared to year’s past because of the elimination of NWEA/MAP.

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        Have you asked your daughter what order she would list them in?

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      jenny hill


      My daughter test percentile is 99/98 and last year got all A’s. Base on this, she will be getting 448+450 = 898 point. She would like apply for Selective Enrollment: Payton, Jones, Whitney, North side and Lane. For Choices she applied for Jone CTE law and engineering.  Does she need to apply for more school or she might be able get in to one of the school that she selected? What is the chance for her for Payton? thanks

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        No matter her tier, she has a good chance for any selective enrollment school. Do you know how your daughter is going to rank the schools?

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        8thGrade Mom

        My son has the exact same scores as your daughter – 898 and we are Tier 3.  Congrats to your daughter! While we chose 4 selective enrollment schools, we also did Jones CTE law and engineering as well as Lincoln Park Double Honors and IB Diploma.  I am not confident about Payton even with his score and tier.  Sounds like there were a lot of kids scoring 900 this year.

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      Hope you are all doing well! I know that the deadline of submission of application is today but I just have a quick question regarding ranking of your choices for selective enrollment school.  Do you rank your top choice according to the preference of the school your child wants to attend to or the chance for her to get in?  My child got an 873 ( 98 ELA, 88 Math), all A’s, Tier 3  which brings her to 873 points.  Looking at the past cutoff scores to go to Northside and the 99/99 scores that a lot of kids got, it looks like it is out of reach even for our tier (3), although this is her top choice. Our second choice is Lane which she might have a  chance  based on the tier 3 cutoff scores last year . So I am confused if I should put Lane as first choice or Northside. Honestly, I still want to put Northside as the top choice even though it is a long shot because there has been changes of the breakdown of points this year. These are the two nearest selective enrollment schools in our area.

      There is still a few more hours before the application closes so I am thinking getting feedback from this forum and I will appreciate whatever feedback or suggestions you have.

      Thank you and hope you all have a great week.


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      Yes, Northside 1st; Lane 2nd. FWIW, I know a families with kids in these two schools who are happy with their choices.

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        Thank you @Momma for your suggestion. I appreciate it.

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      When you say your kid got straight A’s, does that count A- as well? Or will my child loose some point from GPA if she has a A-?

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        8th grader

        I’m pretty sure an A- counts as a regular A, so it won’t knock off any points! Good luck to your daughter. ^^

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