Why does CPS allow suburban students to test into SEHS?

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    Confused Parent

    Students who live in the suburbs are taking coveted spots at CPS SEHS. Why are they allowed to test before living in Chicago? I personally know of 2 students who live and go to school in the suburbs (with very good public high schools) who are hoping to attend Jones or Payton. They are wealthy families who will purchase a condo in the city if they are accepted. The is unfair to the real residents of the Chicago. The following is directly from the Go CPS website:
    “Yes, you have to live in Chicago to enroll and attend a Chicago public, charter, or contract school. You do NOT have to live in Chicago in order to apply, participate in the testing process, and even be selected, but you have to provide proof of city of Chicago residency by July 1, 2018, for the 2018-2019 school year.”

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    I wasn’t aware of this. What tier are these families from the suburbs considered who might be selected?

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    Confused Parent

    From what I was told tier 4.

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    From what this article suggests, you can’t apply to a CPS selective enrollment school if you live in the suburbs. I hope that rule is in place and is enforced.

    “Had they used the … address of the home where they actually lived in Highland Park, he would not have qualified for admission to Northside,” according to the report.


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    Confused Parent

    They can apply, test, and be offered a spot. Per GO CPS website they just need to establish residency in Chicago by July 1st.

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    What is the alternative?  What if people are legitimately moving to Chicago for other reasons?  And how far back would you go?  How long would someone have to have lived in Chicago for them to apply?  I think if a family is willing to commit to moving into the city – have at it.

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