CPS 2018-2019 School Calendar

Always an exciting time when CPS releases the next school year calendar.  Here are some of the important dates for the 2018-2019 CPS school year:
First Day of School – 9/4/18, Last Day of School – 6/18/19
Academic Quarters – Q1 – 11/1/18, Q2 – 1/31/19, Q3 – 4/4/19, Q4 – 6/18/19
Parent Teacher Conference Days – 11/14/18 (ES), 11/15/18 (HS), 4/10/19 (ES), 4/11/19 (HS)
Winter Vacation – 12/24/18 – 1/4/19, Spring Vacation – 4/15/19 – 4/19/19
School Improvement Days – 11/2/18, 2/1/19, 4/5/19, 6/19/19
Please note: Veterans Day will be observed on Monday, 11/12/18.

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    1. CPS Summer programs such as Summer Bridge, Bilingual Bridge, English Language Summer Support, Extended School Year, Summer Acceleration and High School Summer Credit Recovery programs have schedules that vary by school. Essentially, they can fall anytime between the end of the school year to when staff has to report for the next one. This year it’s anywhere from 6/20/18 to about 8/21/18. Check directly with the school and program you are interested in.

  1. My student has a new address and needs a new school assignment for the Summer Bridge program that is closer to the new home address. Who can I contact?

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